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Design Thank You Postcards for Clients

There are always challenges during the holiday season. Trying to end the year with a bang while also juggling vacation schedules and holiday promotions can be stressful. But it’s important to take a moment and thank those who helped make your business or brand a success during the year.

Sending a thank-you email can feel impersonal and won’t have much of an impact. Instead, send customers a personalized thank you photo postcard to show them that you care. You could include a coupon or discount for their next purchase in the thank you card to encourage them to return soon. Postalytics provides businesses with a fast, affordable, scalable way to send out postcards to thank their most valued clients or vendors.

Make a Thank You Postcard Online

We’ve created a library of quality thank you postcard templates you can use as-is, with a drag-and-drop interface to customize the copy or colors. 

Create Your Own Holiday Postcard Template

The Direct Mail Editor tool gives you everything you need to create direct mail postcards templates you can use repeatedly.

Make it Personal

Sending personalized client thank you postcards is easier than ever with our variable data tools that sync with your CRM.

Easy and Affordable Mail Campaigns 

Our printing, postage and mailing partnerships gives you access to the huge savings we pass along to our customers.

How to Make Your Own Thank You Postcards

  1. Free sign up! 

    Sign up for a free account with Postalytics. Once registered, upload your customer list.

  2. Start the design process

    Get going right away by clicking on the “Start Designing” button in the “Build Postcard Or Letter” tile.

  3. Choose a template

    Use the pre-built template, the intuitive online editor to create a new template or the offline option to make a thank you postcard. Postcard size options are 4×6, 6×9, and 6×11 (landscape or portrait).

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Why Choose Thank-You Postcards? 

Postcards are a marketing tool that can be a lifesaver for a company. They are an easy and cost-effective way to keep in touch with your prospects. Personalization sets them apart from everything else that a customer receives, however. It can be the difference between a postcard being tossed or kept by your client. Had a good year thanks to your clients’ support? An HVAC postcard, insurance postcard or real estate postcard work well for these sectors. 

Postalytics Postcard Templates

You don’t need any design skills or experience to create the best thank you postcards for your business. You can access over 200,000 high-resolution images from our library. Our design team has created stunning prebuilt postcard templates for all of your holiday needs. Easily change the font, color, or pictures on any postcard template. Add special touches like text shadows, borders, and other details to make it perfect. You can also create your own thank postcard template with just a few clicks. There’s also the option to build the template offline, which many in-house designers prefer. The bonus is that you still get access to the cost-savings, personalization and tracking tools from Postalytics. 

Personalization Made Easy

Postalytics is the easy and affordable way to customize your thank you photo postcards with personalized data. This includes your recipient’s first name and any other relevant information you choose in your CRM program. This holiday season, there are many reasons to sign up for Postalytics, such as making your own personalized postcards

How We Save You Money

If you’re sending a direct mail piece that doesn’t meet the USPS’s size requirements, you’ll have to pay more to ship it. Our Postalytics postcard templates ensure preferential direct mail pricing, so your postage costs stay low. We design them as a standard size of 4.25 x 6 inches which the USPS classifies as a “postcard” and assigns special postage rates and first-class mail.  You can also use a 6×9 inch or a 6×11 inch postcard template that still falls into the USPS’s “machinable letter” category if you choose. Other savings? We give you the tools to design your own thank you postcard so you won’t need a design or marketing agency. 

Ready To Create Your Own Postcard?

Check out our demo video and discover everything you need to know about creating thank you postcards and our other automation and tracking tools. You can also send a postcard sample to see how it works. 


How to create thank you postcards?

Want to create your own thank you postcard? Our postcard templates make it so easy. Just use our online design tool and create your postcard template and customize with your own logo and text. You can even change the thank you postcard design features to match your company, industry, or brand style. 

How to design thank you postcards?

We’ve taken the trouble and costs of designing thank you postcards off your plate. Postalytics’ customizable thank you postcard templates allow you to connect with customers through excellent personalized direct mail material. Our intuitive design tools have changed the game of postcard marketing for brands of all sizes.

What to include in a thank you postcard?

Greet your customer by name. For those who use Postalytics, this is automated and possible because we sync with your CRM. As you thank them, be clear and thoughtful about why you’re sending the postcard and include information about why you appreciate their support. Always repeat your thanks before ending the message. Everything else you need to consider is also in our online thank you postcard maker templates. 

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