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Dental Postcard Maker for Your Practice

Dentists looking to advertise their services face a challenge – how do you send out personalized postcards? It can be difficult, expensive and time-consuming. Luckily, with Postalytics, you can do everything in-house without relying on marketing agencies. Our online software is easy to use and simplifies the process of designing and sending out dental postcards. We have pulled in top designers to build our postcard templates, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the best. Learn more about dental postcard strategy best practices here

Design and Edit Postcards Online

Our drag-and-drop interface lets you create your own dental postcards or easily edit high-quality dental postcard templates.

Connect and Reconnect with Patients

We’ve developed trigger and drip direct mail campaigns that will help you target the entire customer lifecycle and maximize your ROI.

Measure Your Success

Postalytics monitors the response to your dental postcard direct marketing campaigns and reports progress on your online dashboard.

Help from Start To Finish

We’ll handle everything for your postcard campaign. Along with the dental postcard maker tools, we’ll print and post them to your existing CRM list affordably and efficiently.

How to Get Started

  1. Get your free account

    Sign up to Postalytics and discover dental postcard templates.

  2. Choose a template

    Get started on your postcard design. Choose a name, add a phone number and address, and import a mailing list. Pick a template or create a postcard using our editing design tool. 

  3. Start mailing in a few clicks

    Choose from a variety of print and postage options that will work for your practice.

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Tools to Grow Your Dental Practice

Will dental postcard marketing work for you? Postcards are great because they are like little advertisements. You can include your contact information on the card, which means people know how to reach you. They’re also inexpensive and do not require any in-depth knowledge to execute. With the help of Postalytics, there is no need for you to hire a marketing agency or designer to get the job done. Our software does all of that for you, helping you save even more money! 

Print and Post Direct Mail With Ease

Postalytics gives you instant access to prebuilt dental postcard templates, so you don’t need to be design-savvy to nail a postcard campaign. In addition, you have the option of customizing a postcard (change colors, fonts, add your logo etc.) or building a postcard offline using your brand collateral. In the latter case using our templates still has benefits. If you send a dental direct mail piece that doesn’t meet USPS size requirements, it’ll cost you more to send it. Postalytics provides the perfect direct mail postcard template for dentists to achieve postage savings. Plus, you access our personalization, tracking and reporting tools as part of our affordable packages.

Ideas For Custom Dental Postcard Campaigns

Hiring a marketing firm is an expensive and time-consuming process that most practices can’t afford, never mind custom dentist postcards. With our postcard design, direct mail printing and mailing service, you can easily target the people you want to reach at a fraction of the cost. Here are some concepts you can roll out using our editor tools:

  • A discount on teeth whitening or an oral hygiene session
  • A six-monthly clean or check-up reminder
  • An incomplete procedure reminder
  • An offer for uninsured clients
  • Seasonal offers like a dental exam, preventative care, and oral cancer screeningIntroduce new staff or dentists in your practice

Try a Sample Postcard

Have a list of people to send to? Just upload it and set up the campaign yourself. Track everything, from delivery to how people respond to your mailer and even test with a landing page using Postalytics tools. Want to test it out first? To get your campaigns off the ground quickly, sign up for a Send Postcards account and choose ‘Send me samples’. This will prompt you to select a campaign type and guide you through a wizard to construct your first Smart Send campaign. You’ll get your sample postcards in about a week after ordering them.

Ready To Make Your Own Dental Postcard?

Have a look at our demo of Postalytic’s simple automation tools for postcard design and other needs you have for dental direct mail. We have excellent dental templates to help you grow your clientele and promote special dental offers.


How to create dental postcards?

Postalytics drag-and-drop Direct Mail Editor is a seriously powerful and easy-to-use marketing tool. It enables dental businesses to quickly and easily create postcards and personalize them for each patient. You can also create personalized postcards online that feature specific offers or messages, making your practice stand out from the rest.

How to design dental postcards?

Now you can take your postcards to the next level thanks to our dental postcard design tools and direct mail creative templates! With our gallery of templates for dentists, you’ll get all the guidance you need. Our design tools such as the postcard editor are intuitive and creative, so you can find the perfect postcard that will have new patients coming through your doors in no time at all.

What to include in a dental postcard?

The first thing you should do when you’re deciding what to put on a postcard is to include a compelling headline with two or three sentences of information about your services. It’s also essential to have your practice name, logo, and tagline. The goal of a postcard campaign is to motivate people to respond to your promotion or reminder. In the case of promotions, you want to make sure you offer something of value, like a discount offer or free sample, or they may not respond. Different advice is relevant for other sectors, such as those creating real estate postcards, HVAC postcards, restaurant postcards or insurance postcards

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