8 Top Examples of Effective Financial Services Marketing Campaigns

Financial Services Marketing of housing, business and auto loans

Marketers in the financial services world deal with unique challenges that many of their contemporaries in other industries worry much less about. In addition to extensive regulatory compliance concerns, developing buyer trust is critical for financial services marketing success.

As a result, financial services marketing pros often play more of a long-term game to earn consumer trust and to position their firms as industry leaders who can be counted on when times are both good and bad.

After all, when you offer financial services to consumers or businesses, you are playing a role in their financial future. They have to trust you to work with you. 

As a result, marketing campaigns for financial services companies have to be approached in a unique way. Often, sales cycles can be long, even with B2C offerings, where they are typically much shorter in other industries. Customers need more nurturing and marketing campaigns need to be sharper and more in-tune to resonate. 

The financial services industry also happens to be home to some of the most creative marketers in the world. Financial services marketers understand that winning customers is a long game and not a sprint. They also understand that reaching customers means appealing to their emotional side, as financial security is a very emotional subject for most people. Customers want to work with a financial services company that provides stability and peace of mind. But everyone claims to offer that. So how do you stand out?

In this article, we’ll take a look at real-world examples of financial services marketing campaigns, across many common channels. You’ll likely find a few threads that are common among many of the campaigns discussed in this article, but will find unique and creative ideas in each of the examples. 

 Let’s take a look at some quality examples of unique financial services marketing campaigns.

1. Transamerica Leads the Way in Branded Social Content

If you ask some companies how their business Facebook page was doing, they would likely tell you that aside from paid Facebook ads, it is a channel that they have placed on the back burner. Because of algorithm changes, organic Facebook page updates just don’t have the reach they used to.

transamerica facebook page

But that isn’t the case for Transamerica. 

The Transamerica Facebook page is exceptionally consumer-focused and has more than 550,000 followers. 

The company has taken a unique approach on Facebook to promoting their services. They look at personal finance through the lens of health and wellness, athletics, and charitable outreach. As a result, much of the content that they share on Facebook tends to fall into those buckets. 

You’ll find that connecting health and financial wellness is a common thread among the examples in this article and in financial services marketing in general. 

As an example, take a look at this infographic that the company published to their Facebook page. The infographic covers how to find time for exercise among your daily activities. On the surface, this would seem completely unrelated to the financial services that they offer. However, in approaching financial services from an overall health perspective, they endear themselves to their audience and make more genuine connections. In essence, Transamerica is playing the long game when it comes to building trust with their audience and helping them to focus on overall health, of which financial health plays an important role. 

2. Financial Services Marketing With Creative Video: MasterCard

MasterCard is, of course, a titan in the industry when it comes to creative financial services marketing. They have released some of the most memorable TV commercials in recent memory, but that isn’t the only video marketing that Mastercard does! One area where MasterCard is certainly unique when compared to the competition is in their YouTube channel.

financial services marketing - mastercard youtube channel

There, MasterCard has been sharing financial services information and advice with consumers since 2006. Today, their channel offers a wealth of videos that cover a wide range of topics — many about financial services and financial literacy, but many others that touch on a range of subjects that are important to their customers. Many of the videos are fun, acting more as a device for brand awareness, and less for generating sales.

Much of their content is documentary-focused. They might cover a specific city, industry, or even personal Hobbies on their YouTube channel. 

Take a peek around the MasterCard YouTube channel and you’ll see a wealth of innovative and creative video marketing campaigns that help to separate them from the competition, Each campaign appealing to a very specific segment of their overall target audience.

3. JPMorgan Chase Produces Thought Leadership Content and Data Visualization

There are few content assets that are more useful for a company than original research. Being able to deliver original thinking in a copycat world helps to position your company as a leader in the space, build your brand as an authority, and earn consumer trust.

JPMorgan Chase is an excellent example of a financial services company that is taking a unique approach to content. On their Research page on their website, the company produces exceptional thought leadership content and original research that helps to build credibility in very specific Industries.

For instance, the company recently published a report on gas prices in America, covering the response from consumers to the lower gas prices as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. 

This type of original research, utilizing data that the company was able to collect on their own, is content that can’t be copied or delivered by another company. It is completely original, because it incorporates their own experience and insights while delivering highly useful information to specific markets.

Pro Tip: Use Automated Direct Mail To Connect With Email Non Responders

Financial services companies should look toward original research that they can publish for their audience to build authority with specific segments of their customer base.

4. Acorns Uses Partnerships and Email Marketing to Increase Investment Through Their Platform

Acorns Is an investment app that has grown rapidly in popularity in the last few years. This is based partly on their innovative and modern marketing approaches, one of which we can see in a recent email marketing campaign launched by the company.

Acorns partnered with several travel and entertainment industry brands, to offer specific perks and investment matching when you spend your money with another partnered brand.

For instance, if an Acorns customer spent money with Expedia, up to 4% of their total spend would be matched, and placed in their Acorns account for further investment.

These types of simple Partnerships are achievable at a relatively small investment, and can greatly improve consumer engagement through your platform and with your content. By advertising these partnerships directly to their customers through email, their partners also benefited from The increased incentive for customers to spend money with their brands as well.

Simple partnerships combined with effective marketing channels like email marketing can be a great way to build awareness for those partnerships in a mutually beneficial way. 

5. Barclays Combines Direct Mail and Social Media for a Fun & Effective Campaign

Barclays is one of the most well-known Financial Services brands in the world. However, the company does not always take the conventional approach to financial services marketing.

In a recent campaign, they harnessed the power of direct mail marketing along with social media to create an innovative campaign that encouraged user-generated content and raised awareness for their services.

The company delivered a package through direct mail to choice customers that included a Diet Coke and a pack of Mentos inside of a nice box with a set of instructions.

If you know anything about placing Mentos and Coke, you know that it creates a chemical reaction that isn’t unlike the volcano experiments that you ran in elementary school as a child. Placing a single Mentos in a coke bottle will send Coke shooting out of the mouth, feet into the air.

Barclays Direct Mail Examples

The Barclays campaign included instructions that walked recipients through the process of running the Mentos and Coke experiment. The experiment was meant to symbolize the way that Barclays would help their customers to “explode” their investment returns. In other words, they were trying to show the explosive results that they deliver to customers.

Those that conducted the experiment were asked to share a video of it on social media, and share it along with very specific hashtags. This campaign was a fun and innovative multi-channel campaign that garnered a lot of attention for an industry giant.

6. Creative Direct Mail Financial Services Marketing From AXA Insurance

AXA Insurance was looking to reach very specific segments of customers with a new marketing campaign — women between the ages of 25 and 40. The company sells life insurance, and many of their campaigns connect personal health with the benefits of life insurance. This campaign was no different.

The company delivered something useful to customers through direct mail — a jump rope. Meant to help their customers exercise and live a healthy life, delivering something useful to your audience is a great way to build brand loyalty, and position you as a brand that truly cares about its customers.

AXA Insurance

For financial services companies, delivering useful items through direct mail that your customers will truly appreciate is a great way to build credibility and trust with your audience.

The jump rope example is a great example of connecting your service (in this case life insurance), to something more emotional, such as an individual’s personal health. By delivering the jump rope, they signaled that they want their customers to stay healthy and live a long and fulfilling life.

7. Jyske Bank Private Banking Publishes Journalistic Style Videos to Capture Market Attention

“If you can’t rely on the media, you have to become the media,” JyskeBank editor-in-chief Lasse Hoegfeldt told the Content Marketing Institute. “And that’s what we are thinking.”

The company was one of the first in financial services marketing to truly embrace digital video marketing as a potential growth channel for their brand. The company has produced hundreds of truly insightful journalistic videos, after having trouble securing coverage from traditional media sources.

Even today, the company employs video marketing heavily with other channels. They focus on employing education-first strategies that position them as a trusted advisor with their audience.

In the early days of this strategy, there were few financial services companies that had truly embraced digital video, and none that had done it in a way that was so journalistic. Jyske Bank videos look like they might belong on TV, which helped them to stand out from the competition.

8. Prudential Uses Thought Leadership Interviews on LinkedIn to Connect with a Business Audience

Prudential is one of the largest names in financial services. The company is also taking a unique approach to social media marketing, using LinkedIn to target business customers, connecting with them with a wide range of different content types.

The company has been able to garner more than 220,000 followers mostly through sharing high-level thought leadership content from industry experts.

Through their “Thought Leader of the Week” campaign, which featured interviews, white papers, and articles from senior employees at the company and other financial services brands, Prudential was able to share a wealth of educational information in a very personal way. The LinkedIn audience ate it up, growing from 30,000 followers to more than 220,000 followers inside of six years. 

This approach helps to continue to solidify their brand as a thought leader in the industry and build the personal brands of their employees as well. 

Effective Financial Services Marketing Doesn’t Have To Be Boring

Financial Services marketing is an industry that necessitates that many companies play it safe when it comes to their marketing campaigns. There are certain rules and regulations regarding what can be said, and what cannot be said in financial services campaigns. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to allow those restrictions to limit your creativity.

Take a look at some of the excellent financial services marketing examples and this article, and use them to inspire your own campaigns. When you can connect with your audience in a personal way, show them that you care, and educate them on subjects that are critical to the services that you provide in their overall well-being, you endear them to your brand and position yourself as a trusted advisory brand within the space.

Whether you want to connect with customers through email, direct mail, video marketing, or any channel — the financial services marketing examples on this list can serve as inspiration and creative examples of how to do financial service marketing differently.