The 4 Best Ways to Use Direct Mail In your HVAC Marketing Strategy

HVAC marketing ideas that will set you apart from your competitors

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The HVAC market value in North America is worth $13.8 billion and is predicted to grow 5% annually, so it’s definitely a worthwhile industry to work in. But it is very competitive- there are over 105,000 HVAC companies across the United States. 

This means homeowners have a vast choice of HVAC businesses to choose from – often, there are multiple companies servicing the same area. So, whether you have an existing business, are a long-term PHCC member, or are starting a new HVAC business, it is essential to have HVAC marketing strategies in place for your business to succeed. 

In order to assist HVAC business owners, we will take a look at a few HVAC advertising ideas to ensure you have the edge over your competition and can enjoy the growth expected in the industry. 

How to get HVAC leads

Leads are generated through implementing  HVAC marketing ideas and planning a marketing strategy. Any marketing idea needs to be cost-effective and measurable so the success of the HVAC advertising idea can be assessed. 

Statistics prove that one of the most effective HVAC marketing ideas in driving leads is the use of direct mail.

HVAC Branding: Direct Mail 

Direct mail involves a tangible hard copy piece of collateral sent directly to a customer or prospect via the mail.  With many HVAC businesses focused on digital, direct mail can offer a competitive advantage to savvy business owners. 

For evidence of the value of using direct mail, consider the below statistics

  • Recent neuroscience studies show that when you hold and read a physical piece of marketing material, you’re 70% more likely to recall the brand than when you only see a digital message.
  • Recipients open less than 20% of marketing emails.  
  • Direct mail cuts through the clutter and gets into the hands of prospective clients. In addition, people are in a different psychological frame of mind when reading their physical mail than when they are reading emails which are often seen as an annoying interruption.

Just think of your reaction when you receive a personalized envelope with a letter inside compared to yet another email cluttering your inbox and distracting you from work. 

In short, direct mail works! 

So, with that in mind, let us take a look at four of the best ways to use direct mail in your HVAC marketing strategy.

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HVAC Postcards

Postcards aren’t just for sending to your grandparents when you are on vacation! They are a very effective HVAC advertising idea.

The technology offered by Postalytics to create HVAC postcards provides even more benefits to direct mail than many are aware of. 

For example, Intelligent Mail Barcode technology is used to track every postcard delivered. This technology triggers an event in the Postalytics CRM system allowing for measurement and analysis. It is the perfect combination of old-school direct mail and new digital technology. 

We know that not many HVAC business owners are also professional graphic designers but fear not, the Postalytics system has a solution. We have designed a range of professional templates and easy-to-use editing tools that allows anyone to create postcards with their HVAC branding in minutes. 

Click here to create HVAC postcards. 

HVAC Flyers

Flyers are a more traditional advertising method, and once again, Postalytics makes it easy for all businesses to create HVAC flyers with the use of our templates. 

A simple yet visually appealing flyer can be produced for your customers to stick on their fridge (which is prime real estate in the household) or in a file for important contacts. 

Wherever a person stores your flyer, it is a physical reminder of your services and offers more longevity than a one-off advertisement or digital email that is quickly deleted. In addition, it is a more permanent and tangible prompt for them to contact your HVAC business. 

Flyers can be used as an introduction to your HVAC business, to launch special promotions or just a reminder of your services in advance of summer or winter. 

Click here to create HVAC flyers. 

HVAC Brochures

Sometimes your company needs more space to convey all of its services than what a flyer can offer. And that is when you can create HVAC brochures to use in a direct mail campaign. 

Using one of the Postalytics brochure templates is easy. The intuitive drag-and-drop online editor tools allow you to overlay text onto our tried and tested templates. 

Before you know it, you have created the perfect brochure to send to prospects. It will serve as a permanent reminder of your HVAC business and allow the customer to refer during emergencies or when they need to book maintenance for the heater or air conditioner. 

Click here to create HVAC brochures. 

HVAC Letters

The best HVAC sales tips we can give you all involve personalization. Marketing is about creating a connection with people who like to believe the message has been targeted directly to them. It is a reason why so many companies want to create HVAC letters

The Postalytics letter template allows you to easily create a letter in a few simple steps. Best of all, our system will enable you also to create custom envelopes. Our Postalytics Envelope Editor offers easy-to-design envelopes that can be printed in just one simple step. The editor encompasses the design, proofing, ordering, and sending of the HVAC letter.

Your potential customer will receive a personalized envelope and letter within days. The personal touch helps create a connection and is something that will set you apart from your HVAC competitors. 

Click here to create HVAC letters. 

Tracking campaigns

All business owners want to make sure that any marketing or advertising dollar they spend generates a return on their investment. 

Postalytics recognizes this and ensures that all the direct mail marketing strategies outlined above can be measured. 

One way to do this is with the use of QR codes. The Postalytics system allows unique QR codes to be generated in a mail campaign that can drive recipients to either personalized landing pages on a website or a general website.

This allows HVAC businesses to test various calls to action to see which are the most effective.

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HVAC sales tips

For any of the direct mail marketing activities listed above, we recommend that the collateral has a strong call to action. For example, your website and phone number are prominently displayed, and that your services are outlined. If there is a special promotion offer, this should be featured, so it stands out. 

How Long Does Mail Take?

An important consideration when looking to use direct mail is how long does mail take

We recommend allowing a direct mail delivery time of 5-7 business days for first-class mail and 14-21 days for standard first class.

The Postalytics benefits

Working with many HVAC businesses across the United States offers Postalytics insights into the HVAC industry and what HVAC marketing and HVAC advertising ideas work best. Our system has been designed with that in mind.

The benefits include:

  • Easy to use design templates. Why spend thousands of dollars on a graphic designer when you can take advantage of our free, easy-to-use design system. Create the perfect HVAC branding for your business
  • Direct personalized messages to customers that stand out
  • Ability to use QR codes to track the success of your campaign
  • Our intelligent barcode system that feeds into our CRM system

With 2022 fast approaching, now is the best time to get our HVAC marketing and HVAC advertising in place to ensure a pipeline of new clients for the new year. And as we have seen, the best way to do this is via direct mail utilizing one of the four options above. 

For more information and assistance with your marketing and advertising needs, please click here.