The Best Direct Mail Marketing Companies Right Now

Are you feeling confused with so many agencies offering “just what you need” out there?

You’re not alone. As the direct mail automation and white-label provider for direct mail agencies, we spend a lot of time analyzing the best marketing companies.

Using the right marketing platform is vital to make your direct mail campaigns worthwhile and promising. You may need a company that offers you constructive, quick, and impactful solutions. Look for agencies that will free your time and deliver incredible results in the process.

Many direct mail marketing companies are out there, offering various services, tools, and methods to make your direct mail campaigns successful.

Let’s find out who’s the best for your business.

What Companies Use Direct Mail?

Small and medium businesses, startups, and massive corporations have been using direct mail successfully for decades. 

In fact, over the past few years, agencies like Sales Engine, Everlane, and Chewy have been executing excellent direct mail campaigns to boost their clients’ sales.

Using the correct elements to create a direct mail campaign can make your marketing effective in every industry. Whether it’s higher education, healthcare, or financial service, direct mail marketing materials can help you build a strong market position. 

However, not all direct mail advertising companies offer services for every niche. Therefore, looking for an experienced and skilled company that can cater to your needs is essential. Always look for specialists compared to generalists if you want to drive maximum impact.

What Industries Use Direct Mail the most?

For a very long time, learning institutions, healthcare services, real estate agencies, travel and hospitality industries, and marketing agencies have been using direct mail services to increase sales and grow their businesses. However, direct mail marketing has broken all boundaries, and as technology emerges, direct mail services adopt new technology. 

Direct mailing services are now digitized. You can fully automate your campaign and focus on high-level strategy instead of technical execution. With new digital platforms, you can invest less effort, energy, and time in the technical aspects of your business. 

The new privacy laws are another reason why so many industries are now adopting modern methods of direct mail marketing. New regulations are making the digital landscape increasingly less affordable and effective for advertisers across the board.

What is the Target Market for Direct Mail?

Target Market

Your target market for direct mail is a group of ideal customers who would benefit from engaging with your brand and buying your products. The audience can be of any age and gender and can have any type of interest. To be precise, the target market of direct mail marketing is the same as any advertising and marketing methods you choose. 

Direct mail is not a bygone marketing strategy. All generations enjoy receiving something in their mailboxes. 

Some are associating this marketing practice with older trends, as they believe it’s an older trend staging a comeback. Companies should start using direct mail to attract younger populations, as these marketing techniques effectively filter digitally oversaturated consumers. 

Hence, you can opt for direct mail marketing no matter what demographics you want to target. However, you should know who your target audience is before you deploy any marketing channel.

The Best Direct Mail Marketing Companies in 2024

The right direct mail marketing company is essential to devise a result-oriented campaign. Choosing a reputable agency will also prevent all the risks of sharing your content on online platforms. Using a company with strong security and green policies is important to grow and protect your business.

Besides, the world is moving fast, and you need to move with it if you want to grow. To be precise, you need a breakthrough technology that can reduce your work so that you can focus on other important things in your business. You also need a solution that can help with lead generation, branding, and higher ROI. 

Confused about what company will be suitable for you? We have done significant research and found some ideal service providers that you can choose from. Continue reading to learn about them. 

#1 Postalytics – Direct Mail Marketing Automation

If efficiency, affordability, and timing are what you are looking for, then Postalytics is an ideal solution for you.

Postalytics is an all-round platform built for direct mail marketing. This cloud-based SaaS is a leading direct mail marketing solution ideal for lead generation, surgically precise campaigns, and deep marketing insights. 

The best part is that businesses across Canada and the United States can benefit from automating and integrating their multi-channel marketing with direct mail.

Postalytics offers standout tools for marketing. You can stand out with high-tech features, CRM integrations, and insights that make the entire work easy for you. Just imagine how much time and bandwidth you’d save if you removed yourself from manually adding customer information for creating and running a campaign. Apart from this benefit, Postalytics has a user-friendly interface that doesn’t require extensive training. 

Marketing executives who have sent an email before will find Postalytics refreshingly easy to use.

Businesses also don’t need to hire expensive designers to design aesthetically pleasing postcards, letters, and self-mailers. There are several default templates for almost every niche available on Postalytics. You can pick the right one from our libraries of industry-specific templates. 

Personalizing and automating your entire workflow is easy with Postalytics.

Get your free account today!

#2 SeQuel Response

SeQuel Response is a data-driven direct mail marketing agency that’s acquiring millions of new customers for their clients each year.

They can seamlessly connect your digital and direct mail channels to optimize your performance, deliver immense impact, and grow your business. With SeQuel’s proprietary testing and modeling techniques, you’ll gain deep insights into how to spend your budget to drive maximum return on investment.

#3 Gunderson Direct

Gunderson Direct

You might already know them, as they are a popular marketing agency specializing in direct mail marketing services. Gunderson Direct is one of the top agencies that works with corporations and well-funded startups. They’re incredible at generating top-of-funnel leads. And they can help you engage and nurture your audience with well-crafted marketing campaigns. 

The company works only with clients in the United States. Note that it is a full-service marketing and graphic designing agency that can drive impact across the board. 

#4 Cactus Mailing

Looking for only a postcard mailing service? Cactus Mailing services offer a solid service. This company also offers free postcards to new clients. You can use Cactus for designs, printing, and mailing services. 

You can also get mailing lists and addresses from the company. Hence, you don’t need to purchase quality mailing lists from others. Since the company has been working in the market for ages, they provide exceptional services. The postcards they offer are flawless and can make your customer fall for you. 

#5 Mail Shark

Mail Shark offers cheap direct mailing solutions. Mail Shark specializes in industry-specific direct mail strategies for dental, auto repair, and food services. If you have these businesses, you can surely opt for this company.

The drawback of this agency is that it’s a bit industry-specific and offers you limited options compared to Postalytics. The prices are also standard that you can find in other companies.

#6 Lob

Lob claims they’ll transform your direct mail. This is one of the few mailing service providers who turn your campaign into intelligent mail that is personalized, scalable, and measurable. 

Larger enterprises mostly use Lob to execute their strategies. It’s one of the priciest solutions on the market but offers a good service. 

With Lob, you can simplify the direct mailing process- from designing and printing to delivering and tracking. This is also one of the few companies that offer a range of marketing materials like postcards, checks, and letters. Try them if you need a specific type of direct mailing service.

#7 Click2Mail

Click2Mail allows businesses of all sizes to send business mail, marketing mail, invoices, personal mail, postcards, and letters to the target audience. They offer an optimization process for printing and sending postal mail.

Since this platform features cloud integration tools and user-friendly features, it helps you reduce the overall marketing cost. You can use their system to create impressive mail that attracts your audience and compels them to take your desired action. 

#8 PrintingForLess

You can easily guess the ideology of the company by its name. This marketing service provider offers you advertising options at affordable prices. They also offer unique marketing materials like stickers, booklets, business cards, and other things.

Besides that, they are a full-service mailing house responsible for promptly delivering your mail to your customers. If you want cheap options and compromise on ease and flexible options, then choose this company.

#9 PostGrid

PostGrid is an online platform for businesses to connect with their customers. They offer API service for automating transactional mail, address verification at scale, and marketing direct mail. 

It helps modern businesses automate their mailing services. Businesses looking for quick, easy, and automatic solutions can opt for this PostGrid. 

#10 Postie

It is a data-driven performance marketing channel. This organization has been working in marketing for more than 15 years. They have combined technology and marketing to help consumers discover brands ideal for purchasing their desired products or services. 

Due to being in the industry for more than a decade, they know the art of how to attract users. They can use their insightful knowledge to reach your market. 

#11 Poplar

Poplar provides direct mailing campaigns in minutes. With Poplar, you can create and launch a marketing strategy in just minutes. They offer a full range of re-targeting and integration of CRM that make your marketing successful.

You can create trigger-based campaigns to connect with the customers at the right time in their journey. You can also customize campaigns based on your business needs and requirements. 

#12 Modern Postcard

Modern Postcard offers postcard printing, design, and direct mail marketing services. You can use this business to acquire new customers and build your brand.

The company also offers good customer service that makes the process seamless and available for you. 

#13 Vistaprint

Direct mail designing, printing, and delivering- you can get these services from Vistaprint. The best part is that they allow you to create custom postcards to quickly choose a suitable theme and style based on the message and occasion. 

You can build a targeted list on Vistaprint so that you don’t have to manually add customers’ information every time. This company is also perfect for small businesses that want more personal relationships and solutions. 

#14 Next-Day Flyers

If you only want to send flyers to your customers, this is an ideal option for you. They offer business cards, custom boxes, stickers, postcards, and flyers to businesses. 

You can get top-quality printed marketing material that will help you engage your audience. Their designs are also super applying that you can customize based on your needs.

#15 Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) by USPS

Last but not least, EDDM by USPS is a popular direct mail blast platform.

You can grow your business by carpet-bombing entire neighborhoods with direct mail letters and postcards. The focus is on quantity and delivering a piece of mail to everyone in the desired area.

A local business, such as a pizza delivery targeting everyone in the area, can opt for this direct mailing service. It also offers you a simple and affordable way to acquire the names and addresses of demographics at large. However, it is not a good option for businesses that want to execute precise campaigns and reduce waste.

EDDM is extremely wasteful.