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Agency Edition FAQs

How Does The Postalytics Agency Edition Work?

When you upgrade to the Agency Edition, you get everything that Postalytics has to offer, and our best per mailpiece pricing. You will have the ability to setup an unlimited number of “Client Accounts” that live beneath your Agency Account. You can direct clients to your own branded “Client Login” where they will have access to Postalytics, but through a white labeled interface. You can also setup “Payouts” that will give you a commission on each piece of mail sent through Postalytics.

Do The Campaigns Work Like A Non Agency Account?

Exactly. Each Client Account or sub-account is a full featured Postalytics account. The only difference is that you can grant your clients access (based on the user roles you give them) to view and/or edit the account via the branded “Client Login” where you define the brand logo and colors.

Click here for a full list of Postalytics account FAQ’s.

Can I Setup An Account For My Own Marketing?

Absolutely! You can configure as many client accounts as you wish, at no extra charge. Most Agency Edition clients setup at least one Client Account for their own marketing purposes, and sometimes another account for demo purposes.

How Can I Send My Clients Samples?

It’s easy to send a client samples, just login to your client account (or a client account you’ve setup for your own agency marketing purposes). Select the “Send Me Samples” option from the Campaigns menu. Learn more here.

Who Bills The Client?

It is completely up to you, and the decision is on an account by account basis. You can setup your client accounts (uniquely) with either your credit card (and your info in the client profile) or their credit card (and their info in the client profile). This will determine which bills get charge to whom and who receives the email/PDF invoices for campaigns. If you’re client receives the bills through Postalytics, the emails and PDFs will use the branding you setup in the Agency Account, rather than Postalytics branding.

Can I Copy Templates From One Client Account To Another?

It’s very easy to copy templates from one client account to another in your Agency Edition account. Here’s a quick article on how it works.

How Can I Set Up My Clients To Login With Various Access Privledges?

Postalytics has created a multiple tiered user rights system that you can construct to meet your goals as far as client access. For each Client Account, you can create a Primary User (with full rights, often for Agency Edition employees only), and an unlimited number of Administrator, Designer and Read Only users. Here’s an article with more details.

Where Can I Learn More?

You can browse all of the Agency Edition help articles here. Of course, you can also always get in touch with us via our chat or Contact Page.

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