7 Insurance Marketing Strategies to Generate More Leads This Year

The insurance marketing strategy can make or break your insurance business.

In order to thrive, insurance businesses need to generate more leads, sell better coverage, and foster relationships with clients. Luckily, insurance marketing strategies can help you reach two of these goals.

Before we get into strategies, we have to quickly mention tools and channels because they’re the key part of your business story.

Direct mail marketing, including postcards, letters, and flyers are cost-effective, intuitive, and impactful marketing channels that help determine the right marketing strategy for insurance businesses. 

To that end, we have built marketing automation and integrations for direct mail marketing. Why precisely? Because the majority of insurance customers report taking action after receiving a direct mail promotion or offer. 

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CRM Triggered Direct Mail Marketing for Insurance

Do you want higher sales and long-lasting customer relationships?

Imagine if someone could automate the entire process, so you don’t have to insert names, dates, and other crucial information manually. And going even further, imagine if that system automatically sends out a postcard before a big promotion, recipient’s birthday, or a local public holiday.

You can do that today. Maybe you’ve already set up a CRM system to track your customers and qualify your leads. Now, you can plug in Postalytics and transform that CRM system into a marketing vehicle.

With Postalytics, you set up and let the automation send triggered direct mail to generate leads,  upsell customers, and foster meaningful relationships with customers. Insurance companies that create multiple touchpoints cover bigger parts of the market. Automating a physical promotion that customers open immediately upon receiving and sharing with others is a priceless marketing strategy. 

Furthermore, triggered direct mail helps you connect with customers at the right point in the customer journey. It allows you to turn cold leads into consumers. A triggered mail strategy is also useful to engage with customers who know about your insurance business but need more information before making a decision. Based on your insurance marketing campaign, your customer can receive a promotion when they check the contact form, sign up for your eBook, or fill out a form to get codes or discounts. These are just some of the insurance marketing ideas that can help you make the best out of this strategy.

While this automated strategy is very effective, it’s traditionally difficult to manage and run. Thanks to marketing integration developed at Postalytics, you can now scale your direct mail without scaling your team. This way, you don’t have to feed data in Postalytics like other marketing tools manually. You can set the system to pull the relevant user data directly into your marketing campaigns.

With Postalytics’ CRM-triggered marketing, you can send postcards on your prospect’s birthday or a letter with insurance policies when they’re nearing retirement. The best part is that Postalytics can automatically personalize each piece of mail to make your customer feel valued.

Additional benefits to using Postalytics for triggered direct mail strategy:

  • Send direct mail in minutes, not weeks or months
  • Attract a higher number of potential customers
  • Less work, more results
  • Detailed analytics and tracking
  • It brings sustainable results over time

Personalization for Insurance Marketing

The phenomenon of personalization is known in the marketing industry, but a majority of marketers still believe personalization is either expensive or time-consuming.

And while knowing the power of personalized marketing, they miss the grand opportunity because they still haven’t heard of the latest personalization marketing tools.

Today’s consumers want to connect with their favorite companies and brands. They want to become a part of the company. Personalization helps you connect and engage with your potential audience. In fact, most marketers find that personalized content is much better than cookie-cutter campaigns.

Furthermore, personalizing insurance marketing strategies build loyal customers and drive repeat engagement. Also, addressing someone by their name and giving them a personalized solution in the mail will motivate them to purchase your insurance policy. And motivated customers also become great agents of your brand, often recommending your policies to friends and family.

Keep in mind that purchasing insurance involves money in return for intangible assets. This requires a level of trust beyond grocery shopping. No one wants to spend their money on someone they don’t trust. 

Personalizing your emails creates a relevant experience for prospects, showing that you care for their safety, aspirations, and dreams- depending on the insurance you sell.

Insurance Marketing Using Postcards

Direct mail postcards are often more powerful marketing channels than their digital counterparts. In fact, this type of marketing offers more ROI than any other marketing strategy.

Here are some more benefits of opting for insurance postcard marketing.


Postcard marketing doesn’t require a higher budget. You simply need to create a message, design the creative (or edit one of the prebuilt direct mail templates), and ship your postcard. There will be no sudden price changes and additional fees, which you’d have to pay with other forms of marketing.


Postcard marketing is measurable. If you opt for Postalytics, each postcard will contain a QR code and pURLs with a unique tracking code. Customers who use QR codes or links to check your site will be added to your data, allowing you to measure the response.


You can send postcards to launch your new products, share event details, or invite people to join you at an event. Postcards best build awareness among prospects of changes and upgrades in your company or product.

Higher Impact and Tangible

This piece of the letter can turn cold leads into loyal customers. It can also improve the conversion rate. Since postcards have a catchy and unique appeal, people tend to get more interest in them than other marketing methods.

Target Marketing

You can use postcards for targeted marketing. This means sending postcards to your target demographics, compelling them to engage with you. Targeted marketing also requires you to send postcards at the right time of the customer journey. Therefore, tried and proven marketing tools like Postalytics are a master in running target marketing campaigns.

Insurance Marketing with Direct Mail Letters

Though improving technology has changed the channels of communication, letters are still the most impactful and personal form of business communication, making them an excellent marketing practice. Addressing the recipient by name and discussing their particular problem gives your message a personal touch. Appropriately designed letters encourage the idea of an insurance business relationship.

Insurance companies use letters to talk about their company and encourage the recipient to respond to special offers. This makes communication more meaningful and easier. As letters are tangible, it’s easier to remember the information in them. And studies show that recipients open almost all of their letters immediately. These features of letters lead to higher top-of-mind awareness. Therefore, whenever your customer needs insurance, they will contact you rather than search for demanding companies in the market. They will also recommend your services to peers, family, and friends looking for an insurance policy.

Here are some tips for writing impressive insurance letters.

  • Identify your target audience
  • Choose the correct tone of the letter
  • Start the letter by addressing your customer by name and with a sympathetic opening.
  • Write the main message
  • Add headings and bold words to make it easy to understand
  • Give some discount offers
  • Keep the letter precise and to the point

If designing engaging letters is not your area of expertise, Postalytics is an ideal option for you. Like letters, you can easily design appealing and unique promotions using the pre-built templates. Once you create an impressive letter design and format, your next steps will be:

  • Choosing a target audience
  • Automate the process
  • Writing an effective message
  • Choose the time and date to post letters

After that, Postalytics will print the letters and send them to your desired customer on time.

You can also run integrated marketing campaigns by sending letters to your customer followed by emails. This will improve brand awareness and make it hard for people to avoid taking your offer. 

Read more about how to create direct mail letters here.

Flyers and Brochures for Insurance Industry

Insurance brochures and flyers are the workhorses of marketing. This piece of paper contains ample information to build awareness of your products among the target audience, but don’t overwhelm the readers with extra details. Flyers are something that customers can feel and touch. The tangibility of flyers offers a physical presence to leads or customers rather than the online presence of social media ads. People are likely to remember insurance providers when they receive printed marketing material in the mail.

Know the best part? You can use insurance flyers for multiple reasons. It helps promote your event, business, services, or product. Despite being versatile and highly efficient, flyers are an affordable way to spread your insurance company’s message. They also cost less to print and distribute. Another benefit of opting for flyers for insurance agencies is that they offer a quick turnaround. You can plan a single message and get it printed on short notice.

Flyers work best for insurance companies who want to rank higher in the market. This is because flyers help you connect with new clients, make a powerful impression, and generate awareness of your brand and services. But for this, you need to design a flyer strategically. While you don’t need a significant marketing budget, you do need professional help to create unique, impressive, and relatable flyers. And if you don’t have the budget to call in experienced marketers, you can opt for Postalytics. This marketing tool has several templates that help you create professionally designed flyers. Postalytics will also take responsibility for printing, managing, sorting, and posting your flyers. The QR code and pURLs on each flyer help you track campaign responses. Hence, if you want the simplest and easiest insurance agent marketing strategies, nothing beats Postalytics.

Using Social Media for Insurance Agency

Social media ads, influencer marketing, use of hashtags, and personalized messages are some of the most common digital marketing strategies. Digital space has been evolving and introducing innovative marketing options. Each social media platform is near to building a proper market for B2B and B2C marketing. In fact, Facebook has even introduced a marketplace where retailers, businesses, and companies can interact with their target customers. Because they’re accessible to everyone, social media platforms act as a great marketing strategy for insurance agents.

Insurance agencies can also take advantage of social media marketing to create a platform where they connect with customers and allow customers to interact with each other. With social media, you can run ads and targeted campaigns. You can also collect reviews on social media to give insights into your brand and services. Other benefits to opting for social media marketing are mentioned below.

  • Boost brand awareness
  • Higher inbound traffic
  • Better customer satisfaction
  • Higher conversion rate
  • Improve search engine ranking
  • Improve brand loyalty
  • Offer cost-effective tool

Insurance marketing efforts for social media will only give you desired outcomes when you devise a plan by considering the policies of your chosen platform. So, if you plan to opt for Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter marketing, you need a team of experts who can do the marketing work for you.

Following up with Leads for Insurance Marketing Success

Even if you have a qualified lead list, turning strangers into raving customers is difficult. Have you ever wondered why? You only have a 2 percent chance of turning leads into customers after the first interaction. This doesn’t mean your qualified leads are useless, but it means you need to put in some more effort.

Following up on your leads with a postcard or a sales call is essential to making the most out of your list and maximizing your potential sales.

The time between the first interaction and follow-up allows customers to consider your insurance business. They might even search about your ranking in the insurance industry or try to find insights. So, when insurance agents or businesses contact them again, they will have questions to ask, compelling them to engage with you. By resolving their concerns and giving them the information they’re looking for, you’ll be able to encourage them to purchase your product or service.

According to this case study, insurance agents and companies can opt for strategies like direct mail campaigns, running social media ads, and sending emails. These marketing methods also work best to follow up with leads.

Insurance Marketing Strategies: Final thoughts

Choosing insurance marketing strategies that work is crucial for building a healthy and thriving business.

Postalytics can help you create attractive and customer-moving campaigns. If you’re looking to read more about insurance marketing examples, make sure to visit our blog. And if you’re looking to read more about insurance marketing ideas, then we also have something for you.

Bottom line, Postalytics is cost-effective, saves time, and drives lead generation when paired with modern marketing strategies.

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