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We all have them, those epic campaign fails that now make your palms sweat at the very idea of your next campaign. Selecting the right tactics means being ruthless with yourself and your team on the criteria, the resources and the approach you take, executing only those tactics that give you the right to industry leading response rates.

Join our Webinar on Wednesday, December 13th as Nancy Harhut, one of the most successful creative directors in the world, demonstrates how the most successful marketers avoid the epic campaign fails from day-one. Through real-life horror stories and recoveries, this webinar will show you how your peers are building pipeline faster and more effectively than anything you’ve run in your career to date.

  • How using Direct Mail in conjunction with email results in an up to a 35% lift over a single channel – IWCO
  • How sending direct mail after email increases effectiveness by 40% – Canada Post
  • How 57% of millennials have made purchases based on direct mail offers – USPS

Learn more about how direct mail response rates are measured.

Advantages that direct mail adds to a campaign

Today’s marketer has more options than ever to reach target audiences. Yet it has never been harder to earn attention and engagement. Mediums such as Social, Native, In-app that didn’t exist a few years ago now compete for attention. These developments mean that while a marketer has more options to reach her target audience it has become more difficult to earn the attention and engagement of that user. What’s a marketer to do?

  • People spend more time with physical advertising than digital – Temple University, USPS • People have a stronger emotional response to physical ads and remember them better – Temple University, USPS
  • Because direct mail is tactile, it’s harder to ignore • You can use QR Code® barcodes, near field communication (NFC), or augmented reality (AR) to link your direct mail piece to your digital campaigns
  • Direct mail comes in a variety of sizes and formats that can be used to attract attention
  • Direct mail offers additional real estate in which to deliver your marketing message

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5 Tips for combining direct mail with email

As an added bonus, all registrants will receive Nancy’s client workflows. Nancy’s workflows are usually only given to paying clients. These workflows give you the tactics you can implement right away that increase response rates.

    1. Consider delivering critical information in both channels to reinforce the message and increase the likelihood it’ll make an impact
      Have each communications build on the last
      Use direct mail to emphasize a key message or break up the expected routine
      Ensure both email and direct mail adhere to the same graphic standards and reflect the same voice so each piece reinforces and extends your brand promise
      Use direct mail to initiate a conversation with people whose email addresses you do not yet have, or who have repeatedly not responded to your emails.

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Top 3 Direct Mail Acquisition Best Practices

Remember the 40/40/20 Rule. 40% of a mailer’s success will come from the list (targeting the right prospects at the right time); 40% from the offer (compelling and relevant offers are the best); and 20% from the creative (the copy and artwork must be attention-getting and motivating).

“Eye Magnet Words” like announcing, introducing, new, now and free have been scientifically proven to attract above average readership. And the words easy, quick and improved have been shown to lift product sales. Use them. The Principle of Social Proof states that when people are uncertain about what action to take, they do what others like them do. Therefore use techniques like customer testimonials or stating the number of satisfied customers a brand has. This will increase the mail piece’s response.

Join the full webinar to learn more from Nancy on how to choose the tactics that work and to deliver higher performing response rates than your peers.

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