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Starting a new HVAC company or looking to grow your client base? Marketing is an important part of your business. There are many ways to do direct mail marketing, but one of the most effective and affordable is HVAC flyers.

Postalytics has launched creative templates to make designing HVAC flyers so simple every airconditioning company can take their direct marketing in-house. Saving time, money and ensuring that they reach their customers with perfectly timed campaigns that convert! Let’s take you through why HVAC businesses of all sizes are moving to online design for their marketing needs.  

Sell Your Services In an Easy To Read Format

Don’t let a lack of design experience stop you from promoting your business. Postalytics will help you design a professional-looking flyer in no time at all.

Save Dollars Without Losing Design Quality

Unlike an online post, a flyer is tangible and can be pinned to a fridge so customers can refer to it during an HVAC emergency or save it in a renovation toolkit file.

Measure Success of Your Flyers

Postalytics has partnered with some of the top designers in the industry to build our customizable HVAC flyer templates.

Create a Professional HVAC Marketing Flyer

If you want to know your flyer’s success and response rate, we can track when it is sent and who responds.

How to Create a Professional HVAC Marketing Brochure

  1. Sign up to Postalytics for free

    Start with a free Postalytics plan to access professionally desiged HVAC flyer templates. 

  2. Get going immediately with your flyer design

    Access one of the ready-to-use templates or go to “build offline” to follow the easy steps of creating a customized HVAC flyer. Click “create”, pick a size, and launch the upload feature to select your images.

  3. Design and send HVAC brochures

    Use the intuitive drag-and-drop online editor tools to start adding your text and personalizing the offer or message. Personalize even more with tracking tools or QR codes. 

Create Your HVAC Flyer Now

Design Flyers that Sell Your HVAC Services

As an HVAC company, you do more than just installations and repairs. It is important to offer services that your customers may need—services that they may not know about. For example, you may offer an annual maintenance schedule or notification when a system will need to be serviced. When a client receives a flyer that reminds them they need a heating or cooling tune-up, they’ll likely take action and call you. 

Flyers are an excellent way to reach out to your HVAC customers. With the Postalytics editing tools, you can create, print, and even post these targeted HVAC campaigns. Looking for HVAC advertising examples that will work for your business? Here are some HVAC flyer ideas to get you started:

  • A flyer that details signs an HVAC needs servicing clients can use as a checklist
  • Information that informs customers how annual HVAC maintenance can cut their power and repair bills
  • Snap sales on installation and units when you want to get old stock moved
  • A list of all your services and an offer for free estimates

Stand Out from Your Competition

Receiving a flyer from an HVAC service provider tells potential clients that you work in the area and actively want their business. You can include local references on your flyer or show photos of quality installations you’ve done in the area. 

To stand out as a local HVAC company, you must do more than your competitors. A flyer is a great example. It shows that you are professional, proactive, and willing to invest in your business.

How can you make your flyer look as professional as possible? With the help of Postalytics, it is easy! Upload the background images of the proper size to the asset manager and then put them in a block that will fit your flyer. If you’re looking for an intuitive HVAC flyer creator, we have all the tools you need to guide you through the design.

Ready To Design A Flyer for Your HVAC Business?

Before you get going, watch this demo video. Postalytics is all about solving direct mail problems and building successful campaigns. We want to hear from you! Have a question about pricing or anything else? Reach out anytime.


How to design HVAC flyers?

Postalytics makes designing your HVAC flyer a breeze. Our designers build our creative design templates. They include all the necessary information you need to make your flyer professional looking and easy to read.

What to include in an HVAC flyer?

What you choose to include on an AC flyer will depend on the campaign you are driving. However, they should all include any certification or association details you belong to, which helps build credibility and trust with customers. Also include information that shows how you differ from competitors, such as “we offer free estimates”, or “we offer 24/7 emergency callouts”.

What is an HVAC Flyer?

If you want to promote your HVAC company’s benefits, products, and services, you should look into flyer design and production. A flyer is a print publication that showcases information about your company and its services. You can distribute flyers to prospective customers or mail them out.