Stay Top of Mind Cadence

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Optimize sales outreach or stay-in-touch communications. Being in the right place at the right time can lead to new business. Sometimes it’s not easy to predict when someone is ready to buy or repurchase, so the best course of action is to remain top of mind


Because your goal is to capture consistent mindshare from targets over a certain period of time, one approach is a series of evenly spaced communications that embody both email and direct mail channels.

Suggested Campaign

WEEK 1 postalytics postcard icon

Postcard Recap

Recap the key customer benefits of your product or service as well as your contact info

WEEK 2 postalytics envelope icon

Email Case Study or Story

Present a case study or customer story/quote relevant to the target

WEEK 3 postalytics letter icon

Letter Check In

Mail a letter from key executive as a “surprise and delight” tactic—check in on the target and their needs

WEEK 4 postalytics envelope icon

Email Offer

Offer helpful content (white paper, guide, webinar, etc.)

WEEK 5 postalytics envelope icon

Email Additional Offer

Email #4 Responders: Welcome them to ask questions and make a new offer
Email #4 Non-Responders: Reiterates offer of helpful content

WEEK 6 postalytics postcard icon

Direct Mail Offer or Invite

Present special offer or invitation

NOTE: The duration of this campaign may be compressed or extended given your particular circumstances.

Download The Full Workflow