Commercial Real Estate Marketing: What You Need to Know

Are you looking to promote your commercial real estate business to highly-interested prospects?

If so, you need strategic commercial real estate marketing tools that help you sell or rent out commercial property. In this case, Postalytics offers impactful tools and help you advertise your commercial real estate. Using the right marketing tools will help you avoid wasting money while also saving time and energy that you invest back into your real estate business.

Wondering how? To get your answers, you can check out the Postalytics demo and read on to learn about commercial real estate marketing plans and how you can implement them.

What is a Commercial Real Estate Marketing Strategy?

Commercial real estate strategy involves defining your objectives and target market, developing a marketing strategy, and identifying the tools required to achieve your results and expand your commercial real estate business. Marketing is crucial in the commercial real estate sector to showcase your talent and attract your target clients.

There’s no one-size-fits-all marketing plan that fits every commercial real estate business. You need a unique marketing plan that targets your audience and meets your budget to achieve your objectives. This can only happen when you use a selection of marketing solutions and tools.

When creating a marketing strategy, it is important not to make it overly complicated. In the first phase. The strategy serves as a blueprint for your marketing efforts and can cover a certain timeline. You can also adjust it over time after careful analysis to make it more effective. Creating a proper plan will help you organize key activities, manage multiple tasks, track progress, and enjoy outcomes like increased revenue.

This brings us to choosing an effective marketing method.

Postalytics is a marketing tool that allows you to create a thoughtful strategy by which you gain leads, attract new clients, and retain older clients.

Direct mail will allow you to effectively manage your marketing activities, produce high-quality content and attract potential clients.

What is the Importance of Marketing in Commercial Real Estate?

Commercial real estate marketing can help you set your business apart from competitors. You need to create a strong brand and ensure all your marketing materials represent your company well.

Here are some benefits of real estate business marketing.

Promotes Your Business

A marketing strategy can help get the word out about your services. It helps you showcase why your services are impactful and valuable. As a result, more interesting prospects will contact you for assistance.

Builds Your Brand

When people know who you are and understand your services, it becomes easier to trust your business and work with you. An effective marketing strategy will build awareness about your services and differentiate you from your competitors by focusing on your unique selling point and ensuring you are front of mind.

Generates Leads

Marketing is also important to generate leads for your company. These quality prospects can soon turn into strong clients, impacting your bottom line and helping you make future projections.

Provides Credibility

Strategic marketing can make you look like a credible real estate business that the audience can approach for reliable services. This happens when you spread awareness of your services and give people a reason to hire you. Check out this Postalytics case study that shows how real estate marketing will help you attract more people in a short period, helping you grow your business.

How do You Make a Winning Commercial Real Estate Marketing Strategy?

The commercial real estate market is experiencing a digital revolution. 

In 2020, the pandemic led to a transition from working on-site to remote working, making business tasks easy and accessible for everyone, everywhere. This has encouraged people to create winning commercial real estate marketing strategies with the help of online tools and methods. Postalytics is one of the most impactful and robust marketing tools that will help you engage with your target audience.

Here are the steps to create a strong plan to market your business in the commercial real estate industry.

Define Your Target Audience and Objective

If you want to create a successful plan that gives you promising results in a short time, you need a clear objective. Ask yourself what the purpose of your marketing is? What results do you expect from this marketing plan?

After that, think about your audience. What audience do you want to target? Are they buyers or sellers? Which state or city do they live in, and what type of commercial properties are they looking for? When you determine their answers, you will be able to create a robust plan.

Choose the Right Tools

For your marketing campaign, choose an online marketing tool that aligns with your business’s needs. For a commercial real estate business, Postalytics your the best option.

Postalytics allows you to automate your entire campaign, making the entire process less daunting and time-consuming. Also, it offers far more than standard direct mail marketing, as you can create professional designs, creative postcards, and letters.

Unlike other online tools, Postalytics allow you to send just one letter or bulk mail at any time, based on your needs and preferences. You can also personalize each aspect of your campaigns, such as adding your customer’s name and your business details.

Choosing Postalytics will allow us to drive more leads and target more property owners.

Design an Impactful Message

Once you narrow down your marketing objective and target audience, you have to decide on the message you want to deliver and prepare a content strategy. Do you want to spread awareness on a particular topic, or do you want to introduce your business? Do you have some properties that you want to sell, or are you looking for commercial properties to buy?

Whatever your message, you can create a postcard, letter, flyers, or brochures using Postalytics. With direct mail, you need to be concise with your messaging. At the same time, be communicative so that your audience can easily understand what you’re trying to convey.

How do You Market a Commercial Realtor?

You need to show you are the best choice as a commercial realtor, and this is done by planning your marketing strategy. You need to choose a marketing strategy that is easy and simple to manage but can yield good results.

A good strategy combined with using Postalytics is a winning combination.

There is no need for professional help and exclusive training to benefit from using Postalytics. It has been designed so real estate agents and commercial real estate professionals without direct mail marketing experience can still use it to great benefit.

You can find templates to create letters and postcards, saving you time and effort. 

You can also automate the entire process so that the system sends mail at the right time without waiting for your assistance. This allows you to easily create triggered drip campaigns.

Commercial realtors can efficiently promote themselves and easily compete in market commercial real estate using the tool’s simple to use, yet highly effective features.

Commercial Real Estate Marketing Companies

Commercial real estate marketing companies looking to assist their clients will find the Postalytics tool ideal.

You need minimal resources to manage your Postalytics portal, execute a plan and enhance your marketing performance. Our tool is affordable and impactful, allowing you to send direct mail to all your past clients at once.

Commercial Real Estate Marketing Packages

Commerical marketing packages can help realtors and companies expand their business. A high-quality marketing package boosts your chances of delivering your services and turning your leads into loyal customers. It also sets you apart from competitors by clearly presenting your offerings and differentiating your brand.

A marketing package includes a broad range of materials by marketing experts. These packages can come in various sizes and are easy to customize according to specific requirements. Additionally, a marketing package offers the following benefits.

  • it makes marketing easy for you
  • it allows you to tell a story
  • it helps to create a hook

Postalytics allows you to create a marketing package that caters to your business needs and engages with a bigger audience. Here are the elements of a marketing package that you can incorporate into your marketing plan through Postalytics.

  • Cover page- you need to add an aerial or photo of the property and some attractive deal points like price, rate, and property address. Focus the content on the property, not on you or your company.
  • Project highlight- Highlight the major points of the property to attract customers.
  • Aerials, maps, and photos- add as many photos, aerials, and maps as you can include in your postcard or letters to encourage leads to take action
  • Area description and market data- adding essential information to your marketing package are important. Include the trends, stats, demographics, analysis, and information that adds value to your letter or postcard.

Commercial Real Estate Marketing Plans

A real estate marketing plan is a comprehensive plan that defines your marketing strategy, target audience, budget, and marketing tools. A thoughtful commercial real estate marketing plan can help you drive sales. It helps you get profitable growth across all channels, customers, and categories while reaching business objectives. Postalytics is a useful tool to incorporate in this case.

First, you can sign up for commercial real estate portals online. Then, choose a few options to get free leads based on your target audience. You can send postcards and letters to addresses you get on the lead list. Design appealing letters and postcards with personalized messages. You can use default templates or create letters from scratch if you see fit. Make sure to add text that encourages the reader to take action and become a regular client. After that, you can choose automatic options to send mail automatically to your lead lists.

Opting for commercial real estate digital marketing helps you prepare a winning strategy that boosts conversions. Furthermore, digital marketing methods like search engine optimization, social media marketing, and direct mail can help you benefit from real estate trends. For instance, if higher property values are among current market trends, you can use digital marketing to inform homeowners about increasing prices and how they benefit from this trend. You can also inform them about how you can help them sell their commercial properties.

Digital marketing strategies like Postalytics offer the following benefits.

Cloud-Based Workflow

Postalytics offers you a cloud-based workflow that reduces campaign time from 4 to 6 weeks to 1 to 2 hours. This lead generation workflow tool helps a single marketer execute a successful campaign by themselves by working remotely.


Digital marketing tools like Postalytics feature deep integration with marketing automation and CRM systems. This offers opportunities for realtors and companies to develop multi-channel campaigns. Hence, you don’t need to use workflow systems besides those you commonly use.


Postalytics provides a real-time dashboard so you can instantly gauge delivery & response metrics. This way, you can estimate how effectively you’re marketing and change the plan to get better results.

Final Thoughts

Commercial real estate marketing can help local businesses, startups, realtors, or large-scale companies boost sales, gain more revenue, interact with prospects, and close commercial property deals. 

You can deploy several marketing tools and methods to reach your goals, but you should only settle for one that’s simple to use and is effective as well. 

Postalytics allows for the easy development of a plan that requires less time and energy yet offers desirable outcomes at an affordable price. Also, Postalytics helps you design a direct mail marketing campaign to increase your credibility and trustworthiness and generate high-quality leads. 

So, if you want to expand your business in a short period, Postlaytics is here for you.