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Automate your direct mail now

Direct mail automation for agencies

The best marketing agencies realize direct marketing is an excellent strategy to attract customers.

This is why marketing agencies have started using Postalytics Agency Edition. Postalytics is a tool that complements your digital and email marketing services and delivers a high response rate. We have direct mail automation services for marketers to generate direct mail campaigns for their clients entirely through the software and earn additional revenue.

Easy apps integrations

We integrate your existing CRM, data management, and marketing automation tools to provide enterprise-level workflow integration. You can use the data generated from the mailings and utilize these tools’ segmentation and list-building capabilities.

Branding and white label capabilities

We offer a white-label solution for agencies that supports your clients’ marketing efforts. Your company can generate new revenue through a direct mail channel without the client knowing Postalytics is behind the campaign.

Automated campaigns

You can leverage a client’s existing CRM automation by building on your digital marketing and email campaigns and offering them another channel they can use.

Mail tracking and reporting

We have developed tools to track when mail is delivered and what is returned to sender. We provide measurement dashboards and integrations with reporting tools to track whether people respond to your direct mail.

How To Start with an Agency Account In 3 Easy Steps

  1. Add your clients

    Sign up and set up your Agency Account and add at least one client account to start your creative development.

  2. Customize your branding

    Add your logo and color scheme and design a custom page that your clients will see when logging in and using the site.

  3. Set up your payouts

    Enter debit card or bank account details, an email, and a profit margin percentage, and start earning money on every shipment sent through your customer accounts.

Automate your direct mail now

Direct marketing like never before

Postalytics Agency Edition is a direct mail marketing automation software for marketing agencies or companies that want to offer direct mail as a channel for their clients without direct mail and print production headaches.

Postalytics provides marketers with an enterprise-grade workflow process. Marketers can sign up with Postalytics, set up a direct mail campaign, and deploy it using our automated workflow capabilities. The campaign can be triggered or scheduled for future delivery allowing you to become a direct marketing specialist and drive more sales.

Delivery is tracked using USPS Intelligent Mail barcodes so that you can monitor the status of your campaign. Postalytics takes care of all the printing and mailing, so all you have to do is push the button.

Postalytics makes creating, sending, and tracking a direct mail campaign as easy as sending an email. Any marketing agency specializing in direct mail can use our platform to generate more leads and thrill their clients with outstanding results.

Provide mailing services to your clients

As a Postalytics Agency Account user, direct mail marketing companies access all our features and discounted pricing. There is the choice of creating a direct mailing campaign for your account or your clients’ accounts.

Design is made easy thanks to the options between prebuilt or customizable postcards and letter templates. Users can take a list from one of your sources or use a list provided by Postalytics.

Printing and sending are handled entirely by Postalytics as we are an all-inclusive direct mail service. The entire campaign can be assembled through our software interface and sent to a network of printers specializing in direct mail. They receive our data in electronic format, generate the mail, and drop it into the postal service within two days.

Online mailing for your marketing needs

For direct marketing companies, it could take weeks to design a campaign and compile mailing lists; however, with Postalytics’ automated online mailing platform, direct mail companies can drastically reduce that time.

Our automated direct mail services offer tools and integrations that only direct mail specialists could previously access or afford. And we do it all through software, eliminating tedious tasks like meetings, talking to printers, or sending files to clients.

Drip and triggered direct mail in minutes

Many companies have switched to triggered direct mail, just as they did with email.

With Postalytics, you can use the same tools like ActiveCampaign and others in the Zapier directory to create a workflow and drop a Postalytics direct mail campaign directly into it. We have also created direct integrations with Hubspot and Salesforce so you can take advantage of the workflow integration that exists in those programs.

Email and direct mail working in tandem

The best direct marketing companies know that direct marketing is a far more effective strategy than email marketing. The response rate for direct mail house lists is 5.1% compared with email marketing which has an average response rate of 0.12%.

With Postalytics, your direct marketing agency can quickly build a multi-channel campaign by adding triggered emails when your mail is delivered or receiving a response from your target audience. Direct mail will support your lead generation and enhance your email marketing efforts.

Triggered marketing campaigns

Want to send triggered direct mail with Canada Post Personalized Mail? With Postalytics, you can easily set up triggered drip campaigns with Personalized Mail. A Postalytics Triggered Mail direct mail campaign is set up to watch for when potential leads or customers meet a specific criterion that triggers an action through our platform.

This results in a direct mail postcard sent to the recipient in each case. These campaigns are called “triggered mail” because they are triggered by a workflow system (like your CRM, Marketing Automation, Zapier, or an API integration) without manual intervention. Just like email automation, physical mail is delivered to your audience.

You can also automate a campaign to say thank you to your employees and make them feel appreciated for working in such an awesome team.

Ready to set up direct mail campaigns?

Postalytics Agency Edition delivers better marketing to your customers by automating direct mail campaigns with a unique revenue model and white-label features. Find out how to set up the best direct mail service used by the best direct mail companies.


What is direct mail?

Direct mail is advertising that reaches customers by sending printed materials through the mail. It relies on demographic sources from market research l to market items to potential customers.

Can I send bulk mail?

Yes, you can send bulk mail from your Postalytics dashboard. You will need a list of recipients, addresses, and the number of items you want to send. Setting up this process only takes a few minutes.

How much does it cost to send 1,000 postcards?

Direct mail campaigns can be costly for a direct mail company, ranging from thousands of dollars per 1,000 pieces. But hidden costs such as creating and managing a modern direct mail campaign are often not considered by the direct mail advertising company.

Postalytics offers a bundled pricing plan as part of our direct marketing services, so you know exactly how much it will cost to send 1,000 postcards.