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All Postalytics pricing in USD. Per piece billing at time of campaign send. You can change plans or cancel at any time.

All Postalytics Pricing Plans Include

Direct Mail Builder & Dashboards

  • Build high quality postcards & letters, easier than email.
  • Professionally designed, pre-built templates
  • Personalization with variable data and variable logic
  • Drill down dashboards, conversion goal tracking

Full Service Printing & Mailing Services

  • Full color, variable data print personalization
  • Routing via nationwide print delivery network
  • Postage and addressing (USPS First Class)
  • Delivery to USPS

Full HubSpot & Zapier Integration

  • Webhooks in Workflows
  • Delivery & Response Status Sync
  • Contacts, Lists, Smart Lists
  • OATH integration (most secure)

Patent-Pending Tracking

  • Unlimited pURLs and QR Codes
  • Works with any landing page
  • Unlimited USPS Delivery Tracking
  • Real time alerts for delivery status and goal conversion

Postcards are 4×6, 6×9, 6×11 full color 120# card stock, Gloss & UV Coated. Letters are 8.5×11 color, #10 double window.

Plan Details

Postalytics Pricing Frequently Asked Questions

How does the subscription billing work?

Your subscription is billed monthly on an anniversary date. You can change your subscription at any time, and you’ll receive a prorated bill on your next anniversary date.

How does the per piece billing work for Smart Sends?

Smart Sends bill your credit card on a per piece basis when the campaign is sent to the printer (via scheduling). You will be billed only for the pieces that have a valid address, at the time of the send. We bill at the time of the send so that you can edit the list with last minute changes prior to printing.

How does the per piece billing work for Triggered Drips?

For Triggered Drip Campaigns, you pre-purchase “Drip Credits”. Drip Credits act like stamps for the type of mailpiece your campaign is using. You can buy them in blocks, with a minimum of 100. Drip Credits can be set on a per campaign basis to automatically renew or to manually renew.

How does the limit on Triggered Drip Campaigns work?

Our Free and Marketer Plans have a limit on the number of concurrent Triggered Drip campaigns. If you try to add more Triggered Drip campaigns beyond your plan limit, you’ll be asked to either upgrade your plan or delete an existing campaign.

How are the volume price breaks determined?

For our Marketer and Pro plans, we keep track of your total mail volume for each campaign. When you exceed 2,499 pieces, each subsequent piece will be billed at the volume tier associated with your plan. If you are planning to exceed 25,000 pieces, contact us for high volume pricing.

What’s the difference between canceling my account and downgrading to the Free Plan?

Canceling your account will remove your account entirely from Postalytics. Downgrading to the Free Plan will leave all of your templates, lists and Smart Send campaigns in place. You’ll need to remove additional users and excess Triggered Drip Campaigns before downgrading to Free.