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Buy business mailing lists to reach your audience

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Buy business mailing lists and leads

With a business mailing list, you can access the contact information of key decision-makers at companies you want to work with. Once you have a targeted business list, you can run direct mailing campaigns to drive sales and grow your business. 

Postalytics is the best place for business mailing lists and B2B leads. As a mail list provider, we offer top quality data sources to help ensure your B2B direct mail campaigns reach the right people. Our data can help you target leads most likely to buy your products or services.

Instant access to business mailing lists

Integrated business mailing lists are instantly available online with Postalytics. Our mailing lists are sourced from premium providers, ensuring high relevancy and quality. They contain over 200 million contacts that are constantly checked and updated.

An entirely online solution

Postalytics is the only direct mail solution that allows you to select a B2B mailing list and use it without requiring CSV files. With a total online solution, there is no need to negotiate with agencies or salespeople, it all happens online.

Target business gatekeepers

Build highly targeted lists by selecting from over 20 criteria. You can filter the list by employee size, sales volume, and franchise code to give your direct mail campaign the best chance of success. 

The affordable mailing list option

Postalytics offers business owners transparent wholesale pricing. As a result, you know exactly how much you invest in a direct mail campaign and how it is being spent. This gives you total control over your business mailing list and the return on investment. 

How To Buy Business Mailing Lists In 3 Steps


Sign up and make your selection

Sign up for Postalytics. Choose a business list from a single or multi-use basis. 


Purchase your business mailing list

All Selects (data you choose to define your list) are free except specific Premium Selects, additional filters available in paid options. 


Download your business mailing list

Start your direct mail campaign within five minutes. Our quick automatic download allows you to commence your campaign without the need for CSV management.

High-quality business mailing lists 

With a comprehensive business mailing list from Postalytics, you can zero in on the right prospects. If you’re looking to generate quality sales leads and increase profits using business postcard campaigns, we have mailing lists that will work for you. 

All Postalytics mailing lists are compiled using premium data from multiple companies. The data is refreshed every 30 days to reflect the most up-to-date information and addresses. A quality business mailing list cuts wastage and ensures a higher return on investment.. 

Postalytics business mailing list benefits

With Postalytics, you can segment your mailing list and define your audience using our online direct mail platform. You have peace of mind knowing our business mailing lists are sourced from premium mailing list providers. Using our business mailing list tools, you can quickly identify the best B2B sales leads. 

We offer a broad range of business-specific filters making it easy for you to pinpoint your best prospects to target with your direct mail letters, postcards, brochures, or flyers.

Postcard Templates for Insurance Direct Mail 

We offer a variety of templates for postcards to choose from. Our designers have already created pre-built postcard templates that you can easily customize to fit your clients’ needs without needing any design any design exWe offer a variety of templates for postcards to choose from. Our designers have already created pre-built postcard templates that you can easily customize to fit your clients’ needs without needing any design any design experience.perience.

The bonus of tracking

Postalytics tracks the deliverability of every piece of mail that you send. We can do this because we attach the United States Postal Services (USPS) intelligent barcode to each mailer. All data, including the return to sender scans, are automatically noted in our databases. Buying a business mailing list for use with your Postalytics direct mail campaign will eliminate incorrect addresses and reduce wasted costs. 

How to geo-target contacts

You can geo-target from the business mailing list database too. Our easy-to-use online targeting tool interface displays criteria you can select to target your mailing. For example, you can zero in on all the businesses in a particular geographical area by radius, area code, city, or zip code. Or, select the number of employees, annual income, number of years in business, NAICS code, and more to expand your customer base and increase sales.

Why choose Postalytics

With Postalytics business mailing lists, you give yourself the best chance at success with your direct mail campaign. Easy mailing list segmentation means you know exactly whose postbox your postcard or mailer is landing in. You can then create a postcard template and customize the design, text, and images to make your marketing message perfectly align with the demographic you choose. A targeted message, sent with a targeted mailing list, is made easy and affordable, thanks to Postalytics.  


Where can I purchase a business mailing list?

Postalytics is an excellent resource for your B2B Direct Mail List needs. Fill out our Mailing List Purchase Form today for a quote! If you have any additional questions about selects, email us, and we’ll send that information to you right away. 

How much does a business mailing list cost?

When mailing out direct mail to your business prospects, 40% of your success will depend on the quality of your business mailing list.  Postalytics’ rates range from $0.003-$0.060 per record depending on whether they are for single or multiple uses. We have fully transparent pricing, so you know where every dollar is spent. 

Can you get business mailing lists?

Postalytics’ quality mailing lists enable you to drill down into details, so you also know you are targeting the best prospects. We help you find companies with the criteria that matter to you and to maximize your returns on your B2B campaign. Using online targeting filters, you can tailor your mail by industry, gross income, and much more.