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Direct Mail Coupon Campaigns

Coupons can play a significant role in the success of your direct mail campaign if you are looking to reward your customers for their loyalty or trying to lure them away from the competition.

While there used to be a misconception that offering discounts could make your product seem cheaper. An intelligent coupon marketing strategy will still generate revenue with new customers coming through the door. Coupon auditors report that 94% of consumers use coupons.

Postalytics makes it easy and affordable to implement a professional direct marketing coupon strategy for businesses and brands of all sizes looking to improve sales through direct mail marketing.

Create in minutes

We make it simple to create postcards. Add your logo, photos, and coupon text in seconds using Postaltytics editing tools, and design your postcard template within minutes.

Track coupon redemption

Use QR codes to track coupon redemption rates. With Postalytics, you can see how potential customers respond to your coupon offer.

Seamless CRM integrations

Data silos are a thing of the past. Your company’s data and coupon campaign information is available in one dashboard and synced with CRM with insights, reports, charts, etc.

Automated direct mail

With our direct mail automation tools, you can personalize direct mail material and measure the online impact of your coupon marketing campaigns.

How To Send Direct Mail Coupons in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Open your free account

    Sign up for a free Postalytics direct mail account and start creating a coupon campaign using a prebuilt postcard template or creating your own online.

  2. Target your prospects

    Choose a mailing list or use a list provided by Postalytics and create a coupon offer that is useful for your customers.

  3. Send out your coupon campaign

    Review the design of your postcard, and Postalytics will take care of the printing and mailing so you can boost sales thanks to your coupon campaign within a few days.

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Local businesses direct mail coupons

Coupon advertising is not just a way to attract price-conscious bargain hunters. Many advertisers use coupons to drive brand discovery or as a reminder ad to generate repeat sales among former customers. Coupons can be a long-term investment in building a customer base for local businesses.

Whether you are opening a brand new business, updating your location, or operating in a new service area, there’s always an opportunity to introduce yourself to new potential customers and show them what you offer.

Local businesses can stand out with direct mail

It’s hard to stand out in the land of digital marketing. Think about how many promotional emails you receive every day, with most ending up in the trash. A physical direct mail piece to a potential customer is more effective than an email.

According to the Local Marketing Institute, the open rate of a direct mail piece is 66%, while the average open rate of an email is only 21%. Instead of email marketing, use direct mail coupons to attract new and returning customers and influence where potential customers shop locally and what they buy.

Send a targeted local coupon campaign

Postcards are a great medium to send inexpensive and eye-catching coupon ads. With Postalytics, you can create, design, print, and send a local postcard online in minutes.

Our easy-to-use online targeting tool provides criteria you can select to target your mailing locally. You can search by city, ZIP, and even housing types such as houses or apartments. You can create a direct mail coupon template tailored to the recipient’s needs if you know the exact details about the consumers you are sending your mailings to.

Free direct mail coupons

Mailing a free-with-purchase coupon entitles a buyer to receive something for free with a specific purchase. A gift with purchase offer is designed to provide value to your customer. It’s even better than offering a discount as consumers like receiving a free product, and you can protect your margins.

Coupon design made easy

An eye-catching call to action is essential, especially if you want your customers to remember your brand for future purchases. Postalytics has created a library of postcard templates that you can easily customize using intuitive editing tools. We make it easy to add a coupon code into the layout.

The design, printing, and mailing are all done online, so you do not have to deal with design agencies or printers. There are hundreds of free images to choose from in our direct mail marketing templates, or you can upload your own. Designing postcards with a discount code or coupon has never been easier – even for those with no design skills.

Get clicks through coupons

One option is to print a physical coupon on the postcard you send out. This way, your customers can easily hold onto the coupon until they want to redeem it. If you’re going to drive sales faster, Postalytics offers another simple solution- QR codes. QR codes make it easy for prospects to access a coupon code you provide on your website.

With Postalytics, you add your QR codes directly through our visual editor and track how your customers respond to your direct mail marketing offer through your dashboard in Postalytics.

Promotional mail for every business

The aim of a sales promotion is to increase sales or encourage the use or trial of a product or service. The message needs to convince the target audience to buy something from your company using promo codes or coupons.

Buy one, get one free promotions

Buy one, get one free promotion (also known as BOGO) is among the most popular sales promotions used in direct mail marketing. To promote urgency, it is common for BOGO to offer a money discount for a limited time only. In other cases, the promotion boosts sales and empty excess stock. For this reason, a BOGO promotion is often referred to as “self-liquidating.”

Lifestyle coupon discounts

Several times of the year, people tend to make significant purchases, such as back-to-school in September or National Senior Day in August. You can offer promotional advertising offers throughout the year on special days like these to promote your products by using discount codes on coupons.

Ready to send direct mail coupons?

Want to learn more about our easy design and drop automation tools for designing postcard coupons and other cost-effective direct mail postcard needs you may have? Send yourself a postcard sample to see how it works to boost sales and drive response rates through direct mail advertising.


How can I track direct mail coupons?

Thanks to Postalytics, you can track the progress of your direct mail coupon campaign in real-time. We use intelligent mail barcodes, a measurement tool the postal service uses. This United States Postal Service (USPS) tool tracks all mailed items, and as they are scanned, we receive real-time updates from USPS post offices. We sync this USPS information with your CRM so you can see what stage your mailing is at.

What is the redemption rate for direct mail coupons?

Direct mail coupons can be the most effective way to profit from direct marketing. For example, an annual report from the Direct Mail Marketing Association reported an average return on investment (ROI) of 7%. However, the most recent data analysis from Knowledge Networks’ National Shopper Lab reports a high response rate with an ROI of 79% for direct mail coupons. This shows that direct mail coupons can increase your ROI.

Can I mail coupons in bulk?

Sending bulk emails can be difficult. Even if you do everything right, there is no guarantee that your mail will reach the intended recipient. Postalytics takes the guesswork out of bulk mailing. Our software is fully integrated with the USPS, so you can quickly and easily create beautiful and professional-looking mail campaigns. Plus, our rates are unbeatable.