Financial Advisor Leads Services: Everything You Need to Know

Financial advisor lead services can boost sales, help you retain current clients, and attract new ones. Whether you have a startup or offer financial advisor services individually, lead services like Postalytics can help you out.

Generating leads is as important for financial advisors as for any other business as they are an important source of future revenue. Read on to learn more about financial advisor lead services and how Postalytics can assist you in attracting interested leads.

Client Acquisition for Financial Advisors

Client acquisition requires an effective marketing strategy combined with a tool like Postalytics to convince potential clients to hire your services.

There are several programs or methods that a financial advisor can choose to attract 50 to 100 clients a year. Lead generation services can help build a client base, minimize the cost of marketing, and enable customer loyalty programs.

How do Financial Advisors Find leads?

Financial advisors are pros at dealing with numbers but may not have the marketing skills to find qualified prospects. Below are a few easy-to-understand lead generation techniques that financial advisor firms can use.

Buying Leads for Financial Advisors

One of the most common and popular methods that financial advisors choose to acquire leads is to buy them. Some financial advisors buy leads from lead generation companies if they struggle to gain new clients. Buying leads is quicker than using referrals and inbound marketing to generate leads yourself. It can also be an economical solution to resolve lead generation problems.

But where can you buy leads? Many major lead generation companies offer different types of leads, but first, you must consider some important factors to get the most out of your list of leads.

Here are some tips to keep in mind while making a decision.

Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience is the most important thing. Who do you want to target? Are they businesses or individuals? Where do they live? What needs and requirements do they have that you can meet? The more precisely you define your audience, the higher the quality of leads you get.

Once you know your target audience, you can look for lists of customers who match your potential clients. You’ll generate better results if you can target your audience.

Look Beyond the Cost

You may be surprised the first time you see the price tag on lead lists. On average, the cost per lead is $198. This may result in a firm going for the lowest price leads. But keep in mind that the cheapest lists are not usually the best ones. Such a list might fall within your budget, but if the list quality is poor, it won’t lead to new business.

So, it’s vital to look beyond the price tag. If you have a limited budget, then simply opt for fewer leads. Fewer but more qualified leads will lead to a better sales funnel and a steady stream of new clients.

Test Your List

Finally, it’s time to test your list.

This is where the Postalytics tool can generate results. Take a list and create a personalized campaign with Postalytics. You can create a postcard or send letters to the list and then analyze the results with the Postalytics dashboard.

Exclusive Financial Advisor Leads

Exclusive leads are only sent to one lead buyer. This means if you purchase an exclusive lead, only you will have the authority to use that lead list- no other buyer on the platform can use them.

These types of leads are more helpful and effective than standard leads. The standard leads you buy can be purchased by other financial advisors. Hence, these lists are accessible by more than one individual.

Email and Direct Mail Triggered Lead Generation

illustrated preview of remailing services offered by Postalytics

Many financial advisors do not understand the marketing tactics and are looking for an easy yet helpful method. In this case, email and direct mail are the best strategies. Trigger-based direct mail marketing is an effective way to connect with people who have visited your website but leave without making a purchase. This strategy allows you to improve response rates by sending the right message at the right time to the right client.

This is where Postalytics offers an easy and affordable platform for you to run triggered direct mail drip campaigns. Our platform offers all the features you need to send direct mail without the need for a marketing agency.

Here are the features that you can enjoy on Postalytics.

Automatically Trigger Letters and Postcards

We allow you to automatically send letters and postcards by mail and email. Our Triggered Drip Campaigns offer you services 24 X 7 X 365, allowing you to send emails and mails at the exactly right moment. Since they are automatically generated, they can run at any time based on customers’ actions.

For example, when a customer reaches your website but doesn’t contact you, the automated system can immediately send them a mail. This will help maintain effective lead generation and establish a communication process with the lead.

CRM and Marketing Automation Tool

If you have feed mails on your CRM or any marketing automation tool, Postalytics allows you to connect your CRM. So whether you have a Salesforce, HubSpot, Zapier, ActiveCampaign, Keap/Infusionsoft, or any other workflow system, you can Postalytics to send postcards and letters.

This allows financial advisors to keep in touch with existing clients, qualified prospects, and lead sources.

Multiple Mailing Options

Another amazing benefit of using Postalytics is that you can choose the services best suited to your business. If you don’t have any special delivery date or speed requirements, you can go for the standard class-triggered campaigns. But if you have a time-sensitive campaign, you choose the First Class Mail option.

First-class mail will be delivered between 5 and 7 days, while the standard class s mail will be delivered between 14 and 21 days. When choosing the option, consider the timing and the client’s preferences.


People get inundated with emails daily, and many are bulk mail and ignored. One way to stand out is with a personalized message, which will engage clients and motivate them to take your financial advisor services.

Postalystics allows you to create personal messages for a targeted campaign. The postcard or letter will contain the receiver’s name and a targeted message in a few lines. By personalizing the message, you have more chance of the person reading the email and taking action.

Direct Mail Templates

If you don’t have design skills, there is no need to worry. Postalytics offers a list of templates that you can edit based on your needs. There is no need to learn coding or other software languages as our platform offers templates that are easy to customize.

Each template has various options- from text style to color and from postcard background to size options. So you can design a unique and personalized letter or postcard in just a few steps and in minimum time.

Online Response

For a more impactful and successful process, you can also by adding a personalized URL to each mail that you send. This will help you activate the online response tracking to determine who responds and what action they take.

The best part is that there is no additional cost of this service, yet it helps you in conversion and provides valuable information. You will be able to access the results of the campaign via the Postalytics dashboard.

LinkedIn Lead Generation for Financial Advisors

LinkedIn is a great platform to generate leads on a smaller budget. LinkedIn’s general audience consists of professional decision-makers and may be ideal for financial advisor lead generation. Here are the things that you need to do to generate leads on LinkedIn

You Need to Have a Strong LinkedIn Profile

If you want to benefit from LinkedIn, you must have a strong LinkedIn presence with an attractive and professional age. Financial advisors need to ensure that their page is active and contains thought-provoking content. Your page should also display testimonials from clients.

Make sure to add content beyond what your company does. Share video content, interesting articles, posts on your achievements, and reviews from satisfied clients.

Post Updates and Content

To ensure your LinkedIn page is strong enough to grab the attention of your prospective customers, it should feature industry-relevant blogs, text, pictures, and videos that can make position you as an industry expert. When people recognize you as a valuable and insightful source, you can start establishing connections with people who fit your ideal customer profile.

Join LinkedIn Groups

The more effort you will put into connecting with your potential clients, the easier it is for you to convert them. Therefore, join different LinkedIn groups that are industry-relevant, and you can find your clients. Start a conversation with people in these groups so that more people start seeing your profile.

You can also post updates and content on these groups to position yourself as a knowledgeable and skilled expert. This will also help you talk about your services or establish discussions about relevant topics. People will follow you, offering you the chance to discuss your financial services later on.

Use Paid Products

Financial advisors can also opt for paid products to reach the intended audience. You can run LinkedIn ads to retain your current clients and attract new ones. When opting for a paid product for lead generation, make sure to design it based on your target audience and their interests.

Leverage Connections with Clients To Generate leads.

LinkedIn’s core objective is to provide a platform for networking, so connect with your current clients on this platform. Share content that encourages them to discuss different topics with you. Try to reply to their comments and messages as quickly as possible.

If you already have a good relationship with your customers, ask for references and referrals. You can also connect with your clients’ connections. When leads notice your request to connect, they will browse your profile, and when they see a shared connection between you and them, it can build trust.

How Much Money do You Need to Generate Leads?

If you plan to buy leads, it will cost you around $50 to $200 each. The cost of your leads depends on several things, like where you purchase them from, are they standard or exclusive leads, and who your target audience is. The more targeted your list and audience, the better results you will achieve.

Experts suggest avoiding buying leads by only focusing on price. Regardless of the cost, you need a lead list that can help you reach prospects rather than encouraging you to reach the wrong people. Buying a cheap list that isn’t targeted will be a waste of money and time and may not lead to more leads.

Final thoughts

Lead generation strategies can improve firms’ or individuals’ success rates. Although marketing strategies like digital marketing are helpful, opting for lead generation services can be more impactful.

They primarily work to generate new leads or attract new clients and can be used to build brand awareness and credibility. There are several methods to gain leads, as we have mentioned above. Some require great focus, such as cold calling or managing a LinkedIn account, while others need less effort and energy.

Direct mail is the most effective method to save time and energy while driving more leads. This allows financial professionals to reach prospects personally, measured, and timely manner.

The Postalytics platform to send postcards and letters to clients is the most effective platform, for lead generation for financial advisors.

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