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Email to Snail Mail

Convert and send your email to snail mail using easy online tools


The easiest way to send snail mail letters

Imagine how great it would be to be able to turn your email attachment into snail mail in minutes. You can send the same online message printed onto postcards, letters or flyers via USPS first class mail. It’s as easy as creating an email for your mailing list, thanks to Postalytics’ platform, where you can upload your email attachment to one of our free creative templates. You can then send your snail mail letter as quickly as a digital campaign – we offer a print and postage service that will only take you minutes to complete, and you won’t have to worry about envelopes or postage. Plus, you can send snail mail to a targeted mailing list in the same way you’re familiar with an email list. 

Our unique email to snail mail service takes your email message, formats it into a letter, prints it on high-quality paper, physically mails it anywhere in the United States and Canada, and lets you track every step of the way. Our service is fast, easy to use, and proven. 

Quick conversion to snail mail

Convert your email to snail mail in just a few clicks. Your message deserves more than one channel and we make sending your email to snail mail so easy you can do it in minutes. 

Track snail mail campaigns

Once you send your snail mail, you can track what piece is opened and when and access campaign analytics for your email and snail mail on one dashboard. 

Improve sales with snail mail

Make an impression that converts into sales with snail mail that your customers can hold in their hands. Charm your prospects with this personalized, tangible material to improve sales.

Build better relationships with prospects

Snail mail will pave the way for building a long-term relationship with your recipients. So reach out and stay top of mind for longer with the same email message you send to prospects but delivered via snail mail. 

How To Convert Email to Snail Mail in 3 Easy Steps


Sign up to Postalytics

Open a free account today in a few easy steps. Once you’re inside, you’ll discover a little snail mail oasis on the cloud.


Import and personalize your emails

Name your campaign and add email contents to the mail body. Then make sure to include your return address and a mailing list.


Send your campaign

Select a postage plan and choose delivery options that work best for your needs. Then simply click send.

What is snail mail?

Snail mail is just another way to say physical mail. It’s often used in the context of comparing mail to email, where email is the faster digital equivalent of physical mail. Hence the name, snail mail. 

Different types of physical mail pieces exist, from classic postcards, letters, and brochures to full-blown packages containing several documents. Each type has its benefits and is used in different situations. 

One such situation is when companies use snail mail is to build relationships with customers. Letters and other physical mail pieces can be warm and personal, and they wait on the recipient’s desk or doorstep rather than flashing across a screen as email does. This means the message has more time to sink in and create an emotional connection between the sender and the recipient.

The best email to snail mail service

Postalytics sends out snail mail letters on your behalf so that you can focus on your core business while staying in touch with your prospects. You can even schedule our system to automatically send follow-up messages at regular intervals and deploy trigger campaigns. In addition, our reports allow you to track every aspect of the mailing campaigns with QR codes and pURLs (personalized URLs).

Email to physical mail

Email to snail mail is growing in popularity as a direct marketing medium because it provides an old-fashioned way for consumers and businesses to stay close and engaged with their audience. 

No matter the size of the prospect list, the physical letter creates intangible but real value: sender trustworthiness, attention to detail, and commitment to customer service – all important factors in modern sales.  

Sending out email material via snail mail has become extremely popular as a form of direct response marketing. As a result, many successful companies have been built around this technology.

Email to letter service

The Postalytics’ mail to snail mail service helps you get your marketing message out by sending tangible print communications that encourage customers and prospects to take action. The email-to-letter process is fast, easy, and effective. You can automate campaigns or send one-off letters any time you want, from anywhere in the world.

Snail mail vs email

A growing number of companies are realizing the benefits of sending physical mail in addition to email and SMS marketing.  Email and snail mail can work together to generate a higher ROI for your business. Marketers can stack and create omnichannels, including all these services, to maximize their campaigns.

Email to post-service

Forget about buying stamps, printing emails, and rushing to the post office. With Postalytics, you can simply upload your email to our service, choose from the professionally-built templates and ship your campaign from a user-friendly dashboard. 

We’ll take care of everything in between, from printing on quality paper and adding needed stamps to letting you track progress and open rates.


How to send snail mail?

Snail mail refers to physical letters delivered through traditional postal services. While there are other ways to send correspondence, such as with email or texting, snail mail is still popular for reaching customers because it creates a physical connection between sender and recipient.

There are a few ways to send a letter. You can go to the post office and buy a stamp, or you can use an email-to-snail mail service like Postalytics. 

Is snail mail a letter or email?

Snail mail is a physical letter, and it refers to any traditionally delivered post. Therefore, snail mail is not an email, even though it can carry the same content.

What does it mean to send snail mail?

Sending snail mail means sending a letter through traditional post.  There are a few ways to send snail mail, but most people use an email-to-snail mail service or go directly to the post office.