9 Ways to Get Commercial Real Estate Leads (Without Cold Calling)

For any business, generating leads is an important step toward growing its client base, and real estate is no exception.

Many commercial real estate professionals turn to Postalytics to gain new clients. This tool is designed to support local business owners or bigger corporations to interact with more prospects in a short period.

The tool can be utilized to assist with email marketing, retargeting cold leads, and branding. If you want to learn more, check out the demo.

Let’s now look at more techniques that can be used to generate commercial real estate leads.

How do I get Commercial Real Estate Leads Without Cold Calling?

Whether you are a real estate agency owner or a sales manager working at an agency, you probably know that cold calling is not an effective way to get leads or efficient use of business resources. Nevertheless, companies still divert a large percentage of their resources, energy, and time to cold calling.

If you want to market commercial real estate and promote your commercial real estate listings, you need to level up your selling techniques and eliminate outdated lead generation strategies.

Here are some tactics that can help you boost sales by generating quality leads without cold calls.

1. Emails

According to research, around 50% of marketing agents believe that emails are the best way for lead generation. An ideal lead generation technique will help you connect with your audience, encourage more customers to purchase your service or product, and boost brand awareness- emails offer you all this and more.

Email marketing helps you nurture potential customers to remain front of mind. An automated email marketing system is an ideal option to nurture leads that are at different stages of the purchasing journey. If you want to generate leads through emails, start collecting email addresses from your first encounter with a new prospect. Ask for emails whenever a person visits your website or signs up for a newsletter.

2. Direct Mail

Perhaps the effective technique to generate leads is direct mail marketing.

This is any physical correspondence you send to your potential clients and can be a letter, postcard, brochures, or other printed material. Direct mail is more effective because it’s a tangible element that your customer receives and encourages them to take action.

Postalytics is the best tool to manage your direct mail marketing. It is entirely online-based and allows you to automate your marketing. The best part is that it features CRM integration, allowing you to connect Zapier, Salesforce, HubSpot, and ActiveCampaign. In addition, you can design aesthetically pleasing postcards or letters using your creativity and add valuable content that encourages clients to hire your services.

The platform also offers tracking to see where your mail is in the marketing funnel. Using the automated direct mail system allows you to send mail to prospects at the right time, effectively turning them into buyers.

3. Branding

Branding leads to brand awareness, which helps control consumer decision-making when your customer is deciding between you and other agencies. When your real estate agency is top of mind, there are more chances of consumers choosing your services.

Branding can be done in several ways.

You can advertise your services, maximize your presence on social media, start a podcast, offer giveaways, and opt for guest blogs for other websites. Referral programs, influencer marketing, and content marketing are among the most frequently used techniques for brand awareness.

Using Postalytics to send direct mail can also help you build brand awareness. Direct mails offer you a space where you can include valuable content that showcases the services, features, and experiences of your agency, helping people understand your company’s objective and work ethic.

A piece of printed material can be kept in the house and be a constant reminder of a commercial real estate agent.

4. Lead Generation Workflow

Creating a lead generation workflow can help streamline your lead generation techniques and combine them to get more efficient results. The goal of the lead generation workflow is to generate leads from acquired or paid email lists.

Converting potential customers into leads is a challenging process. Factors that can affect success include the competitive environment, quality of the prospects, timeliness of your campaign, and fit of your solution.

Postalytics helps you create a strategic lead gen workflow. You can create a campaign by running email and direct mail marketing side by side and using both to nurture your prospects. You can send letters and postcards through direct mail and send weekly emails to introduce your brand, generate brand awareness among prospects, and offer attractive offers.

You can also implement the Postalytics suggested lead gen workflow campaign here.

5. Retargeting Cold Leads

Illustration of a mail tracker

Cold leads are prospects who have shown interest in your services at some point but failed to convert due. These leads might not respond to your emails or commercial real estate advertising, but they can still be worth targeting.

Experts suggest that the best way to do so is to offer them something, like postcards, letters, coupon codes, or anything that reminds them of your value and helps them warm up to you.

If your prospects ignore your emails, you can try targeting them with a short letter.

This will be more effective at encouraging them to listen to you. You can use Postalytics to establish a direct mail campaign to reactivate cold leads.

6. Events

You can nurture real estate leads by engaging with participants at an event. Whether you have organized an event or are participating in one as a guest, invite your prospects to the event and make them feel a part of the business community.

You will need to communicate with these prospects several times before the event date. You can generate awareness about your brand’s services at the event, help the audience understand your agency, and encourage them to interact with you at the event. But for that, you need to reach them through a channel.

Since you might not have their email addresses, you can send them direct mail with the help of Postalytics.

An added benefit of sending direct mail is that you can add a link to your site, allowing you to collect details about your prospects, such as their email addresses. Then, create an engaging and impactful campaign that helps you connect with them through multiple channels, including email.

Also, you can send mail and emails both before and after the event to nurture your customers. Make sure to regularly interact with your prospects to turn them into leads and, eventually, satisfied customers.

7. Commercial Real Estate Databases

A Commercial real estate database or CRE allows real estate agencies to get insights into a portfolio, market, asset, and financial information. CRE also includes building size, location, financial data, zoning transactions, etc. Brokers or real estate agents use this database to make informed decisions for brokerage and clients regarding commercial properties.

You can use the CRE to generate commercial real estate leads. Since the database provides you with valuable information, you can analyze the data to determine who might be interested in hiring your services. As you will have your prospects’ addresses, you can implement a personalized direct mail campaign.

Personalizing direct mail can help you create more impactful letters and postcards. In addition, it will build deeper relationships with your prospective clients and motivate them to hire your services. However, sending a single mail will not do the trick.

You need to create a marketing strategy that covers when you will send mail, what message you will include in it, and whether you need to send postcards, letters, or brochures. Once you have a campaign plan, you can generate leads with less effort and energy.

8. Buy Commercial Real Estate Leads

Many real estate agencies buy commercial real estate leads. If you have a budget, then you can opt for this technique. Buying leads will reduce the number of steps you have to follow to encourage prospects to purchase your services. Several online platforms can offer real estate leads. But before you purchase just any lead list, it’s important that you look for exclusive leads. These leads are contacts that are only given to you and not passed on to every real estate agent.

If you’re the only agent contacting a specific lead, there’s a higher chance that they’ll hire your services.

Postalytics offers high-quality leads lists for free when you sign up for the website. You can send direct mail to these leads and analyze the results using our dashboard; this will help you shape your marketing strategies.

Later, you can also purchase exclusive lead lists predominately curated for the real estate industry. Using this list, you have a higher chance of appealing to more people.

9. Commercial Real Estate Lead Generation Services

Commercial real estate lead generation is a set of services and tools that gather potential customers and send them your way. This includes content marketing, digital marketing, Google ads, and pay-per-click ads. Creating a LinkedIn profile and using it to connect with people can help you target prospects. Also, you can opt for webinars, search engine optimization, and other techniques to generate leads.

While various marketing tools and services are available, you should choose one that you can implement in an easy and efficient way. You also need to consider your resources, skills, experience, and budget before deciding. Accurately using lead generation services can help you generate leads for a longer time and retain current customers.

Postalytics can act as a commercial real estate lead generation service, allowing you to engage with quality leads and communicate with your target audience. Sending direct mail through Postalytics lets you easily engage with previous clients and act as a lead agent for new ones.

You can also choose the type of mail based on your preferences and needs. If you want to make an impact and form a connection, postcards and letters can do the trick for you. To ensure that your prospective clients contact you, you can mention a discount offer in the content and add a coupon in the mail. The more convincing your offer, the higher your chances of converting your leads into customers.

What is the Best Real Estate Lead Source for Commercial Real Estate Business?

Getting real estate leads is easy, but getting qualified leads isn’t. Since there are several methods and tactics to generate leads, you need to choose one that can offer the most benefits. Postalytics is the best source of real estate leads as it is a platform that allows easy communication with potential leads and makes them more likely to convert.

Postaltyics’ Real Estate Case Study shows that Postalytics is the best lead development source. Let’s take the example of Paul McComb, an independent broker who has developed impressive marketing campaigns to acquire and nurture leads. However, he found it difficult to manage the entire marketing process by himself. Every hour Paul spent on constructing direct mail campaigns could have been used for other tasks instead.

To free himself from extra work and put his effort and energy into marketing tasks, he decided to opt for a marketing automation system. McComb chose Postalytics to regulate and streamline the lead generation process.

Since there was no need to use complicated interactive elements and application integration, residential and commercial real estate agents like Paul could still reap the benefits of automated direct mail.

Is it Hard to get Real Estate Leads for Commercial Real Estate Agents?

As we have discussed, there are several ways to gain commercial real estate leads, all of which require different amounts of energy and time to generate leads.

We all know that commercial real estate brokers don’t have time, energy, and money to waste on gaining more commercial real estate leads. So, it’s best to opt for easy yet effective leads to attract property owners. In this case, Postalytics is the best option for a real estate business that’s looking for online solutions.

Commercial Real Estate Scripts for Agents and Agencies

Whether you want to engage with commercial building owners, commercial property owners, homeowners, or others, you need to create an impactful script. Your script should include the reason you contacted them, why you are the best broker or agency in the residential or commercial real estate industry, and how you can help them. Planning content to include in your letters and postcards will improve your chances of engaging with your prospective clients.

Final Thoughts

The best way to get more leads and find potential sellers is with Postalytics. If a commercial real estate broker or agency is looking to generate and nurture more leads, Postalytics can help.

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