Automatically Trigger Postcards & Letters From Your CRM Or Marketing Automation
With Triggered Direct Mail Drip Campaigns

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Triggered Direct Mail Throughout The Customer Journey

Direct mail used to be an offline, batch & blast process designed for large acquisition campaigns. Triggered Drip Campaigns from Postalytics turn it into a flexible, personalized tool that can be used throughout the customer journey.

triggered direct mail drip campaigns - customer journey

Now, you can send highly personalized, individual postcards and letters to your prospects and customers with full automation. You’ll STAND OUT when you use direct mail to:

Send Triggered Postal Mail From HubSpot, Salesforce, Zapier Or The Direct Mail API

Send automated postcards and letters directly from HubSpot, Salesforce and Zapier workflows to your contacts at every stage of the customer journey. Triggered Direct Mail Drip Campaigns leverage the automated workflows in your marketing automation or CRM tool to send individual mailers out, 24 x 7 x 365.

Want to trigger direct mail from another app? Use our Direct Mail API to send individual postcards and letters automatically from your CRM, Marketing Automation or other software app.

triggered direct mail drip campaigns - CRM Integration

Choose Between First Class & Standard Postage

With Postalytics, you can choose the level of service from the USPS that makes the most sense for your campaign. Many triggered campaigns are deployed in time sensitive use cases, where First Class Mail makes the most sense. For others, where speed and/or delivery data aren’t as important, Standard Class triggered campaigns make more sense.

standard mail triggered drip campaigns - postage option in wizard

Personalization, Without Getting All Nerdy

With Postalytics Triggered Direct Mail Drip Campaigns, just create your template using our incredibly easy to use Direct Mail Editor. You’ll drop Variable Data (works like merge tags) and Variable Logic (creates dynamic content) into your templates. No need for complicated coding skills.

If you can personalize an email marketing campaign, you can personalize direct mail with Postalytics. Marketers are able to deploy deeply personalized direct mail, at scale without technical assistance.

Postalytics Launching Soon - Template Editor triggered direct mail drip campaigns

Then, when you setup your marketing automation or CRM workflow from HubSpot, Salesforce or Zapier, just map the fields from your contact record:

HubSpot Workflow Extension triggered direct mail drip campaigns

Know What Happens After You Send

Delivery Tracking: Postalytics Triggered Direct Mail Drip campaigns automatically track every piece of mail that you send, using the USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode system. We associate each barcode with your contact, and event sync your delivery data back to HubSpot, Salesforce or Zapier.

Online Response: You can also choose to add a Personalized URL to each mailer that you send, at no additional cost. This will activate the online response tracking, so you know who has responded, what pages they’ve visited, and who in your audience has reached your conversion goal URLs.

The Postalytics Direct Mail API - dashboard triggered direct mail drip campaigns

Learn More About Triggered Drip Campaigns

This is a whole new era for direct mail. The ability to send individual pieces of mail out, directly from your CRM or Marketing Automation, has never existed before. We’re direct mail automation experts, and we can help marketers think through use cases for Triggered Direct Mail Drip Campaigns. If you’d like to speak with us to brainstorm or walk through the process – we’d love to talk!

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