Standard Mail Triggered Drip Campaigns – Postalytics Update

standard class triggered drip campaigns are now in the campaign wizard

Want to send triggered direct mail but with Standard Class postage? Now with Postalytics, you can setup Standard Mail Triggered Drip Campaigns.

Triggered Drips That Cost Less

What drove this update?

Postalytics is about automating direct mail. We care about removing friction from the direct mail process, and saving you money while we’re at it. Standard Mail triggered drip campaigns deliver on both of these goals.

More and more clients are attracted to the idea of automatically triggering postcards and letters from their CRM or Marketing Automation tools. And they’re developing use cases where they don’t need to pay for First Class postage.

Standard Class (or Marketing Mail) service can save up to 30% per piece over First Class Mail. If you don’t need all the features of First Class (speed, dependability of delivery, more delivery scan data), why pay for it?

Learn more about the differences between First Class and Standard Class Mail in our “First Class vs. Standard Class Direct Mail Guide“.

How Does It Work?

standard mail triggered drip campaigns - postage option in wizard

It’s pretty simple. We added a step to the Triggered Drip Campaign Wizard called “Postage”.

When you get to this step, just choose Standard or First Class. You’ll see some information there about your options.

To setup a Standard Class Triggered Drip Campaign, just choose “Standard”. The rest works exactly the same as First Class Triggered Drip Campaigns.

How Do You Pay For Standard Class Triggered Direct Mail?

standard class direct mail credits

You’ll need to buy Direct Mail Credits to launch your campaign, with a minimum purchase of 100 credits. Just like the First Class option.

The best way to buy credits is through the Direct Mail Credits page, where you’ll see your options to get volume discounts (subscription accounts only).

You can also buy credits right through the Triggered Drip Campaign Wizard, as long as you’re credit card is loaded into the Payment Methods page under you user name.

Proofed Templates In Campaign Wizard Preview

proofed templates in the campaign wizard preview button

We also took care of a small issue that customers have surfaced to us in the Campaign Wizard Confirmation page.

Previously, if you clicked on the “Template Preview” button, you’d get an HTML image representation of your template, rather than a high resolution PDF proof. The HTML image wasn’t always the most accurate representation of your mailpiece.

Now, for all templates that are newly proofed (you might want to go back and re-proof your old templates), the most recent PDF proof will be displayed.

We also updated the way you create digital proofs — Learn More!

Why is this helpful? So that you can re-confirm that your template looks correct, with data filling in variables, prior to proceeding. Peace of mind is important!

Template Editor Arrangement Tool

The Arrangement tab of the Template Editor has powerful tools to enable the positioning of a selected element (up, down, left & right) pixel by pixel. It also has a simple way to move the selected element forward or backward in a “stack” or “layers” of elements.

We learned that customers were getting confused by the previous Forward and Backward buttons, and wanted a simple way to move the element all the way to the front or back without needing to click over and over again.

Problem solved! The new button layouts let you move the element up or down a single layer at a time, or all the way to the front or back with a single click.

Keep The Ideas Coming!

We love getting ideas from customers on how to improve Postalytics. We’re dedicated to building a powerful, scalable direct mail automation tool that can help you grow your business. Give us your ideas!