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Whether it’s life insurance, home insurance or auto insurance, there are millions of prospective clients out there right now looking for the best rates and services. How do they find you? By getting your professional insurance brochure into their hands, you’ll be first in their thoughts when it comes to their insurance needs.

Why would a brochure be the tool that helps your insurance business grow when digital marketing is the trend? For one, brochures used as direct mail are surprisingly affordable for small businesses. In particular, using  Postalytics’ creative templates, you can design your own brochure for your insurance business.

Let’s look at why producing insurance brochures could be a game-changer for your business.

Save Money Without Losing Design Quality

Insurance decisions are complex and require reading through a lot of information. A policy brochure is the most effective way to provide all the relevant details.

Build Trust and Professional Credibility

Postalytics offers templates and simple editing tools to create marketing brochures that save money you’d spend on expensive design studios.

Build Trust and Professional Credibility

A brochure marketing campaign will not only increase your company’s presence; it can change consumers’ perceptions of your business.

Personalize Material With Ease

At a person’s different life stages, they might need specialized insurance options. Now you can design brochures to meet this need without printing huge runs.

How To Create a Professional Insurance Marketing Brochure

  1. Sign up to Postalytics for free

    Sign up for a free plan that gives you access to brochure templates with fantastic intuitive design and drag features.

  2. Get started on insurance brochures

    To begin creating your insurance brochure template, go to build offline. Click create, choose a template size, and launch the upload feature to select the jpg or png images you want.

  3. Design and ship like a pro

    Use the online editor tools to overlay text and add information. Personalize your insurance brochure. Ship your mail and use tracking tools and QR codes to analyse your campaign. 

Create Brochures Now

Shine a Light on Your Insurance Business

To build a solid brand and show that you’re a force to be reckoned with in the insurance industry, go above and beyond what people expect of you. One of the best ways to do this is by investing in a brochure. With Postalytics you can create an insurance brochure online.  In addition to being professional, detail-oriented, and willing to invest in your business, you show that you’re a company that’s willing to go the extra mile to connect with and educate customers. Discover our insurance brochure design options. 

Where and how can you use them? Here are some insurance brochure ideas: 

  • Display them in your insurance office for clients to pick up
  • Deliver them to clients when you deliver their policies
  • Have them with you at networking events or seminars 
  • Mail them to prospecting lists

Templates for Your Brochure Campaigns

When people walk into the office, you want them to be able to leave with something tangible. It may be a brochure that informs them more about different insurance options or outlines their current life insurance needs. Either way, it’s a tool you can use to turn a prospective client into a permanent one, or upsell to other policies. 

Because you can personalize each brochure design, you have the flexibility to design brochures and distribute them for triggered drip campaigns that sync with your current CRM database. Our direct mail creative templates are designed by pro graphic designers, which means working with quality material guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing.

Ready To Create Insurance Brochures?

Do you want to learn more about how Postalytics can help you improve your marketing? We’re excited to share an interactive demo video with you that will teach you about our online templates brochures and how we can get started designing. We help with direct mail printing too.


How to create a life insurance brochure?

Looking for a convenient and affordable insurance brochure maker solution? You don’t need to be a graphic designer to create a good-looking brochure. Postalytics is here to help! Our team of professional designers already created all the design templates you’ll need to design a life insurance brochure.

How to design email brochures?

To make an impression and build trust, use high-quality photos and client testimonials in your design. Using our templates makes it so easy. Each template will intuitively guide you through the process of adding text, images, and details to them. 

How much to charge for insurance brochures?

What factors affect the direct mil pricing of an insurance brochure? A few cents to over one dollar, depending on the editing software used, the printing method, paper quality, and how much you want to spend. Thankfully, there are ways to save money: like using our free insurance brochure template instead of hiring a designer.

What to include in an insurance brochure?

Depending on the nature of the brochure, you may need to include quite a lot of information about a product or policy. When you’re thinking of creating a brochure, however,  there are some basics to consider. Keep it as simple as possible and include your company name, logo and slogan, and a headline. Include 2-3 sentences about the benefits of working with your insurance company.