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Restaurant Flyers in a Few Clicks

You know that creative promotions are a big part of your marketing strategy if you own a restaurant. It’s essential to spread word-of-mouth and get people in the door. One way to do this is through a direct marketing restaurant flyer. This way, not only will your restaurant stay on potential customers’ minds, but you’ll also attract more new customers.

Postalytics has launched direct mail creative templates to make designing or creating restaurant flyer templates easy and accessible for every food purveyor. If you don’t have any design skills, don’t let that stop you from promoting your business. Postalytics can help you design a professional-looking flyer with ease.

Create a Promo in Minutes

A flyer is tangible and can be pinned to a fridge, unlike an online post. It’s right there for customers to take action when they want takeout or to dine in at a restaurant.

Up Your Game, Save Money

Postalytics has partnered with top designers to provide fresh and vibrant design templates for restaurant flyers. You don’t need expensive marketing agencies to get it done right.

Measure Your Success

If you want to know your flyer’s success and response rate, we can track when it is sent and who responds.

Print and Send With Ease

Our system will do all the hard work for you. We’ll print and ship your restaurant flyer campaign for you too.

How to Create a Professional Restaurant Flyer

  1. Sign for a free Postalytics account

    Start with a free Postalytics plan to access our free flyer templates library.

  2. Pick and customize your restaurant flyer

    Pick from one of the direct mail templates or create your own to get started.

  3. Design and ship like a pro

    Easily customize your message using the intuitive drag-and-drop online editor for direct mail personalization. Display your business name, add a personal message, and even more with tracking tools or QR codes.

Create Your Restaurant Flyer Now

Create Flyers to Drive Restaurant Profits

How do you get new customers in the door and remind your regulars why they love your restaurant? How do you promote your awesome nightly specials, 2-for-1 offers and other marketing campaigns that you know work? These are all great ideas for restaurant direct mail flyers, but if the perceived costs of creating flyers and distributing have put you off, it’s now time to rethink your strategy. 

The Postalytics platform is a must-have tool for a professional flyer design if you’re in the restaurant game. With the Postalytics editing tools, you can create direct mail material, print, and even post targeted restaurant campaigns. Postalytics helps restaurants inject customer data into their direct mail collateral too so that recipients feel like they are receiving an offer specially tailored for them. 

Whether you’re looking to create something from scratch or use one of our design templates, we offer an easy-to-use and streamlined process to make it painless. With zero design training or experience required, it’s never been easier. 

It’s easy to change your flyer’s font, color, and images to work for your restaurant. We’ve included special features in our templates that can help, like text shadows, borders, and other design elements. There are also specially designed CTA’s in the pre-built templates guaranteed to catch the attention of anyone that sets eyes on the flyer.

Ready To Design A Flyer for Your Restaurant?

Looking to get your restaurant direct mail campaign up and running? Restaurant flyer design has never been easier. Watch this quick demo video to learn more about what Postalytics has to offer. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. Someone from our team would love to talk to you regarding any of your concerns.


How to create restaurant flyers?

With Postalytics, you can design high-quality restaurant flyers without any hassle. We offer drag-and-drop templates to simplify the process of direct mail flyer design and creation, so you only need to take a few minutes to get it done. You can relax knowing that we will take care of the printing and mailing for you too.

How to design restaurant flyers?

Postalytics is the best choice for restaurant flyers. Our designers create beautiful, easy-to-read flyers that come with all the necessary information you need. You just have to pick a design template that meets your needs! You can use one side of the flyer the “hook” and the other side as a detail page for coupons and specials.

How much to charge for restaurant flyers?

One way of looking at this is to calculate how much it would cost to mail 1,000 flyers. Advertising is usually measured in CPM. This is a way of pricing an ad by unit cost for 1,000 impressions. To figure out how much a campaign will cost for 1,000 people, take the total cost and divide it by 1,000. Using Postalytics the cost per 1,000 of a direct mail flyer campaign is $5.99, substantially lower than pretty much any other form of marketing. Find out more about our direct mail pricing.

What to include in a restaurant flyer?

A Call To Action is the all-important thing to include in a restaurant flyer. Give your customers a reason to take action. A great way to do this is by including a discount coupon on the flyer. Plus, make it easy to take advantage of the offer. Customers should know where to go next and what to do when they get there. Don’t skimp on quality photography and include imagery of your food to capture their attention too.