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Create Easter Greeting Cards Now

Why create personalized Easter greeting cards?

The holidays are a perfect time to reach customers, and Easter is no different. According to the National Retail Federation, 80% of Americans celebrate the holiday, spending an estimated $18.4 billion on Easter gifts. For many people, holidays like Easter evoke strong feelings and bring back happy memories for many peoples. As marketers, we can harness the power of the holidays to connect with our target audiences. One of the best ways is to use the postcard templates that Postalytics offers to connect with leads and customers. These postcards come in various shapes and sizes so that you can find the perfect template for your needs.

Personalize with the visual editor

Use Postalytics’ free Easter postcard editor to add Easter discounts or rich calls to actions that meets your goals. The intuitive postcard editing tools make customization easy and let you add QR codes and pURLs.

Print and send a campaign quickly

It is easy to design, print, and mail Easter campaigns yourself without the need to pay an agency. Campaigns that would normally take 4-6 weeks to complete can now be done in just 1-2 hours.

Track your Easter cards

We make it easy to track your cards with our campaign dashboard. You can see the status of the cards and track how each recipient is responding. We offer optional response tracking that allows you to monitor the effectiveness of the cards on your website.

Integrate with other marketing tools

Use Postalytics to analyze the effectiveness of your direct mail campaigns. With integrations with HubSpot, Salesforce, ActiveCampaign, and Infusionsoft, our direct mail software is compatible with hundreds of sales tools.

How To Create Easter Greeting Cards in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Sign up for your free account

    Sign up for a free Postalytics plan to start personalizing your Easter Greeting cards.

  2. Design your Easter greeting cards online

    Use our built-in postcard design tools and a page of pre-made Easter card templates to choose from.

  3. Approve, schedule and mail postcards

    When your Easter greeting cards are ready, approve them and schedule their printing and mailing through Postalytics.

Create Easter Greeting Cards Now

Make free Easter cards online

When customers begin their Easter shopping, you want to be top of mind. . A far more effective tool is the Postalytics’ free 6×11 postcard template. This template features pastel colors and an Easter bunny, so your audience will know it’s an Easter card from the first glance.

Happy Mother’s Day card ideas

If you’re looking to create a Mother’s Day campaign quickly, you have no time to waste. Consumers are often last-minute shoppers, and you can make their Mother’s Day choices easier. Show off what you have to offer, why your products are better than the competition, and why they should shop with you. A great way to do that is through direct mail like postcards. Let’s look at some of the opportunities and Mother’s Day card ideas.

As a Postalytics customer, you can log in and access the templates on the Pre-Built Templates page. There are also 4×6 and 6×9 sizes available in the template gallery. Our templates are inspiring and provide a great starting point. Your card doesn’t need to be religious or feature bunnies or eggs. You can change and customize the content to what you prefer best.

Printable Easter cards

For high-quality printing and expertise, you need a commercial printer for your Easter cards. Postalytics saves you the hassle of sourcing a printer and dealing with a difficult process. We handle all the printing, ensuring you save time and money. You won’t need to search for a printer to obtain the best price.

Easter card messages and blessings

Are you looking for inspiration for a message to include with your Easter cards promotion? Sending the wrong holiday card message and blessings for the holidays can offend your client or if they feel the gesture is inappropriate or culturally insensitive. If you are not sure they celebrate Easter you may choose to stick to a more generic greeting like “Happy Holidays” or “Just wanted to send you a warm spring greeting and wish you a Happy Easter!”

Wish happy Easter to family and friends a Happy Easter

If you send a handwritten Easter greeting card to your family and friends to wish them a happy Easter and celebrate, you can’t be sure if it arrived. The same is true for marketers who send Easter greeting cards to customers, former customers, and the family of prospects. However, Postalytics’ automatic tracking solves this problem thanks to trackable personalized URLs and QR codes built into our design tools.

Surprise your leads with free Easter greeting cards

Spring is a great time to launch new products, and Easter is the perfect opportunity to draw attention to your stores. For example, you can launch your exclusive new collection on this occasion.

Ready to create Easter greeting cards?

Postcards could be a great option for your next Easter campaign. Check out this demo to learn more about designing, printing, and sending postcards. Or sign up with Postalytics today and send a sample postcard to try out our fantastic direct mail service and experience the many benefits.


How to make Easter greeting cards for Easter?

Our drag-and-drop postcard editor allows you to design your postcard without the need for expensive design software. With our easy-to-use tool, you can personalize your postcards for specific recipients or groups of recipients to showcase special Easter offers, gifts or messages.

What to say on Easter greeting cards?

When sending an Easter greeting card, the greeting should be simple. It’s also good to offer gift items with a purchase if you want to include a product offering in the card.

Can I send easter greeting cards in bulk?

Want to mail more than one recipient? Postalytics offers a service that lets you send your cards in bulk – to any address in the US and Canada. Just choose the recipients and the number of cards you want to send them, and we will take care of the rest.