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Direct Mail Credits

Direct Mail Credits work like stamps for your Smart Send and Triggered Drip campaigns. What’s great is that you can purchase direct mail credits for any of our supported formats, and save money with volume discounts!

Smart marketers take advantage of this by planning their Smart Send campaigns 6-12 months outs, estimate volumes for their Triggered Drip campaigns, and buy credits to save on per piece fees.

Postalytics can help you with planning your campaigns and maximizing your savings. If you’d like to speak with a direct mail automation expert:

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Direct Mail Credit “Queues” – A Bucket Of Credits For Each Format

It is super easy to take advantage of volume discounts with direct mail credits. For each supported template format, you have a “Queue” or a bucket of credits that you fund for both first class and standard class mailing. As you can see in our Postalytics pricing, there are volume discounts available for each format. When you determine how many mailpieces you plan to send over the next 6-12 months using a particular format, you can simply buy credits and fund that particular Queue.

For example, let’s say that you plan to send approximate 10,000 6×11 postcards first class over the next 6 months, spread out over 3 Smart Sends and 3 Triggered Drip Campaigns. You simply purchase 10,000 6×11 postcard direct mail credits, and use those credits across your various campaigns. At the time of this article, the all in 6×11 per piece price for a Pro account is $.95 when purchased in low volumes. When you buy 10,000 6×11 direct mail credits, your all in per piece price is $.83. You save $1200.00 when you buy the credits up front!

direct mail queues with standard mail


Buying And Managing Direct Mail Credits

It is easy to buy and manage direct mail credits in your Queues. If your Queue has no credits, you can simply enter the quantity that you want to purchase and buy them on the spot. If your Queue has existing credits, you can purchase new credits to further fund your account. The volume discounts are presented in each Queue. Note – if your account is at either the  Free or Marketer level, you can get better per piece pricing by upgrading your account.

Buy Manage Direct Mail Credits - Postalytics

Your “Balance” is the number of direct mail credits in your Queue at the current point in time. As your Smart Send and Triggered Drip campaigns process, they will reduce your balance. Note – Smart Send campaigns will reduce your balance when they are sent to the printer, and the final # of postcards being sent are calculated. 

Reload Credits is a method of continually funding your Queue – that you select and can modify at any time. If you choose “automatically“, we’ll re-up your Queue with new credits when the account reaches 10% of the balance of your last purchase. For example, if I purchased 10,000 6×11 credits and I select to automatically renew, Postalytics will purchase another 10,000 credits when the balance hits 1,000, or 10% of the original balance.

If you choose to “manually” reload your credits, you must actively purchase new credits to keep your account funded (and keep any Triggered Drip campaigns activated/sending).  Postalytics will email the account holder when the balance reaches 20% of the last purchase as a reminder (and again at 10%, 5% and 0 balance if the Queue isn’t funded).

Reload Quantity will default to the amount of your last last purchase. You can modify this amount at any time.

Direct Mail Credits Fund All Of Your Campaigns

Once you’ve purchased direct mail credits, you can use them for any Smart Send or Triggered Drip campaigns that are using the format you’ve purchased credits for. For Smart Send campaigns, you’ll have the option to pay via credit card for your mailer at the end of the campaign wizard, but if you’ve bought credits (and gotten a discount), it makes more sense to use credits from your account.

Triggered Drip Campaign Credits

Because Triggered Drip campaigns are triggered by your CRM or Marketing Automation, volumes can vary dramatically, so you must use direct mail credits. Again, it makes sense to consolidate your purchasing and buy direct mail credits for as many campaigns as possible, in order to maximize your discount. Note – you have to have a minimum of 100 credits in your format Queue in order to setup a Triggered Drip Campaign. If you don’t, you can purchase credits and fund your Queue right from the campaign wizard.  

Triggered Drip Campaign Credits - Postalytics

Learn More About Direct Mail Credits

At Postalytics, our goal is to make direct mail as simple and easy as possible. If you’d like to dig in and discuss how you might want to use direct mail credits to save money and streamline your campaigns:

Contact Postalytics

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