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Handwritten Mailers

Easily personalize your direct mail with simple online tools

handwritten mailers

Creating bulk handwritten mailers for leads

Unlike email or other digital marketing campaigns, you can send a handwritten mailer or item of marketing material with direct mail. Using handwritten text for your message can increase the success of a campaign by 30-50%

When people come across a handwritten envelope, it will stand out from the rest and likely pique their interest to open it. This form of personalization may be just what you need to get the edge you need to expand your business.

One potential downside of sending out handwritten mail or postcards is the time it takes to create a handwritten bulk mail campaign. To solve this, Postalytics has created letter and postcard templates with authentic handwritten fonts you can use for your automated direct mail campaigns. 

Take the design of your letters inhouse

Instead of outsourcing to an agency, take control of your own direct marketing. With Postalytics Letter Maker tools and templates, personalized letters, envelopes, and postcards are amazingly easy to create and send.

Create an emotional connection with clients

With a handwritten font, your recipients feel like they’re receiving a letter from a friend rather than from a business. Postalytics gives your campaigns the sense of a handwritten letter in an instant.

Free handwritten fonts at your fingertips

With many handwritten fonts such as Pinyon Script to choose from, you can use them as overall template fonts or in a particular text element within a letter template.

Send handwritten letters in bulk

If you want to send out a handwritten letter, there are no limitations to what you can do! With Postalytics, there’s no minimum or maximum print run. Automation makes it easy to scale your campaign in seconds.

How To Create Handwritten Mailers In 3 Steps


Sign up to Postalytics

Sign up for a free plan with Postalytics and instantly create letter or postcards campaigns. 


Customize your fonts

Using the Styles tab on the tools provided in our letter and postcard templates, select a handwritten font and apply it to your material.


Print & Send

Once you are happy with your handwritten letter or postcard, use the proofing template to prepare it for printing and mailing using Postalytics. 

Handwritten bulk mail made easy

Postalytics is the perfect all-in-one solution for brands looking to send bulk handwritten mail to their customers. Gone are the days of laboriously handwriting letters, and gone are the days of unengaging direct mail campaigns. With Postalytics, you can now send out authentic handwritten letters that are personalized with a handwriting font and with your customer’s name.

Our mass mailing service is easy and seamless. You don’t need to worry about address bars, USPS requirements, envelopes, or anything else that made direct mail difficult in the past.

Create handwritten direct mail  

We live in a time where people are bombarded with emails, social media posts, and texts. It’s difficult for any business to get its message heard. But handwritten direct mail material is proving to break through the communication clutter and deliver results for marketers. It’s estimated that over 90% of people who receive a handwritten letter will read it and open it.

There’s nothing better than handwritten direct mail to get your message across. Your customers will be taken aback by the gesture, and it will go straight to the top of their reading pile. Your competitor’s generic direct mail, on the other hand, is likely headed for the trash.

The edge of handwritten letters for marketing

A popular way to connect with your target audience is through a direct mail letter, or what we refer to as envelope mailers. These efficient communication tools offer privacy, space to convey your message, and a personal feel that builds credibility and trust. This plays a vital role in strengthening your relationship with your target audience.

Now imagine the impact that your direct mail letters will have when you further customize your letter template on the Postalytics platform with a handwritten font. Thanks to Postalytics, handwritten letters don’t need to take up hours of your time or your budget. They can be generated quickly and cheaply, and the connection they build will strengthen relationships with both new and old clients.

Customize envelopes with handwritten fonts

Another innovation that will set your direct mail campaigns apart from your competition is our envelope maker tool that enables you to make custom envelopes. This is ideal if you want to create handwritten envelopes for your business. You can customize a Postalytics envelope template in two ways: you can either create one from scratch using the Editor or choose one from a pre-built template and modify it to suit your needs. This includes swapping the default font with a handwritten font. 

Along with the font family, you can easily change the font size, alignment, color, and elements to customize it further. 

Customize letters for clients

Apart from using a handwritten font in your direct mail letters, there are other ways Postalytics empowers you to customize letters. Firstly, you can create a letter template or build a new letter template offline to align it closely with your brand collateral. You can also use the variable data printing tools to link to your mailing list and greet each letter recipient by name. Deep personalization of mailers has never been easier or more affordable, thanks to Postalytics. 

Ready to create handwritten mailers?

Writing handwritten letters or postcards is easier than ever with Postalytics. Start by choosing the design of your mailer. You can select a pre-made design or create your own. Next, personalize your mailer with one of our handwritten fonts. Sign up for a free account and start writing.


How to make direct mail look handwritten?

Ready-made handwritten fonts available in the Postlytics typeface library provide a personal touch to your direct mail. Though standard typefaces like Times and Arial work well, they lack that personal touch that handwritten letters and envelopes convey.

How long do you take to write handwritten direct mail?

Send more than a few handwritten postcards created by hand is impossible. With longer-form letters, it’s an even bigger challenge – and a time and energy waster. As a business owner, you’re at most able to handwrite a couple of letters an hour. With Postalytics, you can create hundreds or thousands of personalized letters or bulk handwritten cards in minutes with an authentic handwritten font.

How to create handwritten envelopes? 

Creating a custom envelope using Postalytics makes it easy to write the name and address of the recipient in a handwritten font. Select the writing on the envelope you want to change, and change the font using the styles tab provided. 

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