The Best Marketing Agency Services to Offer Your Clients

What marketing services should you offer clients in 2024?

Any marketing agency that wants to get ahead should consider offering a special service to their new clients. Providing them with extra support and advice will strengthen your relationship with them and promote client retention. When done correctly, marketing your services can help target customers and add to your billable revenue.

How do you decide what new services to offer your clients? Generally, they will be open to any service that improves their return on investment (ROI), brings them more leads, and saves them time and resources. From your perspective as an agency, it can be challenging to offer new services that go beyond digital marketing or content marketing if your team does not have the skills or capacity. But, if you decide to provide specialized, cost-effective direct mail marketing to your clients, you have the opportunity to open up a new marketing channel for them. 

This is why the best marketing agencies use Postalytics Agency Edition. This software complements your advertising services and content marketing with a high response rate when using direct mail. As an agency that provides digital marketing services, you can offer high-quality direct mail automation services to your clients, create another revenue channel for your business, and do it without increasing the number of your employees. This gives you an edge over other digital marketing companies.

Whether you are an internet marketing company, a digital marketing agency, or an SEO agency, you’ll be able to use our direct mail service from the first minute you sign up with Postalytics.

What services do marketing agencies offer?

Some digital marketing is a niche, specializing in one or two ways to promote a business, while others work across all aspects of a business, whether online or offline. Full-service marketing provides everything a client needs to market themselves, from start to finish. A full-service agency can offer a comprehensive strategy tailored to the client’s needs.

Types of marketing services offered to clients?

Most companies that offer marketing agency services provide some of these services to their clients. A full-service marketing agency likely provides most of these specific services to its clients:

  • Brand identity design
  • Direct mail marketing management
  • Web development
  • Experiential marketing 
  • Digital strategy and media buying
  • Packaging design
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) and Google ads
  • Social media marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Internet marketing services
  • Email marketing management
  • ·Digital marketing solutions 
  • Content marketing 

If you only use digital channels for your marketing but are looking for more customer acquisition and business growth, you should consider additional services. Direct mail is the best marketing channel that can help you achieve this. 

White labeling software for agencies

Savvy marketing agencies use white-label services to meet budget constraints and offer additional client services. It helps them improve client retention and build brand reputation because they can offer their clients more support and broader expertise. All this helps them attract new customers too. 

Many small agency owners find it challenging to deal with numerous in-house specialists or freelancers, and hiring these specialists can be expensive. So what do you do as an agency when you decide you want to offer direct marketing to your clients in addition to digital marketing? If you can use a white-label direct mail solution like Postalytics, you can take on additional service requests from your clients and create new revenue streams without hiring new staff. 

That’s why we developed the Postalytics Agency Edition. It enables any marketing agency to run direct mail marketing campaigns for clients more efficiently by automating direct mail campaigns through a unique revenue model while maintaining the branding of the digital marketing company. 

Automated direct mail software for agencies

Marketers are familiar and comfortable with using automated software for digital marketing. Agency tools like Mailchimp make it easy, fast, and affordable for any digital marketing team to create, design, send and track email marketing campaigns for their clients. We’ve done the same for direct mail by building automated direct mail software solutions for agencies.

One of the biggest challenges for marketing agencies using traditional direct mail is that it can take 4-6 weeks before you find out how well a campaign performed. Marketers need to source mailing lists, which is difficult when sending out small batches, and also find printers with fast turnaround times. Another problem is that everything is disconnected from investments in CRM, marketing automation, and website analytics, so you don’t know what aspects of your campaign are successful. It can be hard to determine if a campaign was successful or not.

Tracking the impact of your direct mail

When you use Postalytics, you can also see the impact of each direct mail campaign, with precise statistics on delivery and response rates through data analytics on your dashboard. In addition, we provide very detailed Direct Mail Tracking, which gives you additional insight into your customers’ responses and their marketing activities.

This gives you a detailed picture of your customers’ responses and allows you to make informed marketing decisions.

Postalytics is an enterprise-ready workflow process that marketers can use to quickly implement a direct mail campaign as part of their marketing strategy. It can complement your social media marketing, online marketing, and other digital marketing efforts. All you need to do is sign up for Postalytics’ agency solution and set it up – you don’t even need any coding or automation experience. With our software for marketing agencies, you can easily set up a direct mail campaign and design, print, and send it through our direct mail platform using your client’s mailing list or one we provide.

This is an excellent opportunity for your marketing or digital agency to offer direct mail services without the need for a dedicated account manager and hiring new staff.

What marketing services should I offer to my clients?

As a digital marketing agency, your goal is probably to provide services and results that help your clients grow their businesses. You may already offer Google PPC and SEO as part of your digital marketing services, create great websites that help them attract and convert customers, and run email marketing campaigns. But offering a multi-channel approach increases the likelihood of success. That’s why direct mail should be part of your digital marketing offer and marketing strategies.

According to Fundera, 54% of consumers want direct mail from brands that interest them. So if direct mail marketing isn’t on your menu yet, your clients are missing out on an opportunity. This is even more so if they are local businesses. According to Small Business Trends, direct mail is already in huge demand. Advertisers in the U.S. spend $167 per person on direct mail. That’s a massive investment for a business owner targeting just one person.

Should I consider offering specialist marketing agency services?

You want to offer your clients specialized marketing services like direct mail, so they don’t have to work with multiple agencies and also a digital marketing agency to handle the online and offline marketing.

Being able to offer specialized marketing services helps you stay agile. So, if a digital marketing strategy is not producing the results you want for your client, you can quickly pivot and direct marketing spend to the tactics that will get you the best ROI. A digital marketing agency that offers multiple services beyond traditional digital and online marketing can also provide greater brand consistency by ensuring consistency across all channels.

A significant benefit of working with agencies that offer multiple services is their convenience to their clients. Instead of coordinating with numerous agencies, clients can save time and energy by hiring one agency to handle their marketing efforts across multiple channels. This benefits smaller businesses that don’t have a large marketing team and could use help with marketing services.

Multiple service agencies also have more sales tactics available when offering their solutions to clients. They can leverage their existing digital marketing customer base to grow their business and tap into additional marketing dollars.

What are the benefits of hiring a marketing agency?

There is no room for mediocrity when it comes to a marketing strategy.

If a business wants to grow and succeed, clients must approach marketing strategically and professionally. Businesses can try to hire freelance creatives, but finding someone with these comprehensive skills is a tall order. Instead, they should hire a marketing firm that provides experienced account managers, graphic designers, web designers, and copywriters.

They will save themselves a lot of time and prevent wasting marketing spend. Since one of the main focuses of marketers is to generate leads to attract new customers, one of their main tasks is to make sure that their clients see results and achieve their business goals.

What is a full-service marketing agency?

A full-service marketing agency is a company that provides all kinds of services related to marketing. This can include but is not limited to marketing strategy, direct mail, social media, branding, video assets design, podcast announcements, lead generation, conversions, event branding, and analytics.

What makes these agencies so attractive to clients? They offer an unparalleled broad range of market access. They have the human resources required to implement all these channels with pace and precision.

Lastly, these companies do have the extensive industry expertise to help them carry out their strategies.

What do clients want from a marketing agency? 

Clients want their marketing agency or digital agencies to deliver a return on investment (ROI) and more leads, traffic, and sales. Successful marketing agencies understand the importance of delivering transparent reporting and measurable results that meet their clients’ marketing goals. This is easy to achieve with digital marketing campaigns.

Why is a client-agency relationship important? 

Agencies play a critical role for their clients and carry the client’s vision to a broader audience. Client-agency relationships are key to good results. When a client hires an agency, they deserve to know that the agency is working hard to achieve the goals of both parties. There needs to be a healthy relationship for the team to be successful and produce great work that meets the goals of both parties.

Final thoughts

There’s an excellent opportunity for your agency to be a strategic partner by helping your clients take a multi-year perspective and develop long-term strategies that create growth. These strategies should also help you convert your target audience and create content that converts. According to a report published by SearchEngineLand, budget constraints were the most common reason companies opted out of their agencies during the pandemic.

However, 94% of companies are now willing to hire outside agencies to improve their marketing efforts, and 96% of companies are willing to pay more for such agencies.

By adding a specialist service like direct mail marketing to your agency offerings, you will position your agency to attract small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and grow your revenue with existing clients. Our automated direct mail solutions for marketers allow you to create direct mail campaigns for your clients entirely through the software and generate additional revenue.

Postalytics offers the best per-unit pricing for direct mail marketing as an agency account holder. Save time with our customizable templates and integrate your campaigns with your existing CRM tools for seamless tracking and analysis. We also take care of printing and mailing. With Postalytics Direct Mail Agency Edition, you can start growing your marketing business today.

Postalytics is the first direct mail marketing company with a uniquely innovative revenue model. We have a deep understanding of what full-service agencies are looking for, and that’s why we are industry leaders

Contact us, and we’ll share everything you need to know about how we can help you become one of the best marketing companies and achieve the marketing results your clients are looking for.

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