New Tools To Make Marketing Life Easier

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In an incredible 2 months since launch at HubSpot’s INBOUND 2017, we’ve been able to observe hundreds of campaigns in Postalytics. We’ve used these observations to develop a major software release with new tools to make your life easier.

New Integrations Via Zapier

Zapier is an incredibly powerful, yet easy to use integration tool. It enables non technical users to weave together participating web applications into new workflows that save time and money. Over 900 web apps are now listed in their directory, including, Infusionsoft, Act-On, Shopify, Mailchimp and more.

Postalytics has created a new Zapier direct mail “Action” and “Trigger” for marketers to integrate into their workflows. The Send Direct Mail Zapier Action will initiate a Postalytics Triggered Drip Campaign when “triggered” by a CRM, Automation or other Zapier web app. The New Campaign Event Zapier Trigger will send the Postalytics Delivery and Online Response Status codes into a CRM as a customer property, so marketers can email, calls or other events when mail is delivered or responded to.

Learn more about our new Zapier tools by:

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Multiple User Access Controls

Marketing teams often have many members who will contribute to the success of any campaign. Now, a Postalytics account owner can assign an unlimited number of user accounts with unique logins. Each user is assigned a role that determines what they are able to do in Postalytics. Additionally, new user logging will keep track of which user modified specific Postalytics assets such as templates, lists and campaigns.

This is a Postalytics Pro Account feature.

The new user roles are:

  • Administrator – can do anything campaign related
  • Designer – can create & modify templates, read only access to lists & campaigns
  • Read Only – can view Postalytics content but not create or modify

Learn more by viewing the “How To Set Up Users And Access Rights” help article.

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Other New Tools, Features & Enhancements

We’ve packed in dozens of other new tools and features in this release. Each is designed to help you get more done, more easily and in less time.

New Pricing Tiers

It became very clear after launch that Postalytics can solve problems for marketers with larger list sizes than originally anticipated. So, we’ve adjusted our per piece tiers to reflect the much larger list sizes that we’ve seen. Check out our new per piece pricing or contact us for lists in excess of 25,000.

New Professionally Designed Templates

Our ever growing library of pre-built direct mail templates has been refreshed (with new holiday themes & more). Login to your account to see them in action – just create a new template and select Choose Pre-Built.

Domain & Landing Page Checks

One of the amazing things about Postalytics is that you get an unlimited number of pURLs for free with each of your campaigns. Now, when building a campaign with a template containing a pURL, we’ll automatically check to ensure that your Postalytics Tracking Code and your pURL domain are configured properly.

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Want To Learn More About Postalytics And Our New Tools?

At Postalytics, we want to hear from you and learn how you’d like to use automated direct mail. If you have thoughts or questions:

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