How to Get Real Estate Leads for New Agents

A local real estate business that’s just starting out will need help from lead generation companies, tools, or products to gain leads. These tools and companies help build you as a credible and trustworthy source in the market and encourage your target audience to reach out to you for services.

However, we often make mistakes when trying to choose the best method and tool to generate leads. Consequently, we don’t get the results we were hoping for. Fortunately, tools like Postalytics can streamline the lead generation process for better outcomes. Want to learn more? Check our demo.

Read on to understand what type of real estate lead generation methods are best for you and how you can practice them.

How do New Agents get Leads for Listings Fast?

Real estate agents continually need new clients because if a customer has already hired the agent’s services, it’s unlikely that they’ll require them again anytime soon. After all, the average person buys one home every several years.

Therefore, people in the real estate industry have to work hard to find prospective customers regularly. Since agents specialize in communicating and dealing with properties, implementing different marketing methods like advertisements might prove challenging. Many agents avoid opting for a marketing tool, procedure, or product and stick to traditional techniques such as door-to-door or waiting for clients to come their way. These are destined to fail in today’s digitization age and leave little chance of buyers or sellers seeking out your services this way. This damages your business as your real estate list grows stale on listing platforms.

If you want to scale your real estate business, you need to practice lead generation techniques. These methods help you get quality leads quickly, reducing your listing times. When you have shorter listing times, the audience will consider you as more of a market expert. Hence, you will be able to satisfy both house buyers and sellers and gain popularity in the market.

How can Real Estate Agents get Leads?

An effective way that generates leads is a cloud-based workflow that cuts your campaign time from 4 to 6 weeks to 1 to 2 hours. The best part is that real estate agents can market their business from their computers by executing effective campaigns – all from the comfort of their homes.

Postalytics, a new technology, offers an easy lead-generation method. It’s a self-service tool for direct mail that helps you create appealing, professional, and effective postcards and letters. It features an automation option so you can send mails to your desired lead list at your preferred time, without any manual help. Postlaytics prints, ships, and tracks your direct mail to execute an effective campaign that will generate referrals.

There are no limitations, as there are no minimum orders or location limitations. If you aren’t good at designing postcards or letters, there is no need to worry. We provide easy-to-use templates in our direct mail designer you can customize based on your preferences and needs.

If you want, you can opt for standard templates present in Postalytics. CRM integration and fast services are just some features that give the product an edge over the rest.

Where do Realtors get Most of Their Leads?

Realtors can use several methods to gain leads. Here are some direct mail tips and methods they use.

Door Knocking

This is one of the oldest methods to market any business. Before companies marketed their products using banner ads on webpages, it was an effective lead generation technique due to the lack of communication methods like mobile phones. However, in today’s world, people get a bit nervous when they hear someone knocking on the door and asking them to try out their services. Agents who operate in safe locations and don’t want to put in much effort to promote their business can opt for this. Make sure only to visit houses belonging to locals looking to sell or buy. Create a pitch to impress them, and use it when meeting a potential lead for the first time.

This is one of the most time-consuming lead generation strategies and can be an ineffective way to find real estate seller leads.

Cold Calling

New real estate agents also practice cold calling. It is a method in which a salesperson reaches out to people who haven’t shown their interest in your services or products before. Typically, cold calling refers to solicitation by telemarketing or phone. Generating leads from cold calling requires great effort and time. You need the following skills:

  • persistence
  • quick thinking
  • good comminution skills
  • positivity
  • research
  • ability to stay calm

Note that the chance of getting leads and then converting them into clients is minimal, as you will be calling random people with no personal connection to check whether they are interested in your service or product not.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is a highly successful marketing channel in the real estate industry. Not to mention, sending mail to gain leads is an affordable, achievable, and simple method.

Direct mail is the perfect option to reach a prospect or mass audience. For this, you can rely on Postalytics, which can send several direct mails at a time to your desired audience in a particular location.

FSBO Listings

FSBO or for sale by owner refers to homes sold by the homeowner by themselves without any help from real estate professionals. Don’t expect them to hire your services as soon as you make your sales pitch. No matter how professionally you present yourself and how successful your track record looks, convincing them can be difficult.

Try to respect their decision and be patient, but tactfully and wisely engage with them to show your value. This way, if they decide to hire anyone, they will choose you. So, dig into FSBO listings and find people struggling to sell their houses because they may have distressed properties or don’t have the skills to sell properties and are looking for buyer leads.

Expired Listings

New real estate agents try to grasp as many opportunities as possible to secure qualified leads. Expired listings are among agents’ most common approaches. The homeowners will be desperate to sell their houses, as they have been waiting several months for potential buyers. You can take advantage of their situation and contact them.

Make sure to avoid blaming their old agent or making unachievable promises. Contact the owner once you notice any expired listing on any website or platform. Tell them what you can do differently to help them sell their houses. You can share a marketing plan with them to convince them. These tactics generally help agents generate leads and build strong relationships.

How do I get a List of Real Estate Leads?

Laptop with a magnifying glass looking into mailing lists

Looking for a list of real estate leads? Postlaytics offers you lead lists so that you can engage with potential clients and turn them into customers through the direct mail method. A mailing list is a perfect tool for a new real estate agent to target potential clients.

These lists contain information from different sources to make it an effective and appropriate database of people who make for ideal customers. You can use this database to drive successful and appropriate marketing campaigns. Remember that marketing is more effective and cheaper when you know who you’re engaging with.

You can choose between several mailing list options in Postalytics, each especially collected and maintained for the real estate industry. Agents can find perfect leads if they are looking for home buyers, home sellers, or homeowners. Postlaytics allows you to search for buyers or sellers in as little as a minute and turn them into your clients. On top of that, you can benefit from our automated direct mail solution to engage with your mailing list and get desired results.

How to Buy Real Estate Mailing Lists?

Here is how you can buy a real estate mailing list from Postlaytics?

  • Sign up and choose desired options- You need to sign up for Postlaytics and choose either a multiple-use or single-use option.
  • Buy your list- Once you sign up, you will get a free plan to opt for different lead list options. However, premium leads will not be available for free. Once you choose your list, you can instantly download it.
  • Begin your direct mail campaign- Navigate through our user-friendly interface and start targeting people on the mailing list. Additionally, you can filter the list based on demographic, area, and other information. This way, you can improve your chances of targeting the right market.

How to Generate Leads for Real Estate Industry Online?

Here are some methods that you can use to get quality leads online.

Direct Mail Automation System

The best way to generate leads online is through marketing automation.

Postlaytics is an online-based product that uses online tools and methods to create a lead list and send emails to potential customers. The best part is that you don’t have to put much effort into the process, unlike other methods where you have to work continuously to build an image that attracts your clients. It also offers you a lead generation mail workflow so that you’re one step closer to achieving your goals.

Social Media Accounts

Creating a social media account and page will help you get qualified leads. Try to engage with people, and share informative content on different platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. You can share videos, graphics, real estate information, and images that provide value to users. Also, responding to each comment and message will help you attract leads that you can contact and convert into customers.


If you optimize it accurately, your company’s website could play a great role in attracting real estate leads. The website allows you to offer value to your target audience and help them trust your brand. Add listings to your website. Explain how your experience can help address property buyers’ and sellers’ issues. Additionally, ask visitors to give their email or address so that you can reach out to them with current market trends and information. You can use this information to contact and convince them.

Verified Real Estate Leads for Real Estate Agent

Verified real estate leads for new agents are gathered using a specific verification process. This improves the quality of leads and helps you find clients without spending too much time knocking on every door.

Postalytics is an online product that offers you verified real estate leads. It uses deep integration with CRM and marketing automation tools that make it easy to develop multi-channel campaigns. Hence, you will receive lead lists that have been collected through a proper channel and have necessary information like the name, address, contact number, etc., of each lead. You can use Postalytics as a lead generation strategy or use the information to opt for other marketing methods.

If you use Postalytics as a real estate lead generation technique, you have the freedom to create postcards and letters according to your preferences. This tool also allows you to automate the direct mail process so that every time a client visits your website, they can receive a postcard or letter as a reminder to hire your real estate services.

How do Realtors get Free Leads?

Although it’s a challenge to get free leads that are also effective, real estate agents can adopt some clever techniques that help them secure high-quality leads. For instance, they can remind their family and friends that they are skilled, experienced, and credible real estate agents. This idea may seem odd, but reminding people close to you will encourage referrals. Your family and close acquaintances will refer you every time someone tells them that they’re looking for a real estate agent. In short, word of mouth can help you gain new customers.

They can also introduce you to social circles, gatherings, and events. The more people know about you, the more free leads you will get. When more people meet you personally, they are easier to turn into customers. Some agents also create a referral program and ask their past or current clients to refer their services to others and, in exchange, give them a discount.

How to Get Leads in Real Estate for Free

If you are looking for free real estate leads for new agents, try out Postalytics. As we have discussed, Postalytics provides free leads once you sign up for the website. You can use these lead lists as the first step toward lead generation methods. These leads are ideal to use initially and practice your skills to turn leads into clients. Since you don’t have to pay a penny, you don’t have to worry about making mistakes. You can also analyze the results for a few weeks to decide whether you need to purchase premium leads for a higher success rate.

Adopting new lead gathering tactics with our lead generation software will soon make your business a market leader!

Real Estate Leads at no Upfront Cost

It’s hard to find real estate leads that don’t have any upfront cost. Even if you find one, they probably won’t offer the results you are looking for, or they may charge you later when you use the leads. In the case of Postalytics, you don’t have to worry about the price, as we don’t ask for an upfront cost. You can enjoy using free leads before moving on to other monthly plans.

Adidotnally, your subscription is billed monthly on the date you upgraded your free plan. The best part is that the plan’s cost will remain the same throughout its lifetime. Of course, you can also change or upgrade the plan anytime you want.

Here are a few features that you will receive in all Postalytics direct mail plans in the specified pricing.

  • Direct Mail builder and Dashboard- you can create high-quality letters and postcards with a professional touch and appealing look. You can even choose from pre-built templates that make the process easy. Personalize the letters with variable data to engage the audience.
  • Printing and Mailing Services- you can print colored and personalized letters. We will send your mail to any location you desire. You also can choose from Standard Class and USPS First Class options to mail postcards. Lastly, our responsibility will be barcoding, printing, handling, tracking, and delivery.
  • CRM Integration- You can integrate Postlaytics with your CRM, existing marketing, CDP, and e-commerce system. So, connect it with Zoho, Keal, ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, and Zapier Integration. Postlyrtics also allows you to check delivery and response status, smart lists, lists, and contacts.
  • Patent Pending Tracking allows Postalytics to work with any lending page. This toll also orders unlimited pURLs and QR codes and USPS delivery tracking. You can benefit from goal conversions and real-time alerts.

Best Lead Generation for Realtors

Postalytics is the best lead generation for realtors who want to grow and expand this business. The real estate market is a competitive one that requires you to seem unique and attractive so that your target audience wants to work with you. You need to set yourself apart from your competitors.

Wondering how you can do this? By avoiding the same marketing methods, other brands use to engage with customers. Note that, in general, a person sees thousands of advertisements on their phone. At the same time, theory inbox is full of emails that they don’t even bother responding to. If you follow the same track, there will be no difference between you and your competitors, making it challenging to grab people’s attention.

Direct mail marketing is an amazing technique that few realtors use, helping you stand out.

On top of that, Postalytics’ automated method allows you to create a clever campaign and send mail at the right time. This way, no one can stop you from excelling in the industry. We recommend you a campaign for six weeks. Each week, you need to send a postcard with different objectives to nurture your lead and turn them into your customer. For instance, in the first week, you need to send an introduction letter providing company details and invite the recipient to the company event.

Final Thoughts

The local real estate market is highly competitive, as there are several corporate giants, startups, and emerging companies trying to engage the same audience. Not only do you need to generate leads, but you must improve lead quality so that you can engage more customers and property owners.

For this, choose Postalytics to avoid mailing pitfalls and generate real estate leads for new agents.

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