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Send flyers in Canada: What you need to know

Flyers are an excellent way to promote your business in Canada. A survey by the Direct Marketing Association found that 48% of people who received a flyer in the mail took some action in response to the advertisement.

With Postalytics, you can create customized flyer templates that can be printed and mailed in Canada.

U.S.-based companies that have Canadian customers, or want to reach new Canadian audiences, no longer need to print flyers in the U.S. and send them across the border. We partnered with a leading Canadian direct mail print business, so sending flyers to Canadian addresses is now as easy as sending an email.

Send flyers faster

We have designed Postalytics to look like an email marketing tool. This allows you to use the platform to create, design, print, and send high-quality Canadian flyers for your promotion in minutes.

Integrate with your tech stack

To drive more responses, and leads, and achieve the best sales, you can integrate Postalytics with your existing CRM, marketing, and e-commerce tools.

Get useful analytics

Get rich data and real-time response information and analytics about your campaign after sending it, and use analytics to determine which flyer is converting.

Enjoy direct mail automation

Automation allows you to track responses to individual Canadian flyers with personalized URLs, create QR codes, run triggered drip campaigns via automated workflows, and more.

Send flyers in Canada – 3 easy steps

  1. Easy account setup

    Sign up for a free Postalytics account, complete your profile, and select Canada as your default country.

  2. Create a flyer template

    Start designing your flyer campaign for Canada.

  3. Schedule your flyer campaign

    Generate your direct mail piece and get started with our simple wizard. We have a variety of flyer templates to choose from.

Send Flyers Now

Direct mail flyers

Flyer printing is a quick and inexpensive way to increase sales. For small businesses, it is an easy and cost-effective advertising option. Flyers are suitable for all types of companies but are especially effective for niche markets looking to grow sales.

Postalytics is an innovative direct marketing tool that allows marketers and business owners of any type to create beautiful Canadian flyers. These templates are stored in a library in your account, where they can be edited, duplicated, and managed at any time. Thus, anyone who has a computer with a computer should also be able to create a flyer.

We will show you some ideas for flyer campaigns you can send in Canada. You can also browse flyers in the Postalytics library to get ideas for promotions and sales.

Custom Canada flyers

It’s advisable to make your promotional materials simple. You don’t have to list every detail of your product on a flyer. Instead, focus on the 2 to 5 things you want your audience to know. Using Postalytics’ editing tools, you can easily add images and change colors and fonts.

Local flyers

Direct mail is a valuable tool for reaching local customers. You can hyper-target your marketing by sending flyers to audiences based on their geographic location. This technique can increase your customer acquisition and retention rates. Targeting customers in your geographic location with promotions, events, and more can do wonders for restaurants, dentists, real estate agents, HVAC companies, retailers, and niche retailers like those selling ethnic foods and deli specialties.

Montreal flyers

Postalytics offers various template designs for corporate flyers, product brochures, concert and festival brochures, and promotional flyers. These can be used to promote a new business, event, or product in Montreal to drive sales and inquiries. A well-designed flyer can help you attract new customers or quickly publicize an event in Montreal or other areas like Quebec City. The same tools can be used in Calgary, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto, Edmonton, and Ottawa.

Schedule weekly flyers

If you send out weekly flyers for special promotions, your latest deals, and other money savers to potential customers, you can now do it quickly and easily, thanks to Postalytics. Your flyer templates are reusable, so you can easily edit a template as part of a weekly campaign. For example, you can create a series of six flyers to send out weekly ads to target your prospects in a particular location and guide them through a customer journey. Thanks to our platform’s automated drip campaign tools, you can easily schedule weekly ads and give your targets a reason to visit you in-store.

Shopping ads for this week

You can schedule weekly flyers on the Postalytics platform, making the tool ideal for local stores, grocers, or retailers. You can send your shopping ads, including special promotions on household essentials, coupons, and offers, by mail. It makes it easy for customers to plan a shopping list from the comfort of homes. Your store will be front and center on their shopping list.

Tell your customers about the latest deals

If you are a retailer, a promotion of great deals can help build your customer base, increase traffic to your store, and increase customer loyalty. However, the key to success is how you execute your campaign. You need to make sure your customers hear about your promotion, such as weekly deals they can add to their shopping list to save money. Using Postalytics to create new flyers allows your customers to be up-to-date on your latest offers.

Ready to create flyers to send to Canada?

Whenever you need help with direct mail, Postalytics is here to help. Check out our video on how to create the best flyers and save money with Postalytics. If you have any questions about flyer pricing or anything else, don’t hesitate to contact us. Or sign up to Postalytics for free and get started sending flyers in Canada!


How to send flyers through Canada post

Postalytics uses the Canada Post Personalized Mail service to send flyers in Canada. To send flyers via Canada Post, you must first determine the size of your mailing list, the audience you want to target, your budget, and your mailing motive. You can find everything else you need to send flyers via Canada Post at Postalytics. You can select a flyer template, customize and personalize it, add addresses, print the flyer, and mail it.

Why send flyers to Canada?

When a business offers a special promotion or weekly shopping deals, they need to get their advertising out to their customers quickly. Custom-designed flyers allow businesses to convey special offers, contact information, and services. Plus, mailing flyers in Canada is a great way to promote your business with a modern, stylish design that will catch the eye of customers.

How much does Canada Post charge to deliver flyers?

Postalytics uses one postage class for mailing flyers in Canada: Personalized Mail. This gives you access to volume discounts for sending flyers in Canada, so you save money and stop wasting time calculating postage or buying stamps. We have developed a Canada-specific “per piece” pricing system with postage prices integrated into the Postalytics service.