The Best B2B Lead Generation Process for 2024

Are you trying to find the best lead generation process for your business?

For 79% of marketers across the globe, generating more high-quality leads is a primary goal.  This is followed by 75% of marketers trying to attract more website traffic. Although B2B lead generation is highly crucial, 61% of marketers believe that getting quality leads is their biggest challenge. This is when you need a well-planned design and strategically-made lead generation process that can cut down on the extra effort that you put into marketing. As a result, B2B firms with well-developed and automated lead generation processes get 133% more revenue compared to other businesses.

Wondering what type of lead generation can exponentially boost your sales?

Postalytics is a tool that helps you secure qualified leads in with direct mail automation. You can create impactful triggered mail campaigns to reach out to new customers and users who didn’t respond to other marketing channels. Marketers and companies also have the advantage of creating professionally-designed mail with the help of templates and lots of easy-to-use options. Well, there is a long list of features that can boost sales for small businesses, startups, and even enterprises in a short time. 

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How to generate more leads

Several methods can bring you leads, but remember that you’re looking for high-quality ones. This means they have a high chance of being your potential customers. Of course, you need to consider your resources, budget, abilities, knowledge, and target audience before determining the right lead generation channel for your business.

Lead Generation Strategies

Here are some tested and tried lead generation methods that can help you generate more leads for your business.

Automated Direct Mail Marketing

Some might confuse email and direct mail as the same thing, but they are not. Direct mail marketing always has a strongly performing marketing option for B2B sales. This marketing strategy helps you stand out and unearth qualified leads of higher quality.

Direct mail, including letters, postcards, and flyers, are tangible forms of promotion. Also, businesses get a bundle of unsolicited emails regularly, which usually end up in spam. 

There are high chance that they might not see your email or simply ignore them. However, direct mail helps you cut through the digital noise. If you choose the right words, personalize them, and send them to your target audience, it can encourage more businesses to reach out and get further details. 

And if you want to take it a step further and unlock the best marketing ROIs out there, open a free account and try to automate some of your direct mail.

Postalytics allows you to design an effective direct mail campaign that will automatically send out a form of direct mail to interact with the right customers at the right time. This tool features incredible options that boost your chances of involving your customers and encouraging them to work with your business.

Ask Customers for Referrals

Getting referrals through satisfied customers is one of the best ways to increase your sales. This is because they have used your service or product, so they know how your product works and whether it’s beneficial or not. In addition, previous clients can be a reliable source of information for prospects, so make them an integral part of your lead generation strategy to engage new customers.

Note that warm referrals are better than using the cold email method to interact with businesses that don’t even know your company. The problem is that most businesses don’t understand that they can get back to their current customers or ask them for referrals. Stop letting the opportunity go to waste and start using satisfied clients to generate leads.

First, thank your customers for their cooperation and patience while working with you. Then, ask them to provide contact numbers or email of businesses that might want your services or products. Later contact them and give your sales pitch. You can also ask current customers to contact this business and discuss your product with them. Make sure to thank your client with a gift, such as a discount or coupon, for the referral.

Revisit Lost and Closed Opportunities

Sometimes “no” means that they don’t need your services or products right now.

To generate leads, you might have contacted several businesses that refused to take your services at the time. Contact these businesses again. If you’ve discussed your business properly with them before, then they already know about your company. Businesses that haven’t bought your products are sales-qualified leads. You need to invest resources and time to market your companies to these prospects.

That means engaging with them every four to six months through personalized communication, blog posts, or email marketing. Triggered mail campaigns and personalized mail are the best options to motivate businesses to take action and hire your services. Postalytics can help you automatically send mail to companies that have not responded to other marketing strategies that you applied previously, like email marketing. You can create a campaign, personalize the message and mail, and send them at just the right time after they refuse to take your services. This way, you have a higher chance of selling your services or products to them in the near future. 

Use Social Media Networks

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are the best places to generate leads without making a sizable investment. Build your profiles on these platforms and maintain them. Share regular valuable posts to show yourself as a quality source of information about a particular thing.

Most importantly, engage with businesses on these platforms by following them. try to connect with as many businesses as you can, as well as people in your industry. Keep in mind each connection can help you extend your reach. Also, let your connections understand your qualities and abilities by posting videos, pictures, and blogs on the platform that indicates your work.

You can also ask some of your current clients to provide testimonials or recommendations for products and services by your company that they enjoyed using. Besides that, it’s crucial to choose the right social media platform for your B2B business growth. Think about your customer preferences and which platform they’re most active on. Then, use that particular platform to engage with your customers.

What is B2B Lead Generation?

Lead generation B2B is a process B2B marketers use to attract potential customers to their business. This can include several inbound marketing techniques and awareness programs that build visibility and interest from prospects within your target business. 

Lead generation is the first step in your buyer’s journey. This process is designed to help prospects pass through to the final sale. Hence, lead generation helps you nurture your potential customers so that they can purchase your services.

Furthermore, lead generation campaigns start by collecting leads, i.e., gathering contact information and names and then engaging with them through different lead generation techniques. The objective is to generate more quality leads and boost revenue and sales. 

Here are the benefits of opting for B2B lead generation techniques.

  • B2B lead generation builds awareness of your brand and shows your target audience that you are working in the market.
  • It increases your sales opportunities as more people know that you offer the best industry services.
  • This process is a win-win for both parties, as customers find a business just perfect for their needs, and you can increase your sales.
  • B2B lead generation strategies help you learn more about your target audience to improve your services.
  • It prevents you from investing in expensive advertisements.

Lead Generation Process for Sales and Marketing Teams

Simply put, it is the process that ensures your business won’t run out of customers. Lead generation, whether it’s B2B or B2C, attracts, nurtures, and converts potential customers into future customers. This process focuses on engaging with businesses that will be interested in your business, unlike traditional advertising techniques that target the entire market or different markets that may not even require your product.

Generating leads is necessary for business success in the market. Many companies lack the consumer and sales data that make it necessary to generate leads. Consumers are fickle- you can’t count on your instincts. You must use marketing methods like lead generation to attract the type of customers you know you can convert. 

While it’s vital to opt for lead generation strategies, not all methods work for you. Some lead generation techniques don’t target specific audiences, such as cold calling. Others find it challenging to convert leads into potential customers, such as through email marketing. So, making an informed decision is vital if you want to see your sales graph go upward.

B2B Lead Generation Examples

Some most commonly used B2B lead generation strategies to generate leads are:

  • Content marketing
  • Google Ads
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook Lead Ads Campaign
  • live video or chat
  • Personalized videos on different platforms
  • referral programs
  • discount campaigns

Although these are some of the most highly-used B2B lead generation strategies, they can get expensive or tricky to handle. Postalytics helps you run a lead generation campaign without a marketing team and a big budget. The tool offers options like creating personalized mail so that your audience can connect with you. You can send letters, postcards, and flyers to a list of potential clients or partners. 

Furthermore, it’s easy to use, follows a simple procedure, and allows you to send mail in bulk. 

Most importantly, you can track your automated marketing campaigns at any time to understand their effectiveness. This allows you to make amendments to the campaign and improve results. This way, you get desirable outcomes with help from Postalytics. 

Postalytics is one of the best sales tools that take care of lead generation tasks for you while you can focus on making improvements in your company.

B2B Lead Generation Software

Decided to run lead generation campaigns to boost sales? You can do this by opting for lead generation software like Postalytics to gain qualified leads and more sales.

Postalytics is an impressive and unique lead generation software or tool that can help you drive a bigger audience towards your business. Because of its impeccable and effective features, modern-day operational method, and ability to integrate technology, Postalytics can help smaller and bigger businesses. Moreover, since there are no limitations, you can use it for just about any industry and sector.

Postalytics also gives you the freedom to decide on your campaign. You can use it to spread awareness of your products to new customers, nurture potential leads, and convert your leads into customers. Here are some features that you can enjoy after signing up for Postalytics.

Triggered Direct Mail

Now, you can send postcards, letters, and brochures to your target audience with easy and simple methods. Postalytics features triggered direct mail that automatically sends mail to the businesses you want to target. The real-time dashboard allows you to create engaging pieces and use your creativity to personalize them.

Postalytics can automatically send mail at the right time and day to improve your chances of converting leads into customers. Imagine sending postcards to a company on its birthday. How much more effectiv would that be compared to Facebook ads or an email?

Moreover, new direct mail technology will let you track your target customers’ actions and send mail to help them pass through the marketing funnel at each stage until they reach sales.

Note that triggered direct mail doesn’t require you to manage your direct mail campaign continuously. It requires less effort and time from you yet offers amazing results. You can benefit from triggered mail to build awareness of your product or services, interact with your current customers, or engage new businesses to boost your sales and revenue.

How can you start your B2B direct mail lead generation automation journey?

First, you have to sign up for Postalytics to create a free account. Complete your profile by following the steps. After that, you need to build a template. Users can benefit from USPS’s sophisticated tracking system to track each piece of mail in the delivery procedure. Once you pick a template, create a campaign. For this, you need to use the wizard in Postalytics to generate your campaign. Lastly, start direct mail tracking and enjoy automated lead nurturing.

Direct Mail Integrations

Postalytics offers direct mail integration features, so you can benefit from triggered mail. Most importantly, direct mail integration means you can connect every type of workflow software with it to create a lead generation workflow.

When a user relies on direct mail integration, they can solve 3 major problems through direct mail marketing:

  • Speed- it can lower the time required to launch a campaign and see its results.
  • Tracking- you can track delivered mail as well as the response of each customer.
  • Integration– integration allows you to connect your direct mail strategy with your digital and mail campaigns to drive leads, response, and sales.

The best part of direct mail integration is that you can engage people who didn’t respond to your email or digital campaign. This way, it boosts your chances of selling your services or products to a business that didn’t show interest in your business the first time you reached out.

Direct Mail Integration with CRM

Direct mail integration in Postalytics can also connect with your CRM. This means you can connect to Salesforce, HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, Zapier, Keap/Infusionsoft, and others. Not only does it allow you to use data in your CRM to construct an effective and impressive direct mail campaign, but it also saves you time and effort.

On top of that, Postalytics have made easy and fast integrations with your existing CRM, CDP, marketing, and e-commerce tools. Integration with software that you are already accustomed to makes it easy to benefit from customers’ names, addresses, email, and other information stored in your CRM. Furthermore, if you already have a lead list in your business software, you can use them to generate your first direct mail campaign.

Track Your Campaign

You need to know whether or not you are getting results from your direct mail campaign so that you can make improvements and launch a more influential campaign. Postalytics offers you a real-time dashboard that helps you track the progress of your direct mail campaign in real-time. Therefore, you don’t have to wait for your mail to come back to assess the outcome.

Of course, understanding the response to your campaign can be challenging for you and take time. For this reason, Postalytics has designed a user-friendly dashboard so that you can get insightful knowledge, a deep overview, and get details with a few clicks.

Moreover, you get free access to data, there are no additional charges to track your mail with industry-standard JavaScript and pURLs. If you want to rely on CRM integration to track the responses, you can sync all the information back into your CRM. This way, you can check information and insights on your dashboard. You can also contact how often they’ve visited your website. Wondering how? Postlaytics gives a unique URL to each mail so that every time your prospect engages with the URL, you can easily know.

How you can track your campaigns

Begin the process by signing up to Postalytics and creating a profile. Use your creativity and brand’s unique voice to create engaging mail. Send these mail to your lead list, and use the USPS’s sophisticated tracking system to check where each mail is in the delivery funnel. Evaluate the results, and make changes in your next campaign to get better results in the future.

Should You Buy B2B Leads?

Most companies purchase lead lists to target their audience. These lead lists can be regular or exclusive leads. Although buying leads is not a bad idea, especially if you purchase exclusive leads, Postalytics offers free leads. That’s right- when you sign up on Postalytics, you will get a free lead list. This list is exclusive and contains information on businesses that are most likely to work with you. But before getting this list, you need to select some options to ensure that you get an accurate list. Then, you can send these leads personalized mail and track them later.

Once you use these leads and get a response, you can purchase a lead list from Postalytics. This tool offers a mailing list to business owners at transparent wholesale prices. Therefore, you will know how much money you need to get the right lead list. When you’re aware of the prices, you can decide on how many lead lists you can afford.

Postalytics is an online solution that allows you to get B2B leads without the CSV files. The best part is that you don’t need to negotiate with salespeople or agencies and can make a decision without the influence of others.

How to buy a B2B mailing list?

  • sign up and select options: Open your free Postalytics account, and request a chat with someone from the sales team..
  • Purchase Your List: Speak to sales about acquiring the best list for your target industry in the United States or Canada.
  • Download your B2B mailing list: Begin your direct mail campaign in just five minutes. Once you select the options, download your list and start sending mail to your leads.

B2B Leads Generation Services to Offer as an Agency

Marketing teams or agencies can use Postalytics to help their clients generate quality leads. 

They can use it as the primary tool to design marketing campaigns for customer success. Using this led generation tool will also help agencies build strong relationships with their clients, give outstanding services, and attract new customers.

Since marketing agencies have qualified, skilled, and experienced marketing teams, they can use this tool more efficiently. Agencies can create an appealing template, add valuable and compelling content that offers great information, and send the mail to the right customer at the right time. So, if you want to boost your client’s sales, you should use Postalytics.

Direct Mail Letters Dashboard

Bottom Line

B2B lead generation can help you boost your website traffic, increase sales, and generate awareness about your business, among other businesses. 

Although there are many lead generation strategies, you should choose one that’s simpler and easier to implement but is effective at the same time. 

Automated direct mail is the best lead-generation process a company can deploy in 2024. This is because it helps businesses cut through the digital noise and establish stronger business relationships than other methods. Simply put, direct mail brings the highest ROI in the marketing mix.

This B2B lead generation process can help you engage with your target businesses completely on autopilot while delivering highly personalized marketing materials. It can help you stay top-of-mind by sending triggered mail with informative content and invitations to marketing events. 

If you are a marketing agency or business looking to increase sales, automating direct mail will feel exactly like automating an email campaign. 

So, if you have decided to put a highly-effective B2B lead generation process to good use, open a free account with Postalytics and create your first campaign.