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As a real estate agent, you’ll know that connecting with a motivated seller, or finding the ideal home for a client, relies on relationships. The best way to first find these leads and then nurture the connection is through direct marketing. You may already be using social or email channels. However, marketing experts say that letters and postcards still can’t be beaten to improve response rates. By using new automated direct mail tools for your real estate marketing, it’s never been easier or cost-effective to personalize your direct mail and track the response to your campaigns after you send them. If you’ve been put off the concept of direct marketing and using real estate marketing services because of perceived costs and hassle, here’s why you should reconsider.

Connect With Your Clients

Direct mail is an effective way to build emotional connections and influence the decision-making process. With its long attention span, it’s proven more effective than digital materials and a great solution for real estate advertising.  

Beat The Digital Clutter

Thanks to the internet and smartphones, with so much information at our fingertips, it’s hard for anyone to stand out. Potential buyers will know you’re willing to take the time and invest in what they want – after all, their name is on the package.  

Break Into a Young Market

A study by the Direct Mail Association shows that the average response rate for emails is .12%. In comparison, direct mail has a response rate of 4.4%. Millennials are the largest generation in the housing market. Despite their love of email, they are surprisingly responsive to direct mail.

Demonstrate to Your Customers You Dialled In

Using hyper-targeted direct mail, you can demonstrate that you know what’s going on in your region. As a marketer, investor, or real estate agent, you can show that you understand what your consumers are looking for and need in their neighborhood.

How to Get Started with Real Estate Marketing Services

  1. Sign up to Postalytics

    Start with a free plan, or subscribe to a cost-effective pro plan. There are no contracts, and you can change your plan at any time.

  2. Get started on your automated campaign

    Name your campaign, add details like your return address, import a list from your CRM like Hubspot, and choose from one of our simple drag-and-drop creative templates, which you can personalize.

  3. Schedule your campaign

    Choose a print and postage package and select the option that works for your business and objectives.

Send Real Estate Direct Mail Now

Using Direct Marketing to Unearth More Leads

Investing in automated direct mail campaigns for real estate will pay off. As a marketer, you should always be on the lookout for reliable marketing channels that can be turned into lead generation systems. Agents, investors, or real estate firms can all benefit from real estate marketing. Without direct mail marketing efforts, markets you’ll struggle to scale up your prospecting for listings, buyers, and prospects in this highly competitive real estate market.

Direct Mail Automation Tools Are Making Their Mark

You’re used to sending emails to your audience, right? The direct automation tools we offer turn direct mail into a digital marketing tool. The difference is you can build your pipeline with more impactful engagement than email alone. Using our innovative tools, you can create, print, mail, and track. 

We’ve designed Postalytics so you can send triggered drip campaigns that can be individualized for every contact. Why the real estate market is blown away by it is that you can use a list of any size, and there are no minimum runs. These are just some of the ways it differs from traditional direct marketing.

Data That Will Drive Your Business’s Success

What’s really useful is that you can track delivery and response to your letters or postcards. With this critical data, you’ll know more about your market, the opportunities you’re missing, and what drives your agency’s success. Opportunities? You’ll be fully dialed into the needs and wants of individuals. You can follow up with emails or phone calls to further drive conversion. With Postalytics, all realtors can become real estate marketing experts. 

Ready To Create the Most Effective Direct Marketing Campaign for Your Real Estate Business Ever?

Direct mail is an excellent way to connect with new prospects and win clients without relying on real estate marketing companies. Or sign up for a free plan to send yourself some samples. Imagine the possibilities when you can automate your direct mail. Dive in and watch our demo of Postalytic’s awesome simple design-and-drop automation tools.


What is real estate marketing?

Real estate marketing is all about promoting your brand to the world to attract clients and make sales. It is an essential component of every business. It’s even more critical for real estate professionals to generate high-quality leads

How to create a real estate marketing plan

Whether it’s for real estate marketing, or another sector, creating a marketing plan has similar steps. Firstly, nail down what you want to achieve and define your KPIs. For example, you may want to sell more condominiums in a specific neighborhood. Or focus your efforts on finding motivated sellers. Then, you want to track what success looks like, so you want to clarify your KPIs. Next, decide who you will target with your marketing plan and the best channel for each objective. Decide on the marketing budget you assign to each and then get going with our all-in-one direct automation tool to make it all happen in record time. With Postalytics, your lists from CRMs can be integrated so easily. 

What is the best program to create real estate marketing documents?

The reason Postalytics is popular with realtors is it’s a simple online direct marketing platform that lets them send personalized mailers in minutes. They can do away with the hassles of traditional direct mail and run a direct marketing campaign very affordably.