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Use Postalytics targeted mailing lists to get new insurance leads

Get New Quality Insurance Leads

The key to creating a successful long-term brokerage business is the consistent generation of new insurance leads. Building your potential sales pipeline requires an effective marketing strategy built on the back of a quality mailing list.

One way of finding new insurance leads is by accessing data that identifies someone as a potential buyer of an insurance product. This data can be used to create a targeted mailing list that you can then contact via a direct mail campaign.

Of course, the campaign’s success will rely heavily on the quality of the mailing list combined with the effectiveness of the marketing message – something that can be hard to achieve.

Thankfully Postalytics are experts in direct mail campaigns offering a quality lead product that can assist insurance agents, brokers, and carriers sell more policies by targeting the correct audience to generate insurance leads.

Let’s take a quick look at how to build insurance leads, what to look for in an insurance mailing list and how to set up a direct mail marketing campaign that works.

Buy insurance mailing lists

Postalytics helps insurance companies buy mailing lists from top brokers in the United States, constantly updated with new consumer data and addresses. These lists can be integrated and used with your direct mail campaign. 

Use filters to hyper-target insurance customers

Reach quality leads you know will be responsive to your marketing. With our consumer mailing lists, you can filter by location, age, and income to create a highly targeted group matched to the appropriate demographics.

Craft your insurance messaging

With segmented mailing lists, you’ll be able to send personalized messages and customized material to your target audience in your insurance postcards, letters, or other direct mail material.

Easy list management

We know that  measuring the response rate is the best way to know which insurance mailing or postcard will be the most effective. Our tools make this easy to do by allowing you to test different segments.

How To Get Insurance Leads In 3 Steps


Sign up to Postalytics

Sign up for Postalytics, create a template and purchase a consumer mailing list for your insurance campaign. 


Filter the mailing list

Choose “selects” from the easy-to-use Postalytics tool to filter potential insurance leads by age, family situation or other demographics you want to target. 


Send your insurance campaign

Design and send your insurance postcard, brochure, mailer or, insurance letter, and Postalytics will automatically mail it to your targeted mailing list of new insurance leads. 

Why do insurance companies need lead generation?

In the insurance sector, generating leads is an important exercise that will help grow your business, and your profits. Sending your marketing material to these leads will give you the edge over competitive insurance companies conducting business in your geographical location, or area of specialty. 

Email and social media marketing has increased the scope for insurance companies to reach new leads. Unfortunately, it has led to the public being overwhelmed by streams of impersonal messages hitting their inboxes and social channels. Direct marketing, on the other hand, has proven to be an effective way to cut through the noise and deliver personalized, engaging messaging to leads that they are more likely to find useful and relevant. 

Why targeted mailing lists for insurance prospects?

One of the biggest mistakes insurance companies can make with direct mail is failing to identify their target audience – who their typical customers are. Instead, they often take a “shotgun” approach and send mail to a group without being selective. This wastes marketing money on a diverse demographic who may show no interest in their services. 

Testing segments to further identify who responds to your marketing is an excellent strategy. You can do so by creating more than one segmented list. For example, you could target seniors, knowing they may need Medicare supplement insurance.  Or, focus on those who have bought new homes and may therefore be in the market for a homeowner’s policy. There is a lot of potential for insurance agents to obtain new customers. The benefit of using targeted mailing lists is knowing who you are reaching and matching your offer to their needs. 

Save money with quality insurance mailing lists

Although using filters to identify potential leads is a winning strategy, we have other tools to help your messages be more distinctive. Postalytics offers personalization tools to make the message to prospects more relevant and compelling. The United States Postal Service has shown that prospects are more likely to respond to direct mail pieces with first name greetings. 

With Postalytics, you can automatically integrate your insurance postcards and mailers with variables on the mailing list to ensure every piece of material is unique. This is particularly powerful in the insurance game, where personalization can help build the first level of trust between an insurer and a potential client. 

Direct mail + digital mail

Direct mail, email, or digital marketing? You may want to employ all these marketing channels to get in touch with your prime prospects. Postalytics can help you reach your target customers by combining direct mail and digital tools to streamline your outreach. 

The personalized URLs in our direct mailers make it easier for your leads to find the information they want and give them easy ways to stay in touch. Postalytics can automatically track how many people clicked on your mail, made it to your landing page, and converted to become responsive insurance policy leads. Plus, our tools can automatically send follow up reminders to nudge them along, thanks to triggered drip campaign tools.

Quality insurance mailing list solutions

Postalytics is an excellent tool for insurance companies. It provides affordable, quick access to our mailing lists that contain the addresses and details of individuals who are likely to buy your policies. With “saturation lists,” you can target everyone in the USA. For more precise targeting, you can use “consumer lists” to find consumers who match your specifications, including age, income, homeownership, etc. We want to help you grow your business and commissions, so if you’re interested in learning more about how we work, don’t hesitate to email us, and we’ll send that information to you right away.


How much do insurance leads cost? 

When mailing out direct mail, your success will depend on the quality of your list and how effective they are in converting prospects to quality insurance leads. Postalytics offers a wide range of prices for quality mailing lists, starting at $0.003 per lead for single-use and up to $0.060 for multiple uses.

How to buy leads for life insurance?

With Postalytics, insurance agencies can purchase mailing lists that can be hyper-targeted with filters using our online platform. We source the data for our mailing lists from the best quality list brokers and sources, which means you don’t have to engage with, or negotiate with, outside sources to buy your leads.