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create and design heating, ventilation, air conditioning postcards

Create and Design HVAC Postcards

In this technology-driven era, it’s easy to forget about the effectiveness of a postcard. This tried-and-true marketing tool gives small businesses access to an affordable solution that can have a significant impact. More than just a low-priced alternative, postcards are a cost-effective way to spread a message and grow your HVAC business. 

Postcard campaigns are a popular marketing tactic for businesses in the heating and air conditioning fields. They are an excellent way to reach new leads or retain current customers. Postalytics’ creative templates are ideal HVAC postcard maker for your business.

Take Your Design In-house

With our professional templates and easy-to-use editing tools, you can design postcards in minutes. Say goodbye to design agency fees forever.

Something to Hold Onto

Unlike a tweet or Facebook post, a postcard is a physical item customers can refer to if they have an HVAC emergency.

Targeted Messaging Made Easy

Postalytics variable logic builder will allow you to customize offers and messages for individual recipients or groups of recipients.

Track Campaigns to See What Works

Intelligent Mail Barcode technology is used to track every postcard delivered to your contact, which then triggers an event in your CRM system.

How to Create an HVAC Postcard

  1. Sign up to Postalytics for free

    Create an account with Postalytics to get started. You can always upgrade to the PRO plan later to access more features.

  2. Get started on your postcard

    To create your HVAC postcard, click “build offline“. Create a postcard template of your choice (size), then upload your desired images (jpg or png).

  3. Design your unique HVAC postcard

    Use the intuitive drag-and-drop online editor tools to overlay text. Personalize your HVAC brochure with tracking tools or QR codes.

  4. Check and Ship your HVAC promotions

    The final step is to hit “proof” to check your new HVAC postcard, and you’re done. Preapre for the sea of new client inquaries.

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Postcard Templates that Drive New Business

As an HVAC company, you have multiple services to sell. But you know there are always lesser-known services out there that your customers may not know about. For example, they may not know that annual maintenance or a pre-season service is necessary to maintain efficiency – this saves them in power bills, so they’ll want to know more.

You’ve got old systems you want to move. How about a snap sale on these items? Designing, printing, and posting very targeted seasonal campaigns that trigger customers to take action is easy with Postalytics tools. Do you want your postcards to be as personalized as possible? There’s a tool for that! Postalytics empowers you as an HVAC business owner to create postcards with special offers or messages for individuals or groups. Nailing HVAC direct mail postcard design has never been more straightforward.

Build Brand Awareness and More

If potential customers get your postcard in the mail, there’s a good chance they’ll hang on to it for future reference. And, even if they don’t end up calling you right away, you’ve still made an impression. This is why it’s important to know what your audience wants. If you’re going to entice potential customers with an attractive promotion, include one on your postcard. Some HVAC advertising examples include:

  • A free HVAC inspection and service quote
  • A discount on repairs and maintenance if they sign up for an annual program
  • Special offer on seasonal cleaning of filters and the HVAC system

Ready To Design a Postcard for Your HVAC Business?

Postalytics simplifies the design process. We make your HVAC postcards beautiful, customized, and effective with our pre-designed templates. You don’t need design skills to design HVAC postcard advertising.

Watch this 20-minute demo video, and you’ll discover how easy our HVAC postcard maker templates and design tools are to use. 


How to design HVAC postcards?

We’ve got you covered. Our team of graphic designers have already designed a gallery of postcard templates you can personalize for your HVAC business. With our templates, you get all the guidance you need to create a postcard that converts into leads. Our intuitive, creative design tools have changed the game of postcard design for businesses big and small.

What to include in an HVAC postcard?

When assembling your postcard, make sure to include your company name, logo, and tagline. A good postcard will also have a compelling headline with two or three sentences of information about your HVAC services.

What’s the secret to success of a postcard campaign for your HVAC ad? Every postcard you send should include at least one offer that will motivate people to respond. You don’t want to waste your money on a pretty card that has no purpose. If your goal is to get a response, you need to make sure that the offer is strong and offers something of value. If there’s no compelling reason to respond, you’ll get little response.

What is an HVAC postcard?

If you want to get your message out there, you should design a postcard. These print publications are double-sided and usually handed out or mailed to customers. Postcards are great for promotions, and we can help you design and produce them to perfection! 

You need to get it right. In USPS direct mail speak, a “Postcard” is something very specific. It is a rectangular (not square or any other shape) slip of paper with exact dimensions. USPS Postcards qualify for special postage rates and are always delivered first class. 

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