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Instant access to business mailing lists

Integrated business mailing lists are instantly available online with Postalytics. These mailing lists are sourced from premium providers, ensuring high relevance and quality. They contain over 200 million contacts that are constantly checked and updated.

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An entirely online solution

Postalytics is the only direct mail solution that allows you to select a B2B mailing list and use it without requiring CSV files. With a total online solution, there is no need to negotiate with agencies or salespeople; it all happens online.

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Target business gatekeepers

Build highly targeted lists by selecting from over 20 criteria. You can filter the list by employee size, sales volume, and franchise code to give your direct mail campaign the best chance of success.

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The affordable mailing list option

Postalytics offers business owners transparent wholesale pricing. As a result, you know exactly how much you invest in a direct mail campaign and how it is being spent. You gain total control over your business mailing list and the ROI.

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Postalytics integrates with your favorite tech

Discover 3,000+ direct mail integrations developed to help marketers

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Schedule Multiple Touches Weeks In Advance

Create automated direct mail workflows so you can let the system do the work for you.

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Response tracking is now a reality

Get powerful direct mail campaign analytics to measure deliverability and response.

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Direct mail triggered from the CRM

Integrate with your CRM to set up triggered direct mail sequences

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Targets email non-responders

Complement your email campaigns by creating striking direct mail pieces that encourage responses

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Fast, Efficient and Easily Analyzed Direct Mail Printed and Mailed

“We’ve definitely become more efficient. Step one was knowing the database was correct, making sure we’re getting this direct mail out to people. Step two for us will be that full analytical dive, to see what people are doing with that information.”

– Tanya Steindl, Director of Marketing, Goodman Manufacturing

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