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Create Your Own Christmas Postcards 

Every year, the holiday season becomes more and more stressful. Despite the craziness of year-end promotions and vacation schedules, it’s important to take a moment and thank those who helped make your business a success this year. In the spirit of the season include a personalized discount for their future purchases in the Christmas postcard or use it to promote an event.

Sending a Christmas email won’t have much impact, and you’ll just be a blip in a sea of others in their inbox. Instead, send them a personalized Christmas postcard that shows them you care. Postalytics provides businesses with a fast, affordable, scalable way to send out Christmas postcards.

Easy Design and Editing 

With our library of quality postcard templates, drag-and-drop design interface and customizable options, you can design your own Christmas postcards.

Use Personalization to Stand Out

Sending personalized business Christmas postcards is easier than ever with our variable data tools.

Connect With Customers 

With pURL and QR codes, you can drive recipients to a custom Christmas landing page that will entertain, say thank you, or advertise a promotion.

Keep the Conversation Going

Tracking lets you know when your postcard is delivered and can trigger a follow-up email to go out or alert you to set a sales call up.

How to Create a Christmas Postcard Online

  1. Join Postalytics for free

    Sign up for a free Postalytics account, and you can send an unlimited number of postcards. Once registered, import your customer list.

  2. Start your campaign

    Get going right away by clicking on the “Start Designing” button in the “Build Postcard Or Letter” tile.

  3. Design your Christmas postcard

    Use the pre-built template, the intuitive editor to create a new template or the offline option to make a Christmas postcard. The template size options are 4×6, 6×9, and 6×11 in both landscape and portrait.

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Why Send Personalized Christmas Postcards? 


Postcards are lightweight, sturdy, and inexpensive to produce. They save money on printing, collating, and address labels, which can lead to a lot of savings for your business. Postcards are also a great way to stay in touch with your prospects, but personalization is important. It can be the difference between a postcard being tossed or kept as a souvenir by a client that thinks you’re a great company for taking the time to think about them.


Postalytics is the easy and affordable way to customize your Christmas postcard design by using variable data tools that sync with your CRM program. You can personalize any postcard with any of your contacts’ information, such as their first name. That’s a lot of reasons to sign on to Postalytics and make your own Christmas postcards this year. 

Tap Into the Power of Postcard Templates


Our design team has created stunning postcards, all of which are easy to customize, convert well for your brand, and are a great way to get started for all your holiday postcard needs. You can easily change the font, color, or images of your postcard or add special touches like text shadows, borders, and other details that help you complete the perfect one. You can create your own postcard template or build one offline to align the material with your company’s branding.


Whether you want a pre-built template or a design of your own, you can edit it with over 200,000 high-resolution images from our library. All of the templates we offer online can be personalized and come with a tracking code. We make it so easy to add QR or URL codes on either the front or back of the postcard.

Understanding Postcards and the USPS


When it comes to USPS Direct Mail, postcards are classified as a specific material and when they meet this they qualify for special postage rates and will be mailed first class. The standard size is 4.25 x 6 inches which is why Postalytics offers this size option in our library of postcard templates.


This traditional postcard size might not be the right size for your direct marketing campaign, which is why we offer other dimensions to fit your needs. For example, you can use a 6×9 inch or a 6×11 inch postcard that still falls into the USPS’s “machinable letter” category. If you’re sending a direct mail piece that doesn’t meet these size requirements, you’ll have to pay more to ship it. Our Postalytics postcard templates ensure preferential pricing, so your postage costs stay low.

Get Your Christmas Campaign Going


With our helpful templates and online tools, we will cut the time to generate a direct mail campaign from weeks to minutes. Why not send yourself a Christmas postcard sample to try it out? 


Postalytics prints, sorts, and delivers for you too. Our nationwide print delivery network intelligently routes your mail based on the address uploaded directly from your CRM. Then there’s direct mail tracking and analytics available on your tracking dashboard and direct mail trigger campaign tools. With Postalytics, you can turn a nice-to-have Christmas postcard campaign into a direct marketing campaign that offers a tangible return on investment. 

Ready To Create Your Own Postcard?

You can make your own Christmas photo postcard! Postcards are a fast and easy way to get your marketing message across and connect with clients or vendors with your thank you message or promotion. Check out our demo video and look at our postcard pricing.


How to create Christmas postcards?

Postalytics’ drag-and-drop Direct Mail Editor is seriously powerful and easy to use. It lets businesses create custom Christmas postcard templates to fit their specific needs. With it, they can design cards for each recipient or promote a Christmas offer.

How to design Christmas postcards?

Our creative design team has revolutionized the way postcards are created. With a fast and intuitive interface, you can create a postcard campaign almost instantly. With a gallery of templates to choose from, you’ll never have to worry about not having a great postcard to send out over the festive season.

What to include in a Christmas postcard?

Capture your customer’s attention with a compelling postcard showing your company name, logo, and tagline. Then, get to the point with a short and sweet headline that provides two or three sentences of your messaging, whether it’s a thank you, a Call To Action for a promotion, or an invite to an event.