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Restaurant Postcards on Your Fingertips

For a restaurant on a tight budget, postcards are an affordable and effective way to market themselves. They’re not just cheaper than other marketing options, but they can also be more effective. Postcards can generate more revenue for your restaurant and send a promotional message to customers that will have bookings flowing in or takeout orders soaring.

Postalytics’ creative templates bring you the ideal restaurant postcard maker for your restaurant – and you can do it all online in quick and easy steps.

Design In Minutes, For Less

With intuitive editing features and user-friendly templates, designing restaurant postcards has never been easier. Say goodbye to design agency fees forever.

Deliver a Catchy Promo

A flyer in your hand is tangible and can be pinned to a fridge. It’s right in front of the customer, ready to take action when they want takeout or to dine in at a restaurant.

Personalize and Customize

With Postalytics, you can send custom messages to individual recipients or groups of people. Our tools help you through the process. 

Trackable and Insightful

Intelligent Mail Barcodes are used to track every postcard delivered to your contacts. This can be used to trigger an event in your CRM system, allowing you to keep track and measure success.

How to Create a Restaurant Postcard

  1. Sign up to Postalytics

    Register for a free account with Postalytics to get started. Upgrade for more features at any time.

  2. Create a Postcard

    Choose from one of the three options to design a postcard, including a template or postcard maker. Personalize your material with tracking tools or QR codes.

  3. Proof and ship today

    Check your new restaurant postcard, approve final design and you’re all done. Ship your campaign.

Create Your Restaurant Postcards Now

Postcard Templates that Boost Restaurant Profits

A postcard or restaurant mailer can make a lasting impression. It may not generate a sale immediately, but it will make the right impression, and customers are likely to hang onto it, especially if something on it catches their eye. That’s why the advertisement for a restaurant should include a promotion to entice potential clients: a discount offer, coupons, or a 2-for-1 deal. When you use our library of ready-to-use templates or choose the option to create a postcard template, these are already into the design. 

What about your usual customers? How do you get them coming to your restaurant more often? Postcards are a great way to show them you care. We make it easy with Postalytics! Want to design a postcard for an individual or group of people? Our software lets you customize your postcard using the postcard editor tool and then easily send it out. Direct mail for restaurants has never been this easy before.

Your campaigns are all set to take flight. Postalytics can help you reach your goals by integrating your direct mail campaign with your existing CRM. It allows you to make sure your campaign is getting to the right people. 

Postalytics also gives you the power to coordinate your restaurant advertisement across different channels. When customers receive your postcard, they may not be sure if they want to visit your restaurant right away. They might take a look at your website or do some research about you. Using Postalytics trigger campaigns, you can track a customer’s browsing history to prompt follow-up postcard advertising.

Ready to Create a Postcard for Your Restaurant?

You don’t need design skills to create beautiful restaurant advertising postcards. With our easy-to-use restaurant postcard maker templates and design tools, you can design them in minutes! You can send a postcard sample to try it out. We’ve got an excellent demo video that will show you how easy it is.


How to create restaurant postcards?

Say goodbye to design and printing difficulties with Postalytics. We offer simple drag-and-drop creative templates so you can create high-quality restaurant postcards with no hassle. Whether you need to send a few thousand or a few million, we’ll take care of everything for you. You can relax knowing that Postalytics will do the postcard printing and mailing for you too. Check out our postcard pricing

How to design restaurant postcards?

Whether you’re a small business or a large restaurant chain, we have a postcard template to work with your specific needs. We offer a variety of postcard sizes and designs that our team of designers has already created for you. With our tools, you can personalize your postal card and create a design that converts into leads and puts your restaurant on the map. Choose from a gallery of different ready-to-use prebuilt templates, create a restaurant postcard template or build a postcard offline – we have an option that will work for you. 

What to include in restaurant postcards?

Giving your customers a reason to take action is the most important thing to include in restaurant postcards. On the postcard, you should offer a discount coupon or some other incentive. Make it easy for them to take advantage of the offer by including clear directions on how to get there and what they should do when they arrive. You should also include high-resolution, quality images of your food because that will likely grab their attention. Depending on your campaign’s objective, consider including a map where they can find you, a customer review, or a sample of your menu.