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Canada Direct Mail Tracking

Track Canadian Direct Mail Campaigns from Your Home

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Canada Mail Tracking is Here!

The best way to measure the effectiveness of a campaign in Canada is to track it online. Marketers used to have to wait for postcards, flyers, or mailers to come back to their office and count how many were opened. Now, with Postalytics, you can set up a dashboard to monitor your direct mail marketing campaign in Canada in real-time. The direct marketing dashboard has user-friendly features that allow users to get an overview in real-time or go into detail about the progress of their campaign.

Access Campaign Data for Free

Track your online response with pURLs and an industry-standard JavaScript tracking code at no extra cost.

No More Data Silos

All your information about customers will be synced back into your CRM, creating a one-stop dashboard that provides insight and info on your prospects.

Personalized URL tracking

Tracking how often recipients interact with your website is easy because you can use unique mailer URLs.

Real-Time Response Data

Postalytics provides real-time response data for free. It’s bundled into our personalized tracking services.

How to Track Direct Mail in Canada


Sign up to Postalytics

Sign up for a free account and complete your profile. 


Integration and Tracking

Install a tracking code on your website. Then, upload a list from your CRM to your Postalytics account and create your material using our postcard templates or others.


Create a Campaign

Use our simple wizard to generate your campaign and begin the mail tracking process. 

How Postalytics Tracks Mail

We help you track mail in Canada, and we use many tools and tricks to do so. One of our favorite tools is the intelligent mail barcode, which monitors the progress of each piece of mail. As it rolls through its delivery process, we can track it back to a contact record. When we receive updates from the Canadian post office, we’re able to reflect the info in real-time. With our CRM integration, you will know when your mail is delivered and can use that knowledge to trigger other campaigns – like a phone call or email.

Bundled Personalized Tracking 

If you’re looking to measure the success of your campaign, Postalytics’s Canada direct mail tracking is for you. From a response standpoint, you can use it to see who has gone online to your landing page or website. And the best part? It’s free and comes with an unlimited number of pearls, so it’s accessible to everyone sending out a direct mail campaign. We let you know who is responding by clicking on your campaign landing page. This is a great way to measure your campaign successes.

Access Your Campaign Analytics

Logging into Postalytics, you’ll find two useful sections. The Home Page and Direct Mail Campaign Dashboard. The Postalytics Home Page Dashboard is an overview of your recent campaigns with highlights, activity on your website, and conversion rates. The dashboard provides detailed analytics for each campaign, and it updates in real-time. You can also see charts and graphs to understand the data at a glance.

Use the Information 

The information about your customers and prospects is integral to your direct marketing campaigns. With Canada direct mail tracking, you can see when someone took action on a mailer or visited a specific page as a result of the campaign. You can also track performance at each stage in the campaign. This way, you’ll know what’s working, what’s not, and how to better tailor future campaigns in Canada for success.

Try a Smart Dashboard Now

Sign up for a free account and try out the “Send Me Samples” feature. We’ll send you a sample of Postalytics direct mail with a personalized URL to enter. Use it to see how the dashboard works for yourself without committing to anything.


How to track direct mail in Canada?

It’s easy. You need a domain and tracking codes to get started. Then, you’ll install pURL and/or QR code variables into your creative template, proof everything, and release the campaign with material that contains a Canada express tracking number.

How to send a direct mail drip campaign?

If your recipient doesn’t respond to your first email, make a point of following up at least three times in the span of two weeks. This could be done by phone or email or using an automated triggered drip campaign with Postalytics. 

How to send direct mail in Canada?

Postalytics is an affordable way for businesses to send personalized mailers to customers in Canada. Easily create and design your mailer online, and we will handle the printing, mailing, and Canada mail tracking.