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Variable Data Printing for Direct Mail

Personalize your marketing outreach with variable data printing for direct mail

variable data printing

Stay Dynamic with Variable data printing

Variable data printing (VDP) is a type of digital printing that allows parts such as text, graphics, and pictures to be modified from one printed piece to the next without interrupting or slowing down the process. Each print job uses information from a database or an external file. It enables the efficient production of customized documents aiding in increasing response rates.

Customize your mails

Variable data printing gives you the ability to dynamically personalize your ads for each prospect, making them more relevant and compelling. Tailor your offline communications with your prospects just as they are accustomed to online.

Send Relevant Mail

Printed material, such as flyers and brochures, can be dynamically personalized to match the interests of each recipient. A targeted message containing a recipient’s name, location, interests, and other personalized data greatly enhances attention.

Standing out

Taking care of all the logistics with VDP also saves time, money, and resources. In addition to ensuring mailers are sent to the right addresses, VDP makes it easy to integrate mailings into an ongoing marketing campaign. 

Increase response rates

It’s not just about getting a message in front of someone, it’s about making sure they see it when they’re most interested and receptive to what you have to say. Variable Data Printing is the perfect way for businesses to increase their response rates.

How To Use Variable Printing In Direct Mail Campaigns


Sign up to Postalytics

Create a free Postalytics account. Scale your plan according to your needs and forget about long-term commitment and complicated printing contracts.


 Create your first campaign

Add your business details, import a list from your CRM, and pick a customized template.


Automate your first variable mail campaign

Pick the postage package that works best for you. Reach out as fast or as slowly as your business requires, using customized messages that stand out.

Who uses Variable Data Printing?

Businesses of all sizes use variable data printing to send hyper-relevant campaigns that resonate with prospects and wider audiences. These businesses send personalized letters, invitations, and brochures to their customers and prospects via mail. Instead of sending generic pieces to hundreds or thousands of recipients in bulk through the postal service like every door direct mail (EDDM, variable data printing enables you to get the right message to the right people.

Perfect solution for your marketing needs

Variable Data Printing is the perfect solution for many of your printing needs including brochures, personalized envelopes, letters, catalogs, postcards, thank you notes, greeting cards, and much much more. Sending out these campaigns would be beyond expensive if the individual tries to carpet bomb its potential prospects. Let’s not mention the time needed to organize such an expensive and ineffective campaign.

Delight your customers with insanely good marketing

Variable Data Printing (VDP) is a type of digital printing that allows parts such as text, graphics, and pictures to be modified from one printed piece to the next without interrupting or slowing down the process. With VDP you can create personalized mailers with your prospect’s name, location, interests, and other data tailored for them. Print unique information on every piece that goes out in a mailing run. Create personalized pieces designed for each recipient. Variable data printing involves pulling dynamically-generated headlines, addresses, personal names, offers, graphics, and images from your file and dropping them into a preflight mail design or template based on data that corresponds to the print files. This will increase response rates because it makes their mailer more relevant and compelling.

All your direct mail data in a single dashboard

You can create, customize, acquire, send and track your variable mail from a single dashboard. Once you create a free Postalytics account, just type in your login credentials and you’re ready to go. Discover an array of marketing tools designed for all your business needs. If you need more, let us know through the contact form. Our team is always at your service.

Build the business of your dream with VPD

Postalytics has been in the automated direct mail business for years. We’ve mastered the art of personalized direct mail and variable data printing. Our team can work with you to create a custom design that matches your brand identity and marketing goals. We’ll print your designs on high-quality materials at an affordable price so you can make a lasting impression on potential customers. Our tools will help you create the business you always dreamed of. Start today. Create your free account with Postalytics.


Are there any Cons related to VDP?

The biggest con is that some people may need to invest time to understand VDP at first. If an organization is looking to completely change its marketing strategy, it may take some time before they tweak all the ins and outs of their new VDP campaign. However, once in place, VDP offers a much better return on investment than most other marketing channels and it’s worth the initial investment.

How do variable data work with retail packaging?

Retailers have been using personalized messaging for some time now, from customized product labels and thank you messages to gift cards that feature a recipient’s name on them. Since personalization and customization have been around for a while, it isn’t difficult to get support from major retailers if you decide to create your own direct mail marketing. Postalytics can help you design customized retail messages that are sure to impress customers and sales associates alike.