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Direct Mail Postcard Templates

Use Direct Mail Postcard Templates from Postalytics

Create Direct Mail Postcard Templates

Postcards are a very effective direct marketing tool for businesses. Now with Postalytics’ free online software, you can build direct mail postcards that you can use across an unlimited number of campaigns. You can use editable mailing postcard templates or create your own direct mail postcard templates. It’s easy using the intuitive drag-and-drop design tools.

You can save and reuse templates by storing them in a library too. The idea is that anybody who can put together an email will also be able to make a good looking, effective direct mail postcard. 

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Choose a Templates From Our Library

Need to get your postcard campaign done quickly? You don’t need a design agency anymore as Postalytics has hundreds of prebuilt quality templates for you to choose from and customize. This will help launch your marketing strategy and achieve a greater return on investment.

We Make it Easy to Edit

We design postcard templates that are perfect for any of your direct-mail marketing needs. You can change the font, colors, or pictures to fit any event or brand with intuitive editing tools. Even those without any design skills will find our tools easy to use.

Make Your Own Postcard Template

Postalytics combines online and offline design. You can create or edit your mail piece entirely online or combine your work with other images your team has designed offline using Adobe or InDesign.

Connect With Your Customers

Postalytics’ Variable Logic tools uses your data, together with Variable Data Personalization, to help you create highly personalized postcards for your prospects. You can personalize every message by first name or any other variable in your CRM using a single template.

How Our Templates Help You Save

If you’re looking for the cheapest postage rates to mail your direct mail postcards, Postalytics can help. We have mailing postcard templates designed to follow all of the requirements set by the USPS to qualify for their lower rates.

Reuse Your Templates

We know you’re busy, so we make it easy for you. Our postcard advertising templates are reusable and customizable for any campaign. You can reuse the same template and just modify slightly using different images and text for each postcard mailing.


How to design a template direct mail?

Postalytics offers a variety of methods to create postcard templates. You can use our intuitive and easy-to-use Direct Mail Postcard Editor to build a template from scratch. Or, select a quick-to-customize template from our gallery. We invite you to send a sample postcard.

What is direct mail template for sales?

Direct mail is a marketing tactic where businesses send messages to their customers or potential clients in the mail to drive sales. Advertising postcards, holiday postcards, and real estate postcards are examples of marketing messages that can be sent using this strategy. Postalytics templates can be saved and used across an unlimited number of campaigns. These direct mail templates are kept in a library where they can be edited, copied and managed on an ongoing basis.

How to design a postcard template direct mail?

It’s easier than ever to design a postcard template for your direct mail campaigns with Postalytics’ tools and templates. You can upload your own content to a template or use one of our pre-made templates.

How to make a direct mail print templates?

With Postalytics, you have an end-to-end solution to create, design, edit, proof and print direct mail postcards from your online postcard template. Get your direct mail printing and shipping done fast and easy. You can get high-quality printing and shipping without minimum order quantities. Mailing a postcard has never been more affordable.