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Send Flyers Through Mail

Look no further than direct mail flyers for an excellent, cost-effective way to supplement any marketing campaign. This tried-and-true approach can yield tremendous results for you by reaching out to your prospects and customers with your offer on a flyer.

Printing marketing materials can be expensive and time consuming for small businesses. Postalytics offers professional direct mail flyer templates that are customizable to your company’s needs. Why outsource design work to an agency when you can do it yourself? Start saving money by picking the perfect flyer template and sending out flyers through the mail today. 

Easy Online Design

Don’t spend a fortune on flyer design. Postalytics has dozens of professionally designed templates that you can use.

Quick Flyer Personalization 

Instead of printing thousands of flyers, you can tailor them to specific customers with our personalization tools and print them on demand.

Smart Campaign Tracking

You can use sophisticated mail barcodes and personalized URLs to track how people react when you send flyers through the mail to them.

Create A Campaign

Send your customers a tailored drip campaign using our flyer mailing service personalized to their preferences or response to a flyer.

How to Create & Send a Direct Mail Flyer Campaign

  1. Sign up for flyer templates

    There are many designs to choose from on our website so that you can create your ideal flyers.

  2. Design a direct flyer 

    You can choose from a range of sizes when customizing your campaign. Our recommended size for direct mail flyers is 6×11 inches.

  3. Make your design come to life

    Create a unique flyer with our templates that you can easily customize using the direct mail editing tools. 

Send Direct Mail Flyers Now

Why Choose Direct Mail Flyers?

The first step to reaching out and connecting with potential customers should be direct mail. The honesty and trustworthy look of a mail flyer makes it a great first step for any marketer. It’s considered one of the most cost-effective ways to reach leads and customers too. With a tactile element and a more traditional look, it can also be more impactful than digital marketing.

Postalytics is a powerful template online toolset that enables you to create and customize your own flyers. You can edit or duplicate existing templates or create direct mail flyers. It’s designed for anyone who wants to create an interesting flyer and mail flyers – whether they’re a part-time marketer or business owner.

Bulk Mailing Flyers

We know that delivering mail can be overwhelming and expensive. We’re here to help. Through our national network, we take care of everything, so you don’t have to worry. Mail is delivered to the correct address linked to your CRM, scrubbed against USPS databases, and routed through our nationwide network of print and mail partners. You can send a few pieces or 100,000 flyers – it’s all done the same way. Want to see how it works? Send yourself a direct mail flyer sample.

Automate a Flyer Campaign

Building a brand is an essential part of any business. When a person hears from a company, they want to ensure it’s relevant and not spam. With Postalytics, you can set up automated campaigns from HubSpot, Salesforce, ActiveCampaign, or Zapier that your customers will trust. Send out direct mail flyers right from your dashboard or set up a triggered drip campaign

Ideas for Direct Mail Flyers

The clients who choose our direct mail flyer services come from a diverse range of businesses. They’ve experienced great success using our flyer design templates to create campaigns such as the following: 

Policy Review Flyers for Insurance companies: A policy may need to be updated if a client has had a change in life, such as marriage or opening a new business. Offering a free policy review to existing clients in a direct mail insurance flyer encourages them to continue using your services.

Build Trust for HVAC Businesses: Drive new business by including a local reference on the HVAC flyer, including photos of installations you’ve done for the area and talk about the importance of quality materials.

Drive a Business for your Restaurant: Because a restaurant flyer is tangible, it can be pinned to a fridge, so it’s on hand for customers to take action when they want takeout or to dine in at a restaurant.

Ready To Mail Out Flyers?

Postalytics wants to solve your direct mail problems and help you create a successful flyer campaign. Check out this direct mail demo on designing the best direct mail flyer and shipping flyers with Postalytics. 


How to send flyers by mail?

We offer an end-to-end direct mailing service. Once you’ve created a flyer online with Postalytics, we can also take care of the printing and mailing, so you don’t have to worry about how to mail a flyer. We attach USPS Intelligent Mail Barcodes to your mailpieces so that they are tracked throughout the system, giving you a detailed understanding of their journey in your Campaign Dashboard. Postalytics print partners ship USPS First Class and Standard Class mail. Usually, the mail takes 7-9 business days to arrive via First Class delivery and 9-21 business days to arrive by Standard Class.

How to make a great direct mail flyer?

With our flyer templates, you can create something that will catch the eye of potential customers. We offer a gallery of customizable flyer templates that come with everything you need to design a great direct mail flyer.

How much does it cost to mail 1,000 flyers?

Postalytics offers a cost per thousand (CPM) metric in our flyer pricing model. The price per 1,000 of a direct mail campaign is $5.99, meaning for every $5.99 you spend, you will reach 1,000 people.