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Brochure Maker for Your Business

Brochures and pamphlets are valuable tools for communicating your products to your prospects and customers. They can be used as a reference for all your products or as a way to send information about your business to prospects through a direct mail campaign. How do they give your business the edge? They help you increase leads by showing that you are professional, reliable, and committed to quality. 

But who should design and print them, you or an agency? Postalytics offers template designs that can be customized to fit your needs. As the business owner, you know your customers and the market best, so why outsource the design of your marketing material to an agency when you can make your own brochures and save money doing so?

Save Money, Design In-house

Say goodbye to expensive design studios for brochure design. Postalytics offers templates and an online brochure maker for you to create brochures so easily.

Build Credibility

When your marketing is delivered through a professional design, it conveys that you care about your business and are willing to invest in it.

Tell Your Story

Brochures and pamphlets are the best way to convey your message succinctly. They can be used to create coupons or discounts, too.

Optimize for Impact

You can now create brochures that speak directly to your target demographic. Instead of printing thousands of copies, you can design and print them on-demand.

How to Make Your Own Brochures

  1. Sign up to Postalytics

    Sign up for our free plan to get access to intuitive, drag-and-drop design templates.

  2. Explore brochure designs

    To create your brochure, go to “build offline”. Click “create” and choose a template size. Select the images you want to upload. Explore the editor tools.

  3. Ready, proof, go

    With the “proof” button, you can make sure your design and copy are on point, and you’re all set. Ship it to your leads, prospects and customers.

Create Your Brochures Now

The Power of Direct Mail Brochures

Brochures are an excellent tool for small and emerging businesses that want to compete with big companies. Their eye-catching graphics and informative content help capture the attention of potential customers.

For a long time, brochures have been a popular way to communicate with potential customers. Their benefits still stand in this age of technology. You can’t beat the brochure when it comes to giving information meaning. It’s right in front of the customer and easy to access when they need it. Plus, it’s something they can pass along to friends.

There are two easy ways to make a brochure with Postalytics. You can either start from scratch or use the Direct Mail Editor. Both involve an intuitive process that makes it easy for you, even if you don’t have any design training or experience. You can build brochures and then save them and reuse them campaign after campaign. 

Let’s explore your options for using the Postalytics brochure maker tools.

Create Brochures Using Professional Templates

The first option is to use one of our professionally designed and easy-to-edit templates. Whether you want to create your own brochure online for your business or are looking for an easy way to send one to customers, these templates are the perfect starting point. With this option, you can change the font, color, or images of your brochure. You can also add text shadows, borders, and other details to make your brochure stand out.

To help you out, we have included specific features in our brochure templates. For example, Calls To Action (CTAs) are featured as design elements in our pre-built templates. You can customize your brochure and add a tracking code. We recommend you add QR or URL codes on the front or back of the brochure.

With our templates, you get to choose which photos will appear on the front and back of the template. You can even customize your designs by removing an image and uploading your own. Our templates are made with over 200,000 high-resolution images from our library of fantastic photos.

Don’t have the confidence to design a brochure? You’re not alone. That’s why we have developed dozens of brochures with design features we know work for marketing purposes for you. Our team of graphic designers is adding to them all the time.

Build Direct Mail Brochure Templates From Scratch

With a click of a button, you can create your own postcard from a template. Choose a template from our menu and then the size you want. There are many sizes to choose from, 4×6, 6×9, and 6×11 in landscape or portrait. 

One click on the “build” button, and you can start adding borders, images, and other elements to your design. You can change the letter spacing, text color, and font family to align with your company’s branding.

Make Direct Mail Brochures With Other Design Tools

The versatility of Postalytics template options is evident with the third postcard design option. You can quickly build direct mail postcards offline

A lot of designers prefer using familiar “offline” tools for designing images and fonts. For example, Adobe® Creative Cloud®. Postcard templates can then be finalized and proofed in the Postalytics online editor. It’s an excellent choice to get the benefits of powerful tools such as CRM integration, tracking, and personalization from Postalytics.

Deep Dive: Postalytics Brochure Maker

The Postalytics design editor is a potent tool. Let’s explore how you can use it to make a professional, impactful-looking mail piece. 

  • You can easily edit your brochure by clicking on content blocks and adding your text. 
  • Use the simple personalization tools to make the template unique.
  • Insert a variable data token for a name, a title, a special, or other information.
  • Maintain quality because safeguards are built into the templates. Proofing is done by generating pdfs, so you can always view your finished product.
  • Keep template designs in a library to use them as often as you like. 

Every Postalytics plan, including the free one, gives you access to an unlimited number of personalized URLs or pearls and QR codes. So how does it work once you have created and designed your awesome brochure? We take the hassle out of the following steps too. Using our secure website, you can schedule your brochure to be sent to our approved printers, part of our nationwide print delivery network. Your brochures will be delivered within a few days – you won’t have the usual week-long delays of a traditional brochure production cycle. 

And then there are the smarts you can engage to really make your brochure direct marketing campaign connect and convert. For example, the Smart Send Campaigns empower your business or brand to create multiple-touch campaigns, including targeted ones to non-responders only. Find out more about our direct marketing trigger campaigns.

Design Your Own Brochures Easy

To start, you must work out who you are targeting. If you want to target more than one group, don’t worry! Our brochure templates make it easy to reuse the design repeatedly; just try one to start.

There are many different ways to communicate with customers. For some, simple copy may be enough; for others, like an insurance brochure, it may require more detailed information. Whatever strategy you use, make sure it is concise.

When designing a brochure, color is what people will see first. Choosing the right shade can convey more than just aesthetics; it builds a connection with your brand. It’s essential to follow the guidelines for your company.

The reason you’re designing your brochure is to encourage your readers to take action. To accomplish that goal, you want to make your Call To Action (CTA) stand out from the rest of the text in the brochure. Our templates are designed with CTAs, so you don’t have to worry about getting it right. Just fill in the text, and you’re on your way.

Send Sample Brochures for Yourself

If you want to get your marketing efforts going quickly, sign up and choose ‘send me samples’ to send a brochure. You will be prompted through a simple wizard to create your first Smart Send campaign.

When you’re ready to send your direct mail, upload it and set up the campaign yourself. You can track everything from the response to the turnaround time for delivery and even include a link to get feedback to improve your campaign with a landing page. Your brochure samples will arrive in one week or less after you place your order.

Automate Brochure Campaigns

Postalytics is an incredibly easy-to-use tool for any business looking to cut down on their time spent with direct mail marketing. With our templates and integration with your other channels, you can create a campaign in minutes instead of weeks. You can also get the analysis never before available with this type of marketing.

Postalytics can help you get the word out. We handle the direct mail printing, sorting, and delivery for your company. When you use Postalytics to print your brochures, we use our nationwide delivery network to intelligently route your mail to the addresses in your CRM.

It’s never been easier to get a brochure campaign off the ground. Use the Postalytics Direct Mail Editor to create your brochure template quickly. Build a brochure from scratch, choose from our library of prebuilt brochure templates, or upload your own artwork designed in an offline tool.

HVAC, Insurance and Real Estate Brochures in One Dashboard

Postalytics has created templates that are ready to roll if you’re in the HVAC, insurance or real estate business. 

Designing real estate brochures: Sell your properties with our professional brochure templates. Include high-quality pictures of the property you are selling. Just add your text, images, and details, and you’ll have a selling tool that works. 

Designing insurance brochures: A brochure can be used to inform leads about different insurance options. You can either turn them into a prospective client with a new policy or provide an upgrade with more comprehensive coverage if they’re an existing client.

Designing HVAC brochures: We can help you design, print, and post targeted, seasonal heating and cooling campaigns. It’s perfect for HVAC businesses of all sizes.

Ready To Create Your Own Brochure?

You can make your own brochure! Brochures are a winning way to get your marketing message across. They’re great for reaching out to new audiences, and they’re a beautiful, visual way of sharing your company’s story. Check out our demo to discover how Postalytics will change the way you work.


How to create brochures?

Why pay hefty fees when you could do it yourself? Postalytics Drag-n-Drop Direct Mail Editor empowers business owners to create brochures quickly. You can also personalize them for every customer. The Postalytics variable logic builder tool enables personalized brochures with custom offers or messages to be sent out to individual clients.

How to design brochures?

Our design tools are intuitive, creative and will revolutionize the way you design brochures. Our graphic designers have created a gallery of brochure templates that you can personalize for your own brand. These templates provide all the elements you need to design a brochure that will reel in customers. Using the brochure template, you can pull together a compelling design that works for your company in no time at all. Our customers include those who want quality insurance brochure templates, real estate brochures, restaurant brochures, HVAC brochures and other sectors.

What to include in a brochure?

On the front of the brochure, include your company name, logo, and tagline. Add a short opening paragraph that describes what your business offers. If you’re using the brochure to promote your business, consider including announcements, coupons, new product introductions, and limited-time deals.