10 Easter Marketing Ideas and Promotions to Increase Sales

Easter is easily one of the most profitable holidays of the year for any company. 

Chocolate eggs, baskets filled with goodies, the famous Easter egg hunt, and other easter marketing ideas make this time of year exceptional.

Easter specials, promotions, and giveaways can help expand business growth, but it’s critical to understand the most effective Easter marketing ideas and how to use them in your business as a marketer.

Gain recognition from a broader audience by selecting a powerful campaign that influences your customers along their buyer’s journey. 

The Best Easter Marketing Ideas

Here are some of the best ways to target existing and potential customers by capitalizing on the holiday retail store rush:

1. Easter Egg Postcards

Postcards are an excellent way for a business to reach the intended audience by extending a special offer that will likely get their attention. Using postcards shaped like Easter eggs is fun, and it’s something that can promote your offer while standing out from the rest of the mail that gets tossed aside. It’s also a little fun and unexpected gesture that your customers so appreciate. 

You can drive customers to visit your store by including a special discount code or prize code on the postcard. Once they arrive in-store, they can have the cashier check the unique code to see if they won a special surprise, or they can use the discount code with their purchase. 

For virtual traffic, add a QR code or a pURL to the postcard and direct them to your site’s landing page for them to claim an item. 

Either way, postcards are one of the most effective and cost-efficient methods to bring in more traffic around the Easter holiday. It allows companies to send a specific message to the customers they think are most likely to purchase. 

Consider the following: 

  • Create a customer persona to find out who you’re marketing to, what they want, and how you can solve their problem(s)
  • Encourage immediate responses by applying a time limit to their offer
  • Create a thoughtfully designed post ars that commands attention for your offer. It should have a bold call to action and a captivating headline
  • Select a pool of customers that are VIPs, so to speak; these are your best customers 

It’s okay to start small and see what the response rate is so that you can make any necessary adjustments to make this endeavor more successful and expansive.

2. Easter Greeting Card

Everyone loves a greeting card! 

A branded card from your company is a wonderful way to show loyal customers that you appreciate their business. This cost-effective mechanism is on track with how popular print is becoming to aid online advertising strategies. Think of it as covering all your bases and setting yourself apart from the competition. 

Wish the customer a Happy Easter with friends and family, and thank them while also taking the opportunity to motivate any sales you have coming up. 

Get the most out of your Easter greeting card by: 

  • Become familiar with Easter values that your client base has, and let those be reflected in the Easter greeting card
  • Be sure that the design of the card matches your brand vision and style
  • Consider playing around with foiling, elegant designs, and other small details that may make your card especially, special
  • Always include a handwritten note with a personal message that doesn’t seem cheesy. If that’s impractical for every customer, at least extend the gesture to the top 30 customers
  • Refer them to your website or store to take advantage of special Easter discounts and savings, or offer a freebie such as a free Easter mug or other items particular to the season
  • Ensure that you send your greeting cards out before the holiday so that they have time to visit the store or site and take advantage of the sale

3. Send an Easter Letter

Getting a letter from the Easter bunny is always fun, and it can be great for families that have children. This marketing idea is fairly straightforward and follows many of the same tactics as the postcard and the greeting card as far as style and design are concerned. Nonetheless, you can do this in a few ways. 

For example, if you have your customer’s data and know that they have children, it’s a nice gesture to send them an Easter letter with a special code for children’s items. This letter can be a keepsake for the child and a treat for mom or dad. 

4. Easter Giveaway

Giveaways are feel-good easter marketing ideas.

Use a combination of social media, direct mail and email to your advantage. This is beneficial because you can reach a wide number of existing and potential customers on various locations. An interactive Easter giveaway with special prizes will boost your brand awareness, gain followers, and get to know your customers better. 

Ideas such as a box of chocolate Easter eggs, an Easter egg decoration kit, chocolate bunnies, candy, and special Easter gift cards will attract customers. A virtual Easter egg hunt is a fun way to kick off a giveaway and get customers excited about trying to win something without spending money. 

You could even assemble an Easter basket filled with your products and typical Easter gifts. Use some of the best-selling items from your business as a giveaway, add Easter eggs, and voilà! 

5. Easter Promotion

Even though Easter isn’t as big of a holiday as Christmas, it’s still a great time to offer an exclusive Easter promotion to encourage sales and increase profit. You can adjust your Easter campaign around specific components that resonate with the consumers. 

A seasonal offer puts your brand directly in front of customers, and honestly, they’re already waiting for a promotion anyhow! Capitalize off of that by offering promo codes and discounts when a customer signs up on your website, and you get their email address. You can extend your email list and also convert leads into sales. 

Be sure that your offers are visually engaging

Create drip campaigns for Easter

6. Limited Edition Easter Marketing Campaign

If executed correctly, Easter bundles can be a beneficial Easter promotion idea.

Furthermore, the element of a limited edition really appeals to bargain shoppers. Usually, bundles are promoted with a small discount; however, the bundle should have so much of a discount that you fail to make a profit.

Moreover, when it comes to the term “limited edition,” you have complete control over how this applies to your company. For instance, you can limit the number of bundles that you have available and sell them on a first-come, first-serve basis. This will drive up sales. Alternatively, your company could limit the sale of the bundles based on the date of expiration.

A seasonal or Easter theme is a terrific occasion to cross-sell or up-sell discounted products with your premium-priced products. Put together a unique Easter basket of products. 

Presenting premium products at the end of the checkout or bundling products together is a great way to drum up sales and even make several sales instead of just selling one discounted product.

The approach always allows you to advertise your bundle package as an exclusive limited-time offer. Customers are sure to buy products from you if they are under the impression that your offer or Easter promotion will be leaving soon. Creating a sense of urgency is a strategic way to maximize the potential profits that you can earn from these offers.

7. Showcase User-Generated Content

It’s important to realize the importance of customer relationships for local businesses and multinational corporations alike. Cultivating and nurturing these relationships is essential. These relationships are established on customer loyalty, trust, and authenticity. 

What’s more, user-generated content (UGC) is a great way to show authenticity. Using Social media posts in conjunction with UGC fulfills a particular niche because it’s an awesome way to showcase your business authentically.

You can use holidays and other special occasions to advertise and even interact with your customers via social media. This is the kind of thing that builds rapport with your customers. 

For this reason, having a palpable presence on social media where your brand can be seen and shared in an environment that engenders authenticity. Being visible in networks such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram increases engagement and, by extension, holiday sales.

By infusing the Easter holiday and all of its themes and traditions with your business and social media, you can capitalize on the excitement of the day. 

During all of your capitalizing, don’t forget about the most important portion of your Easter holiday campaign—the prize. Having Easter baskets, gift cards, chocolate eggs, and the like are great prizes for your Easter promotions.

To maximize your lead generation, share a direct link to your Easter contest on your social media outlets. This will no doubt help you to convert followers into legitimate leads.

8. Send Easter Recipes

Outside of the traditional Easter eggs, there are many popular Easter meals that we have come to love and enjoy. Engage with your users by offering them exciting Easter dinner recipes ideas for the holiday.

Moreover, make sure you share these new ideas and tips on social media. Be sure that the recipes and tips are accompanied by pertinent visuals such as photos, graphic design, or even a how-to video. 

Providing an aesthetically pleasing visual will go a long way to increase engagement with your audience much more effectively and faster.

If pulling something like this off sounds a bit overwhelming, don’t worry. This awesome letter or postcard visual designer can help you produce pro-quality recipe designs. 

Email and direct mail automation 5 easy ways

9. Double Down on Emails and Direct Mail

Another effective method of communication is email, especially when paired with direct mail.

An effective marketing strategy that you can employ is to create an email with your Easter promotions and deals and then retarget non-responders with direct mail.

Be sure to include an eye-catching subject line. 

Remember that your email will have to compete with other emails for your customers’ attention. So crafting an email with a catchy subject line is essential.

You can even try adding some loyalty points to customers’ wallets. You can also motivate them by creating urgency through your promotions. For example, simply placing a validity period for the points added will cause them to begin shopping a lot earlier.

Below is a list of visual elements that you can consider including in your Easter promotional direct mail:

  • Easter food
  • Candy
  • Family
  • Chocolate that’s Easter-themed (eggs or bunnies)
  • Spring flowers
  • Pastel colors such as pink, blue, purple, green, orange, and yellow
  • Easter egg hunts
  • Bunnies
  • Beautifully adorned Easter baskets full of candy, toys, and eggs
  • Easter eggs (brightly decorated)

10. Retarget Your Website Visitors with Easter Direct Mail

Holidays inherently call to memory feelings of nostalgia and wonderful memories, and this is a great time to connect with your audience. It’s wise to develop and design your 2022 East direct mail to deliver maximum impact. The Easter holiday is one of the times that you should connect with your audience.

Automated direct mail retargeting has its purpose; it is a way to increase brand awareness and even credibility with your customers by sending them relevant direct mails to your website visitors—who have yet to be placed on your mailing list.

This is one of the most effective and personal ways to target your consumers who have visited your site and browsed your product library for whatever reason didn’t make a purchase. It effectively elevates leads, increases sales, and improves your company’s overall closing rate.

If you are at a loss for how to grow your digital marketing popularity, direct mail retargeting has been proven to work eight times better than digital retargeting ads.

Easter Marketing Ideas: Final Thoughts

Easter is a time when you can run several marketing campaigns to drum up sales. However, there has to be some tact when doing so, and the correct channels needed to carry out the plan have to be identified before settling on a marketing idea. As we’ve demonstrated, Easter marketing campaigns have changed a ton over the years.

Remember that you have a myriad of Easter marketing ideas at your disposal. The best campaigns will be appealing to your audience and draw in new customers. You can achieve this by using discounts, gifts, or a combination of the two for the duration of the Easter sales season—with strategic planning, of course.