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Recyclable Printing

Reduce your carbon footprint with recyclable printing

recyclable printing

The recycled paper keeps your marketing green

Printing can be expensive and wasteful. Recycling paper is a great way to reduce waste, but it’s not always easy or convenient. If you’re printing on a regular basis, the costs can add up and pollute the planet.

Eco-friendly printing with recyclable materials will help your company save money while reducing waste in your next marketing campaign. Our Canadian direct mail printing solutions use at least 30% recycled content. Help save the planet and cut back on costs while reaching your ideal customers.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Reducing your carbon footprint has never been easier than with eco-friendly recycled paper from our Canadian printers. We offer recycled paper for all of our print services, including brochures, postcards, and letters.

Help save the planet

We can contribute to saving the planet one positive action at a time. The best way to reduce a company’s impact on the environment is through eco-friendly printing solutions. Make a difference.

Delight your customers

Consumers want to spend money with businesses that care about the planet. Using recycled paper leaves a positive impression. Connect with your customers by choosing eco-friendly printing.

Track your campaign

Log in to your dashboard and track every piece of direct mail sent. Check what is delivered and which mail is having an impact on your business and environment.

How To Use Recyclable Printing In Three Steps


Choose your eco-friendly partner

Open a free Postalytics account, Import your customer list, and access recyclable printing to grow your business.


Get your ideas to the next level

Start designing and building your first eco-friendly marketing campaign. Choose from our library of postcards and letter templates. We have something to help you kickstart your camping in almost every industry.


Connect with your customers

Now that your campaign looks ready for shipping approve it and let it fly to the final destination, your customers’ hands.

Why recyclable printing?

Why not tap into recyclable printing is the better question. Don’t you want a more affordable and greener option for your direct mail marketing? Recyclable printing is eco-friendly and helps reduce your carbon footprint. It looks just as good as any other direct mail paper. And if you’re using Postalytics, you can deploy a range of tracking tools to measure every bit of your impact. So, why not choose recyclable printing?

Sustainable marketing for your business

Recycled papers are sustainable and eco-friendly because they use less energy, water and produce less waste than producing non-recycled papers. There are many types of recyclable papers to suit your everyday printing needs. You can find different colors, weights, and sizes to fit your campaign and business needs.

Use recycled paper for eco-friendly campaigns

Not only do Recyclable papers save trees, but also they reduce the need to produce fresh paper pulp from virgin timber. The recycled content of these papers can vary between 0% and 30% in Canada.

Some mills mix a small amount of post-consumer waste into their production of virgin paper to create what is called “climate-neutral” paper. But if the environmental footprint of producing recycled paper is considered at every stage of its life cycle, printing on recycled paper is still more environmentally friendly than printing on other types of paper.

Recycling a full metric ton of paper prevents three million cubic feet of landfill accruing. As the newspaper decomposes in the ground, it produces methane, a potent greenhouse gas. You can prevent all this by choosing recyclable printing.

Difference between recycled paper and regular paper

Recycling paper requires considerably less energy than virgin paper. It also consumes less water. Compared to virgin paper, recycled paper emits far fewer greenhouse gasses since most of the energy for papermaking is consumed by pulping wood into paper.

Recyclable 3D printing

With Postalytics, you can customize your envelope and send highly personalized direct mail campaigns that help reduce your carbon footprint. For now, that’s all recyclable 3rd printing that we can do. But stick around because we’re rolling out more printing options soon.

Let your camping go the extra mile

Recyclable printing is the first step to reducing your environmental impact. It will help you connect more with customers, partners, suppliers, and employees. The recycled paper will also boost your business image as an environmentally-conscious company while helping you save the planet. With recycled paper, you can change the world around you for the better through direct mail marketing campaigns.


What is recyclable printing?

Recyclable printing is the process of using recycled paper to print mail and other documents. This helps to conserve resources and reduce waste. It is eco-friendly and is considered more sustainable than using traditional paper.

What are the benefits of recyclable printing?

The benefits of recyclable printing include reducing environmental impact, conserving resources, and reducing waste. The recycled paper will also boost your business image as an environmentally-conscious company. Eco-friendly printing will unquestionably help your business and the planet.

What is ABS?

ABS is a durable, impact-resistant polymer that allows you to print sturdy components that can last and endure. This kind of plastic is used in the manufacture of LEGO building blocks for the same purpose.