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Caputure Leads for Your Insurance Business

When you’re an insurance agent, one of the most challenging aspects of your job is getting people to talk to you. It’s not like they volunteer their time and information to anyone; there needs to be a certain level of trust before someone willingly gives you their time to discuss their financial security.

Postcards are a great way to advertise. Luckily, with Postalytics, it’s easy to create insurance postcards and track the whole process from start to finish. No design skills are needed! Our online software is speedy and easy to use. Let’s take a look at the benefits:

Take Your Design In-house

Postalytics is a cost-effective way to create high-quality insurance postcards that you can send out faster than ever. You can do this online and use our professional templates.

Say Goodbye to Marketing Agencies

You know your market better than any agency. Now you can create custom flyers and import images, edit copy, and design postcards to suit your needs without them.

Campaign From Start To Finish

Set up a campaign with us, and we’ll take care of everything. We’ll handle direct mail printing, pack, and mail your postcards for you.

Track ROI for Every Campaign

Stay on top of your campaign response rate by tracking the mail. We can tell you when it’s delivered, who responds to it, and which postcards are making an impact.

How to Create Insurance Postcards

  1. Sign up to Postalytics

    Sign up with a free plan and upgrade when you’re ready. You won’t be bound by a contract, so you can just change plans if you want to.

  2. Start designing your postcards

    Set up your account information. Choose a name, add a phone number and address, and import a mailing list. Choose from our selection of postcard templates that are suitable for the insurance industry. Customize it as much as you want with editing tools. 

  3. Print, send and track

    When you’re finished with your creation, you’ll have a variety of print and pricing options for direct mail postage to explore.

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Grow Your Insurance Business

Why are postcards great for your insurance business? Postcards are a highly targeted marketing tool. By including your contact information on the card, you can inform potential clients how to get in touch with you. They are also low-cost and can be executed with little investment. With Postalytics, there is no need to hire anyone from a marketing agency to design or execute your postcard campaigns. Our software does all of that for you, helping you save even more money!

Custom Insurance Postcards

Postcards are a great way to promote your agency. But, your results depend on two aspects: the postcard you create and the person you give it to. Postalytics helps you succeed at both by providing you with tools to make your postcard look good and reach the right target.

Looking to generate more leads? Try these insurance postcard ideas. The policy review postcard can be used when your clients experience a change in life, it’s essential to stay in contact with them about their insurance needs. 

If they’ve changed address or added a spouse or child, for instance, their policy may need to be updated. One way to keep in contact is by offering a free policy review. It shows that you care about your clients and the safety of their families.

We all want to make more sales, don’t we? One way to up your success rates is with an upsell in the form of an insurance offer. Postcards can encourage existing customers to invest in more of your products. A customer is more likely to buy from you when you offer a discount or a freebie, and they have a deadline to respond by. 

Build Brand Recognition

Direct mail drip campaigns work for insurers wanting to build brand recognition. You want to make sure your contacts regularly hear from you, but you also want them to receive relevant information. So send automated postcards or flyers to them right from your HubSpot or another CRM account. Triggered direct mail drip campaigns make it easy for you to send customized postcards at any stage of the customer journey.

Once you have created your insurance postcard send a postcard sample using our tools to experience Postalytics’ mailing services.

Ready To Design an Insurance Postcard?

Want a new, easy way to produce a postcard? With the help of our design-and-drop automation tools, you can create a direct mail postcard in just a few minutes that is professional and effective. We have templates for all your insurance postcard needs. Have a look at our demo.


How to design insurance postcards?

Our team of designers has already created direct mail templates that you can customize for your business. These templates are designed to help you convert potential customers into active customers. Our creative, intuitive design tools that include a postcard editor have changed the game of postcard marketing for insurance companies of all sizes.

What to include in an insurance postcard?

This postcard is the equivalent of your online home page, so make sure to include all of the information you would like potential customers to know. A professional headshot, logo, and testimonials are all critical components to build authenticity and trust. A compelling call to action can be the difference between a customer who doesn’t make contact and one who does. Add QR codes using Postalytics to allow potential customers to access more detailed information about your company directly from the postcard they receive in their mailbox!

What is an insurance postcard?

Postcards are one of the most effective forms of marketing. Direct mail postcards are a perfect way to get your message across. Printed on both sides, postcards are usually handed out, mailed, or given to leads.

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