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Dental Letter Maker That Grows Your Business

A friendly note is the perfect way to say thanks for your customer’s business. With new patients, you can start their experience with your business off with a personal touch like this. Emails and text messages are too impersonal; rather send them a personalized letter.

You can create a customizable promotional letter for your dental practice right here with Postalytics and at a very affordable price. Our easy-to-use direct mail creative templates have changed the marketing game so now you can design and send personalized letters to all of your clients. Don’t risk your correspondence getting lost in your client’s email inbox! Your message will land in their postbox. Here’s why dental practices businesses of all sizes are turning to design automated letter campaigns with Postalytics.

Get More For Less

With templates designed by professional designers and a built-in design editor, you can create a letter quickly and easily — all without breaking the bank!

Make Your Own Dental Letters

Place your own personalized message, imagery and brand logos, and even tracking information on a dental letter in minutes.

Direct Mail Letter Campaigns

Triggered drip campaign campaigns are the best way to ensure your patients get the information they need at the right time.

Design Personalized Envelopes

Our easy-to-use editor allows you to design, customize, personalize, proof, order, and send envelopes for your letters with ease.

Easy Steps to Create Dental Letters

  1. Set up your free Postalytics account

    Starting by signing up to a free plan will give you the tools you need to design your dental letters. 

  2. Choose your letter tempalte

    Choose a letter template that works for you or go to “build offline”. Click “create”, choose a template size, and upload the images you want to use. Letter templates are 8.5×11. 

  3. Design and ship your campaign

    With intuitive drag-and-drop online editor tools, anyone can design a letter. Go to “proof“, and you’re done! 

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Here’s Why Letters Work For Dentists

Designing, printing, and posting personalized dental letters to patients using our editing tools are ideal for dental practices, big and small. Here are six reasons why dental letter marketing is a winner:

  • Sending a personal letter can be an incredible gesture, especially when you are in the healthcare industry. Personalized direct mail letters are powerful, memorable, and make a difference in the dentist/patient relationship.
  • Postcards are like billboards: they have a message and can be delivered to the masses. Letters are like one-on-one conversations. 
  • More space in your dental letter allows for longer copy and design. It is helpful when you want to show off your product or service, such as the cosmetic services you offer.
  • Direct mail letters are sent to patients’ mailboxes, meaning that no advertising is wasted on people who may not see your digital ad.
  • Solve the problem of missed appointments and reactivate lapsed clients. You can schedule automated direct mail letters based on specific dates, such as annual check-ups. 
  • Use our online templates to quickly craft a dental referral letter to a specialist to save you admin time.

Educate and Build Trust

New clients are valuable because they provide new revenue. However, retaining them is valuable because they will continue to generate revenue for your business. Stay in touch with your patients to keep them loyal. Letters are a great way to do this. If you talk about dental health topics in the letter, you’ll help your patients build trust in your practice. You can also use this opportunity to spotlight staff, showcase new equipment, and detail upcoming events. The more you increase the consistency of your messages to your patients, the more they’ll trust your services.

Make Automation Work For You

One of the most effective ways to improve your direct mail campaigns is automation. This gives you a five times higher chance of getting a response from your customers than other forms of marketing. This means, if a customer misses an appointment, you can easily send a letter to them to remind them to rebook, and even offer a discount on a new appointment. Postalytics Direct Mail Automation tools and Triggered Drip Campaigns for dentists make this a hassle-free process to set up. 

Some ideas for dental direct mail letter campaigns include: 

  • Marketing routine check-up and cleaning offers
  • Outline the cosmetic services you offer in your dental practice
  • Detail a membership plan you have for uninsured patients
  • Thank patients for their booking to create a human connection
  • Send a scheduled reminder for appointments
  • Generate a dental patient refund letter
  • Send a letter to a patient with a reminder of an incomplete treatment or a pending dental treatment letter

Intuitive Drag and Drop Design

The perfect letter. It’s never been easier, thanks to our online dental letter maker tools. Create a professional-looking letter in minutes with your own artwork and logos. Design up to six pages on the same side, and fill them with your messaging. Customize the letter with tracking (QR codes and personalized URLs) and take it further with customized envelopes for the letter. Personalizing individual letters and envelopes is easy because we sync our online letter design platform with your CRM program. 

Track Results with Analytics

When you log onto your Postalytics account, you’ll find helpful access to analytics. The Postalytics Home Page Dashboard is a useful way to see your recent letter campaigns and their success. You’ll be able to see summaries on the letters delivered, the page activity for your website, and your conversion goals. All on your personal dashboard. 

Ready To Design A Letter for Your Dental Practice?

With Postalytics, healthcare providers such as dentists can easily create personalized letters for prospective patients, and current ones. This simple process has helped over 4,000 businesses generate leads and sales. Creating a letter is straightforward with our easy-to-use design tools.

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How to create dental letters?

With Postalytics, you have three options if you’re looking for a dental letter maker. First, there are prebuilt direct mail letter templates that top graphic designers have created to help you. They are an excellent place to start. Or build offline, adding brand assets such as images to the background. Finally, create a letter from scratch and customize it with your brand collateral. We handle the printing of direct mail dental letters too. 

How to design dental letters?

The Postalytics Direct Mail Letter Editor lets you easily edit a letter’s design. You can change fonts, insert images, and personalize with variable data.

What to include in a dental letter?

To create a successful dental letter campaign, you must have a powerful Call To Action in the letter. The response method must be something that your audience can easily do, such as visiting your website or calling your office.