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The way people receive information has changed drastically in recent decades. Advertising has got more than one channel of performance, often depending on your target customer. Many companies use social media and email to reach customers and prospects. But even with these advances, direct mail advertising still brings the highest ROI in every marketing mix.

Sending a mail campaign is now an easy and cost-effective way to increase exposure for your brand, generate more leads, and nurture existing customers.

Postalytics has built an online design and editing tool with easy-to-use templates and additional automation tools to help make direct mail marketing easier and more affordable for businesses of all sizes. Let’s look at why this is a great fit for your advertising mailer needs.

Access to Pre-Made Templates

You have a lot of options when it comes to direct mail ads in our template library. From postcards to flyers to creating letters, find one that works for you.

Personalize Campaigns For Customers

Our software is designed to be easy to use, which means you can customize the lettering, envelope design, and direct mail trigger campaigns.

End-to-End Solution

The Postalytics direct mail advertising services allow businesses to design mail pieces, import mailing lists, and print and send each campaign online.

Cost-Effective Advertising

While we make the creation of advertising mailers easy and affordable, mailing each campaign is also economical with our affordable pricing options for direct mail.

How to Use Your Advertising Mailer

  1. Sign up for Direct Mail Advertising

    Start with a free plan! If you like it, upgrade to pro. There are no contracts which means you can make changes anytime.

  2. Get started with your direct mailer

    Name your campaign, add your return address, and import a list from your CRM. From there, you can choose from one of our simple drag-and-drop templates. Personalize your template with a few clicks. Drag and drop in a QR code, resize it, and you’re done. 

  3. Schedule, ship, and track your campaign

    Pick a print and mail package that matches your campaign and budget and define your campaign objectives. 

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Hassle-Free Direct Mail Advertising Campaigns

Postal delivery is still the best way for marketers to target specific geographic areas and reach out to customers. It’s affordable and has a high return on investment. Postalytics is an innovative, affordable solution to help you take the delays and frustration out of what can be a time-consuming marketing task. Send personalized mailers to your customers with our easy-to-use, direct mail creator. No more bothering with bulky packages and complicated forms. We have templates for direct mail postcard advertisements, letters, and more.

Take Your Advertising In-house to Reduce Costs

Whatever your audience, and your marketing objective, we have a design tool that empowers you to do it all. You can create templates in our direct mail maker and use them again and again. They’re easy to modify and update, thanks to our digital direct mail editor. Some of the comprehensive marketing design and delivery options we offer include:

  • Sending letters online to your list in a few clicks
  • Easy and effective mail design
  • Automating bulk mailing 
  • Personalize each letter and postcard
  • Integrate your CRM

Integrate and Measure

Direct mail campaigns can now be an integral part of the digital marketing ecosystem within your company. Using our technology enables marketers to identify who opens their website after receiving a direct mail campaign. This helps them to track additional steps the prospect takes. 

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We have the perfect mailing solution for your business. You’ll get everything you need, from printing to addressing to delivering your mail, so your campaign is successful every step of the way. With our experience and knowledge on how best to reach your target audiences through direct mail advertising, we are here to help you every step of the way. Watch our quick demo video


What is direct mail advertising?

The term “direct mail” often refers to anything printed and mailed directly to you. From newspapers to magazines, to ads – any time something is shipped in a letter or envelope. But there are a lot of other solutions available, too – like the services offered by Postalytics, which helps you target your audience and track the results of mailers for business.

How to create direct mail advertising?

Businesses traditionally use marketing and design agencies to create direct mail advertising. Postalytics is replacing this model with three options to make the material. The first option is to use one of our professionally designed and easy-to-edit pre-built templates. Or you can create your own mailer, such as a postcard from a template. There are many sizes to choose from, 4×6, 6×9, and 6×11 in landscape or portrait. You can build brochures offline with our direct mail creative templates too.

How should you follow up on direct mail advertising?

While you can follow up with a phone call, this strategy is only suitable for specific industries and campaigns and may not possible if you want to follow up on direct marketing advertising on any scale. Instead, a direct mail drip campaign makes it easier to accomplish your goals by keeping a constant flow of messages to your prospects and customers. Through drip campaigns, you can contact customers on a predetermined schedule or through automation triggered by an action taken by your prospect or customer.

How much is direct mail advertising?

Costs for direct mail can run up to hundreds of dollars per thousand pieces. Let’s look at postcard advertising as an example. If you print your own postcards at home and put them in envelopes with stamps, it would cost you about $740 per 1000 pieces, whereas if you hire an agency with designers, it could cost thousands of dollars per 1000 pieces. Postalytics can reduce your direct mailer costs to $530 per 100 pieces or even less.