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Restaurant Brochure Maker for Your Business

One of the most effective ways to market your restaurant is through brochure distribution. Flyers are an excellent way to spread the word about your restaurant, generate new customers, and keep current customers thinking about your venue.

Why would a brochure be the best tool for your restaurant business when digital marketing is what everyone’s talking about? Turns out there are many benefits to using brochures. For one, they’re surprisingly affordable. And to save even more, you can create your own brochure or menu for your restaurant with Postalytics’ creative design templates.

Let’s look at why producing restaurant or food brochures could be a game-changer for your diner, café or eatery.

Stay Top of Mind

A brochure is a physical item people can pin to their refrigerator, so it’s there for them the next time they want takeout or to eat in at a restaurant.

In-house Professional Direct Marketing 

With Postalytics, you can always find fresh and vibrant design templates for restaurant brochures without the need to use expensive marketing agencies.

Insights You Can Use

You want to know the success rate of your brochure, right? We can track it for you and share who responds. 

Printing and Mailing

We’ll do all the hard work for you! We can print and ship your brochure campaign for you.

How to Create Your Restaurant Brochure

  1. Sign up to Postalytics for free

    Get access to marketing templates that are intuitively designed and easy to customize with drag-and-drop features when you sign up.

  2. Get started designing restaurant brochures

    Create your own brochure online. Upload your logo, choose colors, and upload pictures of your dishes.

  3. Personalize your material

    Use the online editor tools to change text and add information. We recommend you personalize your brochure too with tracking tools and QR codes. 

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Boost Restaurant Bookings and Sales

How do you get your guests to come into your restaurant? Maybe they’re new customers, and they’re not sure what you have to offer. Perhaps they’re regulars, and they’re hungry for more information. Whatever the case may be, restaurant brochures will help you promote your awesome nightly specials, 2-for-1 offers and any other marketing campaigns that you know work. Our tools can be used to make real estate brochures, HVAC brochures, and insurance brochures too.

Full Direct Mail Service

With Postalytics, you can design and print brochures for less than you think and even email targeted campaigns to customers. You can personalize your brochures with your CRM data, and recipients will feel like they’re getting offers tailored just for them! Our automated direct marketing tools will drive your brochures to reach customers and are a game-changer for restaurants. 

Empowering Restaurant Marketers

We know the margins at restaurants are tight. Now you can avoid working with outside marketing agencies that charge you a fortune to design a brochure, restaurant postcard or flyer. Our easy online design platform is an easy and affordable way for you as a restaurant owner or manager to create a promotion from scratch or use one of our pre-built restaurant brochure templates and menu brochure templates. With no design experience required, it’s never been easier.

Customize and Stand Out

Need a brochure menu template? The templates in our restaurant brochure maker are highly versatile and come with innovative features. We’ve included special design tools like text shadows, borders, call-to-action guides, and other design elements to help you quickly change the look of your brochure and ultimately get those phones ringing. 

Location, Location, Location

We can also help you reach customers in the vicinity of your venue with our direct mail mailing service. You won’t waste brochures when you know they are getting into the right postboxes. Looking for ways to attract customers? Try some of these: if you are in a corporate park, offer discounted lunch menus. If you are a fast food joint, offer a budget menu to college kids.

Ready To Design a Brochure for Your Restaurant?

Interested in designing your restaurant direct mail campaign, and want to send yourself a sample? Postalytics has all the tools you need. Watch this demo video to learn more about how we work and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, or want to know about our additional services of direct mail printing.


How to make a restaurant brochure?

With Postalytics, you can design excellent brochures and direct mail advertising material that will attract new customers. We provide drag-and-drop templates (pre-built or create your own), so you can easily create direct mail brochures for your restaurant. With our affordable online design services, you can spend less time making your brochures and more time serving your customers. 

What goes on a restaurant brochure?

A Call To Action is an important element of any promotion. Give your customers a reason to take action. Offer them a discount coupon or some other incentive, but make it easy for them to take advantage of the offer. Make sure they know where to go next and what they need to do when they get there. Include high-quality photos of your food so customers can see exactly what they’re buying. 

How to make a casual restaurant brochure?

A simple brochure can be so effective to drive new business, especially if you have an excellent idea for a promotion you want to get out quickly. Rather than a complicated tri-fold brochure, a two-sided restaurant brochure is very effective. A good option is to use one side of the brochure to catch the eye of customers with images of exciting dishes, and the other to include any coupons or specials you may offer.