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HVAC Postcard Templates

You Can Create HVAC Postcards Templates with Postalytics

Create and Design HVAC Postcards Templates

Postcards are a popular marketing tactic in the heating and air conditioning field. They work to reach new leads or retain current customers. But, to get an ROI from your ac ads in the competitive HVAC industry, you could use postcard templates that will specifically work for your needs. Postalytics offers creative postcard templates that you can customize online and tailor them for your HVAC direct mail marketing campaigns. 

Templates are reusable creative elements that form the look and feel of the postcards you use in your HVAC direct mail campaigns. Once you have designed a template it stays in “edit” mode until they are “proofed”, at which point they are locked from further editing. Templates can be used in your HVAC postcard campaigns only after they have been proofed. You’ve got the HVAC promotional ideas; we’ve got templates to help you make them happen. 

Reach Out With Personalized Messages

Wouldn’t it be great if you could convey your HVAC business’s message and send it in a personal way? Now, with Postalytics, you can. Templates can include variable data so you can create special offers or messages for individuals or groups using the same template.

Pre-built Templates for HVAC Direct Mail 

We’ve made things simple and convenient for you. Our creative designers have already created pre-built templates for postcards that your HVAC business can easily modify and personalize for your needs.

Get Creative and Make Your Own Templates

You can also use the streamlined Direct Mail Editor to build a template from scratch or build offline, using the Postalytics Style Guide to build all. or part of. your template in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign. Your designer can design images, upload them and use them in templates super-fast.

How Templates Save You Money

According to the USPS, a “Postcard” is a specific item. It is rectangular and has a set of exact dimensions. “Postcards” qualify for a lower postage rate and first-class postage with them. Using our postcard makers, you will make sure you get it right every time.

Customize HVAC Postcard Templates

You can reuse your template for any air conditioner ads or campaign. You will need to change the design and wording for different campaigns, such as a promo for a free HVAC inspection or a discount on repairs and maintenance if they sign up for an annual program.

Reuse Your Templates 

Simply make a copy of your HVAC postcard template, and then make your modifications. The drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to make changes, such as resizing or dropping in a QR code. Save it, proof it, and then use it in a postcard campaign.


How to create HVAC postcard templates?

You can take advantage of the streamlined process in Postalytics to build a template for your HVAC postcard advertising in just a few clicks. Use a pre-built template, create your own or build it offline. Give it a try and send a postcard sample.

How to design HVAC postcard templates?

With Postalytics, we’ve taken care of the design of postcard templates because our talented designers have already done all the work for you for your heating and cooling ads. You can customize your design, however, and make your own template. Change colors, fonts, resize elements, change images and more to create a unique postcard template for your aircon business.

What to include in a HVAC postcard template?

When customizing your postcard template, make sure to include your company name, logo, and tagline.