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Direct Mail Plan for Large Campaigns

Discover the power of direct mail for high-volume campaigns with our special plan for organizations of any size sending over 100k pieces of direct mail annually.

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Direct Mail that Helps You Scale

Leverage our high-volume pricing for organizations sending 100k+ pieces of direct mail annually, without the need for large batch sends. No minimum sends, just annual volume commitments.

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Highest Omnichannel ROI

Experience higher ROI than other advertising forms with our direct mail for enterprises. Seamlessly integrate with your CRM/marketing automation platform for easy omnichannel deployment.

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Designed for Businesses of All Sizes

Our focus plan caters to businesses of all sizes – small, medium, or large – ensuring that every company can benefit from sending high-volume direct mail campaigns.

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Laser-precise Targeting Capabilities

Unlock the power of personalization with our advanced targeting tools. Send personalized direct mail campaigns wwithout breaking the bank or straning your team.

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Self-Cleaning Redundanless Campaign

Maximize efficiency with our Direct Mail for Large Campaigns and new Postal Savings features, designed to help you save money and time in every campaign.

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Our customers say it best

“The system works so well, we can accurately predict how many clients we will sign based on the number of tax lien notices that trigger the start of the process.”

– Joshua Sells, Senior Tax Attorney

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Goodman Manufacturing

Automated direct mail to the US and Canada with Postalytics improves ROI and saves money

Sigma Marketing

Triggered letters from HubSpot bring 100% more leads

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Ecommerce Direct Mail Case Study

Rise Marketing Group

Agency White-Labels and Resells Direct Mail Automation to Clients

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