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What’s the best way to entice someone to buy your product or use your services? The answer is simple: by sending them a letter. Personalized direct mail marketing has never been more critical, and the space to do so that a letter provides is just one of the benefits. If you are looking to share more detail about your business with potential customers, consider sending them a letter. You can use it to explain your company’s services or simply provide details about the benefits of your products.

Up until now, the only way to create a direct marketing letter was to hire an agency to do it for you. Wouldn’t it be great if you could take your marketing in-house? You can do it all, from letter design to printing and tracking letters, with the help of Postalytics letter maker. Sending personalized letters to your customers is so easy. Plus, apply the power of automation to launch your direct mail campaigns, send lists of any size, and track the response and delivery.

Professionally Designed Templates

With Postalytics Direct Mail Editor, you can create, design, and personalize letters in a few clicks. Our skilled designers have put together professional letter templates to get you started. 

Flexible Campaign Size

You can send as many or as few letters as you want from your account. You no longer have to worry about a minimum print run.

Track Your Campaign

Our printers and mailers will print and attach a USPS tracking barcode to the letter so you know when it arrives.

Integrate With Your CRM

Send your message right to your customers by importing a segmented list from whatever CRM program you use.

How to Create Letters Online

  1. Sign up to Postalytics

    Kick-off with a free plan. Upgrade to a paid plan when you’re ready and want more features. There are no contracts, so you can change or downgrade anytime.

  2. Choose a letter template type

    You can create a template using the streamlined, intuitive direct mail editor to build a template from scratch, select a prebuilt template designed by our team of experts, or build a letter offline in your preferred design program.

  3. Personalize and send your letter

    With CRM integration and variable fields, the letter template is easy to personalize with the recipient’s name, ensuring that your message targets and connects with them.

Create Your Letters Now

Why Direct Mail Letters Work

Postcards have their own benefits and uses, but letters have the edge in certain situations. We say, “A postcard is like a billboard. A letter is like a conversation.” The larger page area of a letter gives you more space which you can use to deliver a more comprehensive message. Words are powerful, and with the space to tell your brand story or sell your services, you have more of a chance of connecting with the reader. 

Let’s look at some of the other benefits of sending letters in the mail:

Letters are interactive. They work so well because you’re actually reading something physical, unlike some other forms of advertising. Including a promo code or CTA that requires the customer to do something with the letter, such as bring it into a store or use it immediately, makes the customer more likely to keep the letter and read it over.

Letters are memorable. Mail can bring up nostalgic, sentimental feelings. To increase this connection, consider adding personalization to your marketing materials – like the customer’s name.

Letters are refreshing. More and more companies are using digital marketing instead of physical marketing. This means there is a smaller playing field and more chances for your business to be unique with its advertising. Many people find physical mail surprising these days, so an eye-catching and well-designed letter with thoughtful content can go a long way in advertising your business.

How To Design a Letter With Postalytics

We’ve made the process of making a letter so easy – you don’t need any design training or experience. With our online letter creator, you can choose to build a template from prebuilt letter templates or create a template from scratch. Building a sales letter template in the letter editor is just one of the many benefits of Postalytics. With this simple-to-use tool, you can create a template and store it in a library, which can be deployed to an unlimited number of campaigns. 

Postalytics offers two types of letter templates, one single page and one containing up to six pages. The single-page letter template is perfect for an audience not in your area or when you want to send a quick message. The multi-page letter template is ideal for sending out more detailed information to your customers. 

“Variable Data Printing” has been a popular and effective marketing tactic due to its ability to personalize sales letters. Our direct mail automation tools allow for this personalization right within the templates you use to create campaigns. It’s quick and simple to customize each letter with a customer’s name, address, and other information. 

We mail your letters too, so what about envelopes? You can order #10 white dual window envelopes from Postalytics, or you can get the Postalytics-designed envelope templates and customize your own envelope.

Automate Your Sales Letters

When you write for your audience, you give them a chance to better understand you and your offer. This leads to sales. The best letters are those that tell your audience what they want to know. These letters also help your readers understand what your offer is, and they provide guidance on how to take action.

Do you know what would make your sales letter even more powerful? Automation. With the Postalytics automation tools, you can share your pitch and send the letter quickly and efficiently with personalized content. 

A few of the many advantages of Postalytics are that it makes it easy to automate your direct mail, provides you with data analytics, and streamlines your processes.

  • Postalytics uses USPS Intelligent Mail Barcodes, which track the delivery and return rates of sales letters.
  • Dashboards are updated in real-time as delivery and response data flows in, just like it does with digital campaigns. We can even sync delivery and response data to CRM tools to report and trigger the next steps in automated workflows.
  • The data is all there in real time. It’s just like digital campaigns. We can sync the information to tools like CRM for reporting and triggering automated workflows.

Ideas for Direct Mail Letters

Ready to make your own letters but stumped for ideas? Consider these ideas for sales letters to connect with customers or people in your network.

Keep your customers informed about promotions and sales. Your letter can include a coupon with a special discount for current customers, early arrival specials, and more. Consider having a “customers only” sale and mention it in your letter.

When you write and distribute a press release, consider turning the press release’s content into a letter for your clients. This will keep you in their minds. Announcements include new products, helpful tips, fund-raising events, your company’s anniversary, and new staff or staff promotions.

What’s your industry? If you’re in the insurance game, how about an insurance solicitation letter or reminder that your client needs to update policies if they have had a life change, such as marriage or the birth of a child? If you work in the air-conditioning sector, an HVAC letter can be used to remind clients that services should be booked before winter or summer, why doing so can improve the unit’s efficiency and how much it will save them in power bills going forward. 

The real estate industry is another sector that can use direct marketing letters to reap results. Introductory real estate letters will help people in your community to learn more about you and your services. Looking for new stock to sell? Some people may be hesitant to list their homes, but letters can help you find potential sellers as well as convince those who are “on the fence” to take the plunge and market their property.

Tips To Help Your Letter Perform

Not sure how to write a sales letter? Here are some tactics to help your sales letter perform better once you have created your own letter.

You don’t want to come across as too pushy. Speak to your prospect’s needs and keep it conversational. Your goal is to make the prospect feel like you’re one-on-one with them and really care about their problems: this will help forge a connection with your product or brand.

One way to increase your sales is to show that you’ve thought of every possible objection a customer may have. This technique often includes a Frequently Asked Questions section, which many websites have. It works for them so consider including a page devoted to FAQs in your sales letter.

A postscript at the bottom of your direct mail sales letter is one of the most-read parts of any sales letter. It should deliver a clear, meaningful message to your audience. Use it to restate or summarise your offer or remind your prospect of a deadline. Or supply an added-value offer to sweeten the pot.

Direct mail is a great way to communicate with your audience directly. You can address their needs and concerns, so they feel heard. Postalytics empowers you to design direct mail letters with our online letter maker so you can have a conversation with your audience at scale. Plus, we’ve eliminated the pains associated with traditional direct mail letter campaigns.

With Postalytics, you apply the power of automation to instantly send personalized direct mail letters. You can send lists of any size via triggers; plus, you can track the delivery and response.

Ready To Create Your Own Letter?

Ready to make your marketing message stand out? Postalytics makes it easy. We provide tools that enable you to create your own personalized direct mail letters that will engage new audiences and increase customer loyalty. Take a look at our demo to see how we can change the way you work.


How to create letters?

Postalytics offers three ways to create templates for letter campaigns. You can build letters and save them and use them as templates you can reuse across campaigns, or use one of our pre-built templates, which are the most fully designed and already have backgrounds, sample personalized content, and QR or pURL code tracking. If you have created a template, you simply make your chosen modifications using the drag-and-drop editor. Finally, you can build offline if you have a graphic designer in-house who prefers using traditional design programs. They can download our style guide to design images and then upload them and use them in our templates.

How to design letters?

The Postalytics Direct Mail Letter Editor allows you to create a letter design and edit it with ease. You can change fonts using the Properties panel, insert images, personalize the letter with variable data, and more.

What to include in a letter?

A letter is a great way to start a conversation with your customer. It should tell them what you do and include the steps they need to take to get in touch with you. The content will depend on your target customer and the objective of the campaign. Our templates can all be used to create effective direct mail letters such as HVAC letters, insurance letters, and real estate letters. Your letter should include a call to action. This is where you ask your reader to complete a specific action that will benefit you. It could be connecting on social media, visiting your site, or downloading an app.