How To Get Real Estate Leads: The Lead Generation Guide

Real estate businesses require an effective marketing strategy to convert prospects into leads, improve brand identity and drive engagement. Let’s look at the best available marketing solutions that will help generate real estate leads in 2022.

How Can I Get Real Estate Leads In 2022?

Driving real estate leads in 2022 begins with focusing on local businesses, understanding the local real estate market, and incorporating the right lead generation strategy. A direct mail campaign targeting these local businesses is one way to achieve this. Postalytics offers a range of direct mail options that allow professionals to generate buyer leads, connect with new potential customers, and collect user-generated information in real-time.

Connecting over phone calls may have helped professionals in the past, but today’s real estate agents need something more efficient.

Use Direct Mail Automation

Many real estate agents are busy and don’t have time to run direct mail. This is where the Postalytics direct mail automation tool comes into play.

Our tools provide tailored and targeted direct mail for different audience segments, making it the most effective way to connect with users and maximize lead generation for real estate agents. And best of all, they can be sent up for automatic sending- saving you time!

Use Social Media Accounts

Social media can help real estate agents generate more leads. Creating multimedia content can help connect you with the target audience, collect information, and even run open houses in the local market using targeted emails.

Connect with a Real Estate Agent

 Networking with industry professionals is a great way to get more potential clients and build a better personal connection with your audience. Property owners need someone they can trust – someone with a reputation and experience -for their real estate sale/purchase.

How Do You Get Qualified Leads In Real Estate?

In the real estate industry, obtaining qualifying leads requires paying attention to detail, knowing what other agents are doing, and implementing the best lead generation strategies like direct mail integrations. Here are other fresh lead-generating activities you can try in the real estate industry.


 Real estate agents should know what their potential leads are looking for. Checking clients’ location preferences and offering comparisons can increase lead conversion.


Taking clients to open house real estate events will help you understand their needs. Here are some of the factors that may drive a purchasing decision:

  • Changing jobs
  • First-time buyers
  • Investing
  • Retiring
  • Upsizing or downsizing


Understanding your client’s finances is an important step.

Choosing a property that meets their budget will help you save time, avoid community events, and get a better lead qualification.

Lead Generation Ideas for Real Estate Agents

The most effective real estate lead generation strategy will differ depending on location and competition.

Starting a Partnership

Some real estate professionals have trouble generating leads because they are inexperienced and haven’t run a successful business. However, a new agent can attract high-quality leads by partnering with a reputable industry leader.

Visiting Real Estate Auctions

Generating new leads in the market requires focusing on more than just open house visits. Visiting real estate auctions will help you understand current industry trends, and you can interact with attendees to develop your personal brand.

Choosing a Bulk Mail Service

Sending bulk mail through a reputable service like Postalytics allows experienced agents to run direct marketing campaigns easily. Postalytics uses artificial intelligence to target your designated groups and market your services through grouped email services – all with a single click.

You can also increase your social media presence by requesting customers to visit your social media handles.

Top Real Estate Lead Generation Companies

Many lead generation companies offer exclusive leads, remove expired listings, and run free real estate campaigns.

One example of a great real estate lead generation company is Market Leader, which has managed to win the trust of thousands of real estate professionals. Similarly, real estate businesses have been getting help from BoldLeads, a reputable name in the real estate lead generation industry.

How Can I Get Real Estate Leads Without Paying?

Paid services and options generate leads, but not everyone wants to invest thousands of dollars in their business. While free leads aren’t always an option, other lead generation ideas can help. Here are some of them.

Start With Your Inner Circle

When you contact the people in your sphere of influence, you can build referrals and reliable sources for leads. In addition, referrals are free. You need to maintain steady relationships with your contacts. That way, you’re the first real estate agent to come to mind when they want to sell their property. Start with your close friends and family, and work your way until you grow your client list.

Research Hashtags

Social media hashtags are the easiest way to improve a referral business and keep an eye on lead activity through trends.

The hashtags can show socio-economic trends in your area as people react on social media whenever something happens in the world. Gauging these reactions can help understand the client’s mentality, which can come in handy when approaching them. It is one of the most effective ways to get real estate leads without paying.

The more you target leads based on these hashtags, the better you can connect with them.

You can also find these hashtags on Facebook groups to learn about distressed properties and connect with former clients or new agents.

Provide Genuine Advice

Customers in the real estate industry need someone they can rely on in their time of need. Thus, companies providing guides, consultations, and options generate leads more quickly than others.

Once your leads receive useful and genuine advice, they will recommend and refer you to other potential clients, maximizing site reach. It will also help position you as an industry expert.

Real Estate Leads With No Upfront Cost? Is It Possible?

The U.S housing market has gone through massive changes in the past few years because of issues like the pandemic.

Buyers and sellers try multiple listing services to meet their requirements but still fail to get the response they need. Fortunately, there are some ways to get a sign-in sheet before buying leads using the following methods.

Optimize your Business for Search Engine

A good way to get seller leads is to use search engine optimization. You should consider keywords that potential buyers may search for.

Convince Non-Transacting Leads

There may be clients who aren’t ready to deal with you despite checking your services. This is where you can implement a personal connection and run a personalized direct mail campaign.

With the help of Postalytics, you send letters or postcards to clients that include their name and other details that make them feel like you are connecting directly with them.

Reinforce through Advertising

Try to customize your approach as per your audience. For instance, promote business-oriented content if your real estate business deals with corporate properties. Advertising will get your message across to targeted prospects.

How Do I Approach A Real Estate Lead?

How you approach a lead determines whether your conversion was a success or failure. A real estate agent who can connect with the audience has a higher chance of making a sale.

The most effective way to approach a real estate lead is with a targeted, personalized message. You can use the Postalytics QR Code Generator to create QR codes that provide interactive experiences for consumers. Using QR codes in direct mail campaigns is now as easy as writing an email. Recipients can access this additional information with a standard smartphone and an internet connection.

Using this method will create a personal brand connection with clients.

Avoid Expired Listings

Credibility is a must when it comes to lead conversion and trust-building. No customer wants to interact with a company that doesn’t have the latest information. Many industry agents suffer from issues simply because they try closing deals on outdated listings. To avoid this, keep track of properties currently available on the market.

Segment Your Leads into Groups

To best utilize targeted emails, you should segment your database. A multiple listing service can help you better understand the audience you’re dealing with. Address the audience separately by providing content that resonates with them.

How To Use Direct Mail To Generate Real Estate Leads: Tips to Consider

Sending direct mail may sound like extensive work, but it is simple when you use Postalytics.

We understand that realtors do not have the time and expertise to run their direct mail campaigns and have built a platform that saves time and money and generates results.

To see why Postalytics is used by leading real estate agencies, ask for a free demo.

Create Personalized Offers through Direct Mail

Customers love when they feel valued by their service providers, and for this reason, using direct mail for client-specific offers helps.

78% of the customers prefer customized offers, and you can deliver them by adding personalized information for each client. Similarly, adding location-specific mail is also a great way to make your customers feel special.

Make Irresistible Offers

Sending attractive offers through the mail will drive campaign success.

Add to your offers by showcasing customer reviews from former clients that improve your credibility.

Use a clear CTA (Call to Action)

Advertising intent plays a crucial role in a marketing campaign’s outcome. Thus, focusing on sharing a clear call to action and ensuring customers get your message matters.

Retarget Email Non-Responders With Direct Mail

Not all customers will take action after just one single direct mail. Therefore, you need a service that offers Direct Mail Retargeting to convince potential customers further. Again Postalytics offers a solution that any real estate agent can utilize.

Before sending retargeted emails, ensure the following steps are undertaken.

Update Your Database

Ensure your database is up to date. Filter customers according to previous mail frequency. You can also categorize them according to your past mail strategies and try something new with the retargeted emails. The Postalytics system will also validate addresses to ensure they are correct and you aren’t wasting postage sending to invalid addresses.

Understand Customer Personas

Potential customers have various personalities depending on their region, age, expertise, profession, etc. Your direct mail campaign will be more effective if you can target based on these.

How To Send Recipes, Handwritten Letters, And Appreciation Notes

A nice touch to a direct mail campaign is sending appreciation notes and handwritten letters. Here are some key ways to do this.

Target Individually

Targeting your audience makes them feel appreciated. You can do this by sending the audience relevant information. For example, a customer who owns a bakery would appreciate new cake recipes.

Keep it Short

Most customers do not read newsletters or recipes if they are too long. It is best to keep this information concise. However, you can add redirect links for users if they feel like checking the details or add a personalized URL to direct them to a page on your website with more information.

Make Customers Feel Valued

Sending out appreciative notes, discounts, and special coupons is an excellent way to make your customers feel special. They are likely to recommend your services to other users if you treat them right.

How To Get Real Estate Leads From Craigslist, Facebook, And LinkedIn

Looking up real estate leads on platforms like Facebook, Linkedin and Craiglist is becoming popular. These platforms allow users to connect with others without worrying about scams or useless marketing attempts and help with generating real estate leads.

Here are a few important points:

  1. Create a Strong Social Presence
  2. Ensure sharing reliable information only
  3. Avoid unnecessarily reaching out to customers unless you have something worth sharing.
  4. Improve business reputation
  5. Run Targeted Ads
  6. Be as creative as possible

Final Words

Using Direct mail is one of the best real estate lead generation methods. It is the simplest way to address large groups, potential clients, and customers without too much time.

The best tool to run direct mail marketing campaigns is Postalytics. With our real estate marketing services, you can target potential customers and generate more leads by sending

Feel free to refer to our case study on direct mail for real estate and visit our blog page for more information and tips.